A Story by Andrew Robinson

This, this is how my universe was created and how Light and Dark, in the beginning, came to be...

Book One: Alignment

Before the swirling gap of nothingness, there formed a change in energy. A split divided the void into two halves, the light and the dark. Light came into being at the same rate as Dark. Neither came before the other. Sudden changes of energy caused a great vibration to emit from the core of both the light and the dark.
Thus, sound was made, and the sound became ever abundant within the cores of the light and the dark. The sounds of light were the sounds of a heart beat. Dark emitted a sound that could not be heard by the light, and that was the sound of fear.
Though the light could not hear the darkness, the darkness could hear the light. At the first few beats of the heart of light, the darkness turned and tried to overcome the light with its fear. But, the light, being pure, could not be overcome completely. Darkness tried to engulf the light in one fell swoop, but was shocked away by Light’s brilliance.
Brain matter collected as more and more fear vibrated from Dark’s core. The fear of the light became a burning hatred as vibrations of Light’s beating heart shot through Dark’s core. Intensity arose higher and higher, until Dark had become impure and chaotic.
Thus, chaos was made.With this new found power, Dark lashed out upon Light’s core with all its hatred, vibrations, and echoes of fear. Tendrils of potent black chaos turned purple as they grew nearer to Light’s core.
Light took the beating with love, as millions, upon billions, upon trillions of purple-black dots speckled Light. The heart beat against the torture like a wishful thinker within a prison. Fear had no effect and as the blackness of the dots separated from the purple chaos, Dark began to lose all comprehension of the light. It couldn’t understand how the light could be more powerful than the dark.
Then the light shot away the dark spots in every which way. Only chaos now spotted the light.
Chaos now vibrated on both light and darkness, but as Dark used the chaos as a weapon against the light, Light used the chaos as a protection against the darkness. Now, no darkness could ever enter the light, for Light was a light of purity and from the chaos, Light had created itself control, law, order, and ultimately alignment. This alignment caused a grand deal of vibrations to occur. Controlling the chaos was the first step to becoming an intelligence. A brain formed within Light, making a second core and a brain. This was the beginning of becoming a living spirit.
Now with a brain and a heart, Light had evolved far beyond the darkness. With control, laws, and order, Light aligned itself with the Void for the very first time. Nothingness now became all forms of light. Matter was formed along the alignment of the Light to Void. The darkness fell idle with no understanding of what was to happen…
Matter formed along the alignment of Light and Void. Light controlled the matter with Eternal Laws and Order, making way for elements to form and life to spring upon the vibrations and energy of Light. Matter wrapped itself into spheres. Many orbs were placed along the stream of energy that connected Light to the Void. Each orb had its own purposes, laws, and order.
Matter formed around Light's brain. As it collected it molded over the brain, into a skull, and then a head. The shape was designed in a way that fitted the brain and the use of orbs.
Soon a body of pure light energy and matter had completely formed by the design of Light.
Light's mouth opened, its voice was loving and firm, "Enefrum Aether Soulheim is my name. I have created life and have control over chaos. I have made the laws of the living and the dead. I have overcome the darkness and its fear. I am pure. I am the light. In my name, let there be light!"
Light exploded from the Void. White shades and marvelous colors flooded every inch of vibration as it rippled to the far reaches of an unlimited space. Aether's eyes glowed white in harmony with the explosion.
Dark fled away in an instant, the light grew too bright to stay. Darkness flew in front of the vibrations as if it were leading them away. As the light traveled farther and farther from the Void, it became weaker. Soon it became weak enough for Dark to overcome it, countless light years away.
Aether saw Dark far in the distance, with a perfected vision. A love grew for the Dark as Light looked on. It was a love that could not be fully known by a mankind that was to come. Aether simply knew he couldn't "be" without the Darkness. For Light could not exist without the Dark.
Out of a pure love within its heart. Aether gave the Dark power to dwell in the middle and lesser lights that had shaped countless stars, orbs, and even galaxies of stars and orbs.
Dark took the chance to gain more power and dwelt within all the light, even until there was only the orbs and stars encircled with light. Thus, balance was made, and the universe's beginning, just begun.

© 2015 Andrew Robinson

Author's Note

Andrew Robinson
Please ignore any grammatical errors! Enjoy the read!!

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This story was mind blowing. A perfect interlude for an epic book or movie. I like the way you give light and dark the intelligence to become aware of themselves and each other. It felt like I traveled to another world. A surreal world that has become Earth, while time gently moved on. You have talent and I have really enjoyed your writing, for I could not stop until I had read everything. I look forward to your future stories and hope that the name Andrew Robinson will be engraved in our history as a writer who has told us a tale of pure epicness which redefines the way people look at life. You have successfully altered the origins of our universe and transformed it in an tale of epic proportions but only one thing is wrong. The name 'Aether Creator' sounds a bit generic and doesn't read very well. Try to give it an more epic name for your story deserves it but I see a great future for you and your stories. If people give you negative comments or try to break you down, don't falter for such trivial things for you have a unique talent which they lack.

Good job :D

Posted 5 Years Ago

Andrew Robinson

5 Years Ago

... I am speechless. Thank you... I will try a new name.

5 Years Ago

No problem friend :)
this was nicely written, i like the style of your writing :)
quite loaded with information, can't wait to read more of your works!
well done.

Posted 5 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Andrew Robinson

5 Years Ago

Thanks so much! I have a great amount in the process... I'll be sure to focus more on sharing my wor.. read more
Amy R.H

5 Years Ago

you're welcome Andrew :)

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