Why did you?

Why did you?

A Poem by Miss Sally Sunshine

We were going great

Texting every day

Basically insperable


You made me laugh

And I made you smile

Growing closer


You made me happy

Always on my mind

I practically glowed


Then the texts changed

A bit uncomfertable

I tried to ignore it


But they kept intensifying

And I tried to avoid them

But you pressed on


They reached a point

Where I broke and
Told you to go


A few days later

You apologized

But i havent forgiven


I'm not sure the truth is there

If the promise is pure

So I'm hesitant 


But I got some news

That you liked me

I was shocked


I never realized

I liked you too

I would've said yes...


Why did you ruin this?

Why didn't you think,

Before you acted?!


We would have been together,

Probably dating by now,

If only you thought!


You would have been happy,

And i would have been exstatic,

But why?! Why take it that far?!


I don't understand!

Why would you ruin it?

WHy did you wreck it?


And I want to forgive you,

But I'm not so sure...

I do miss you...


Things are just confusing

My brain befuddled

And pounding


I'm not sure what to do.

Forgive and forget?

Or forgive and remember?

© 2011 Miss Sally Sunshine

Author's Note

Miss Sally Sunshine
I had an expirence with a certain kid who was my pre-school best friend and well he's usually a good kid but something happened and now I'm not sure what to do... sorry if this poem isnt very focused, I'm kind of exhausted right now :P

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sometimes the true stories are better than the fiction like this one

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on December 11, 2011
Last Updated on December 11, 2011


Miss Sally Sunshine
Miss Sally Sunshine

With Draco Malfoy, be jealous >:D, MA

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