A Poem by goldenElectric

More pain in poetry. This piece is about feeling like I've been hunted, punished...maybe both.

I am alone and in pain
It feels as though
all my intentions were in vain
Like I'm being punished,
but I don't know why
I've heard no answers,
not even from the sky
A harpoon through my chest
and anvils on my back
Every now and then
I feel my heart's under attack
Is there a boulder tied to my chin?
Because it's so hard to look up
and so hard to think I'll win
Have I hurt someone,
or done something bad?
Is there some reason I'm stuck,
trapped, and growing mad?
I know I'm no angel,
but was I spawned from Hell?
I don't think I flew that high,
but I feel like I fell
It's as though I see teeth
everywhere I look
Like there are devilish grins
taunting me from every nook
Every mistake and every blunder
looking back at me
It's like carrots have faces
and from their sticks,
they laugh at me
Yes, I have friends and family
and I guess they can hear me
But it's like they can't listen
over their own voices
and I'm stuck here
with broken legs and without choices
I'm so tired and it hurts so much
Sometimes I'd rather sleep in the dirt
than limp around with a crutch
I'm left wondering how much my time on Earth is worth
I'm so lost and floating at sea
I"m face-down at the surface,
with gulls perched and gnawing on me
Does my blood fill the water?
Do the sharks draw near?
Because bits of me would rather be eaten
than floating out here

© 2020 goldenElectric

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Added on July 26, 2020
Last Updated on July 26, 2020
Tags: harpoon, pain, despair, ache, tired, exhausted, hunted



Sonoma County, CA

Hi. Most of my work is poetry, but I intend to put some stories out in the future. I write about what makes me feel strongly. This approach mostly results in romantic pieces, but I hope to branch o.. more..