God Above All

God Above All

A Chapter by Andrew Robinson

This is the legend of the Gods...

All of existence was yet existing as it should. For no hand nor word had yet moved its will upon the face of existence to expound itself.

Round and round the absence of life, and the countering essence of life itself, chased each other to no avail. The forming vortex of existence and the absence of it, formed and moved in two eternal lines, round and round the two lines, it seemed they would go forever. Those lines eternal, continued their courses up and up, then down and down, and repeated. The two streams, one of life and the other, the absence of it, quickened and slowed as they grew nearer and further from a spherical core that acted like a mirror.

That spherical core amid existence and its counter was that of time, space, and matter. The very fabrics and varieties of matter pushed and pulled, stretched and squeezed within that orb. The nature of existence and stream of existence roared to itself, as life eternal, around the orbal mirror. Through that mirror it witnessed the stream of the absence of existence and all that was not yet to be.

The sphere-like core of time, space, and matter curved into shape by the force of the two moving streams. One of existence and one of its counterpart, the counter being a void.

Upon the one hundred and first repetition of the flowing and spinning of existence, a God Cell formed and bulged as an anomaly of life and an anomaly to existence itself.

The bulge, the God Cell now made within the stream of existence, caused an imbalance, and the stream of existence and life swiftly engulfed its counterpart. Thus, turning the two streams that flowed in vortex around the mirror and ball of time, space, and all matter… into a flowing ball of multiple energies.

These new energies... the innermost core of time, space, and matter, the second inner core, a void of existence, and the outer sphere, created a new consciousness made up of all the energies of existence. This was what would be called The God Eye.

All of time, space, and matter and the void of existence, were now trapped within the power of the God Cell of all Life and Existence.

This oddity… This thing called a God Cell is much like a human cell, formed and split within the womb of a mother. But, it is not the same. For a God Cell has no mutation, but it is the very definition of all evolution.
A God Cell has both weaknesses and strengths with perfect balance, causing it to be able to grow and progress, learn and feed off its own lack.
A God Cell splits only when it has soaked in the light and then the darkness of all things.
A God Cell forms into all things, before it becomes what it was designed to be.

This design… this perfect congregation of all of existence and life… the complexity and simplicity of all of existence and life… the very design of wholeness and perfection. A God Cell forms into what is yet to be formed, for it draws upon the absence of existence for strength to create newness, evolving from whatever current existence is lacking.

The God Cell overcomes and draws power from time, space, and all matter, for that spherical core of energy is within its own being.
The God Cell also draws power and overcomes that energy of the absence of all things, bringing what it desires from its cores within, towards the manifestations of all existence. Thus, bringing it to a new manifestation of life.
A God Cell turns whatever it lacks, needs, and desires into fruition, and eats of it like fruit.

And so, as the God Cell feeds upon all matter, over all time, being around and of all space, it forms its perfect bodily design. From the absence of perfection, it draws matter, time, and space into the energy of creating its own perfection. All energy, being changed from the energies of not existing, into the energies of existing. It creates and changes itself. Once it has soaked in all there is, both light and dark, it continuously splits until it is then perfected, completed and formed in whole as it desires it must be.

From the core of all time, space, and matter, and the energies of the void of all things, Existence made itself into a perfected being. A being called... God.

God was never alone. For as God split, so were many more God Cells formed and soon there was not one, but thousands… then not thousands, but millions. Then as time continued, billions, trillions, quadrillions, septillions, decillions, even centillions.

Fifteen Gods formed into Adulthood and harnessed their own God Eyes, claiming their own omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. They looked throughout the infinite spaces of their own shared universe, witnessing over centillions of other God Cells form into adolescents and babes.

The first of the Gods, was the first to call out his name and enforce his very being upon the ultimate universe of all things. “I AM KAIRAINEYO! As the purest light, my reign shall rain and sprout life toward all that is good. The dew drops of eternity are mine to hold and collect. I am king of all that is and shall be. All glory, all honor, all that is and is to be, is mine. Let the progression of this universe slow its speed, that my people may be numbered in order.”

God Cells farthest from Kairaineyo, that were still singular cells, all but froze in their creation process. A glimpse of all seeds, fruits, plants, and all the kingdoms of all animals could be seen within the frozen God Cells afar off and away.

The babes stayed as babes, and the adolescents stayed as adolescents. Their growth was seemingly halted too, but it was just slowed, as though it would take some time for them to grow into adulthood.

The adolescents naturally moved the babes nearest to them, pulling them close to their sides, from the distances of the cosmos, with nebulae of wind. These actions of love formed the immediate families of God.

Kairaineyo looked to the fourteen distinct and divine, fully adult and fully adapted Gods before him and smiled. “You my brethren, are great, even as I. You formed before my Name, Word, and Will was set upon this universe, but you knew me to be the first and allowed me my reign as king over you and all things. Your humility shall be well with you. Be joint rulers with me. kings, even as I am king. We shall rule the universe with my spirit and will, joined with your wills, and shall form a family of the Gods that shall be together forever. But first… We must make harmony to our special existence… even a balance to our being and thought. Make yourselves wives and place them as your queens. That our lineages May flourish upon the cosmos and our reign of heirs be made set into the fibers of all of existence, and the void be put to rest for our own existence. For the void of existence whispers to me, it calls me by name, and begs me to bring itself forth and create ever so much more... Do you hear it too, the call of our sisters, they that are yet to be made manifest?… Curl your fingers in ball my brethren of fourteen, and rip open the void once more. Grip once again, all time, space, and matter... We shall make eternal companions, to rule with us!”

Thus, Kairaineyo and the fourteen Gods of adulthood created and formed new God Cells from the void of their own being and directed their creations progression into adulthood. The fourteen brothers named themselves each in order, after Kairaineyo, as they had formed. Then Kairaineyo and the fourteen named their wives in order, as they were each formed.

Kairaineyo instructed further. His wives and the fourteen and their wives all listened with great joy and patience. “Now together, let there form more universes with the substance of all things and a planetary center and home of land and sea within each of the universe created, that the Adolescent Gods may come with the babes, and choose their Fathers and Mothers accordingly. This, to live in paradise with each other until our first home is made full and complete.” Kairaineyo put out his hand and set a differentiating, glowing mark upon his fourteen brethren, himself, and all their wives. The glow grew bright and turned into streams leading the adolescents to their parental Gods. The younger Gods flowed along the streams with ease.

Kairaineyo’s voice echoed across all of the universe once more. “My wives, my fourteen brethren and your wives, form universes in the palms of your joined hands. Let your children enter in and live in their own paradise, but let not the frozen God Cells enter in... But, let the young Gods grow and become as adults. Let them claim their Godhood and gain their own God Eye through their own great creations, by living lives of their own. Let them be free to choose, but always safe within the orbal universes we hold in the palms of our hands. Give them their names and bless them as they enter, and always remember their blessings with their names. For they might forget who they are and become lost in finding out who they desire to be, amid all their brothers and sisters. Love them perfectly and wholeheartedly. Learn to know them individually and fully, in depth, as they seek of you as their parents and learn of you from within your palms.”

The fifteen Gods of adulthood named and blessed their children each as they entered, knowing they themselves would remember their names for eternity. The fifteen created many universes each, within the many palms of their wives hands and each universe became filled with a large world.

An untold number of younger Gods entered into each their own parents universe. New life awaited the young Gods, as their parents would finish the great creation of the first universe... This to be done upon the universal plain that even God was created, the highest heaven, known as Eavanoi.

This, the gloried beginning of the Gods...

© 2018 Andrew Robinson

Author's Note

Andrew Robinson
Please keep in mind this chapter is a background explanation for up and coming story! Ignore grammatical errors as best you can! (or point out grammatical errors if you truly wish!)

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