Little Muse, A M.U.F.F Story

Little Muse, A M.U.F.F Story

A Story by Ash Morgrimm

Messed Up Fan Fic, a line created by Goldenpuppy PLEASE do not copy or take anything from these storys. They were written with the permission of the authors who created the original. ~ENJOY~



        Shinji is a great manga artist. He writes Shojo Manga for a very popular magazine. Shojo is a Japanese romance comic. But people shouldn’t be fooled by thinking its just some silly comic that people read in a newspaper or magazine. In Japan manga, or comics, are very popular and is a large part of their culture. Unlike in America were comics are disregarded for the geeks, preteens, and for those who need inspiration to read, which is too bad for Americans because they are missing out on a lot.

        Back to Shinji, the ever poplar artist. His girlfriends were always his inspiration for his manga. But he had a flaw that he was too into his art that his girlfriends always left him. His manga strained under his poor love life until one day, when a little pink haired girl came into his life. She was very unusual and he fell in love with her right away. Despite her being four foot nine to his six foot eleven. Her name is Michi and they have been together now, for a couple years.

        Over the few years they were together Shinji wrote one of the most popular Shojo Manga that has ever hit Japan. He was thrilled when he was invited to a convention to speak about his manga.

        “Michi! Come look at this!” She skipped into the room and jumped onto his back, wrapping her legs around him as she giggled in his ear.

        “Whaca got there? It looks important!” She held onto Shinji as he walked over to the couch and flopped down sideways.

        “Its an invitation to go to Kumori Con! They want me to talk about my manga! Oh! They also say I can bring a guest too! Hey do you want to come, Michi?” Before he could even finish his sentence Michi screamed and squeezed him tightly around the neck and torso.

        “OHMYGODSHINJI!IWOULDLOVETOGOWITHYOU!!” Shinji’s ears throbbed by her screaming so close to his ears.

       “Ok Michi, sheesh… your going to make me deaf!” Shinji groaned and rolled his eyes.

        “I’m sorry Shinji. Kiss and make up?” She giggled and nibbled on his earlobe. He blushed and bit his lip.

        “Hey knock that off!” Shinji tried to brush her away. Although their relationship could not be better they had one single problem that kept coming up.

        “We can’t do IT so I have to show you I love you some how, Shinji!” Michi whined in his ear as she ran her fingers over his chest. Shinji sighed and leaned his head back against her shoulder. They smiled at each other and kissed gently. They love was strong enough that they didn’t have to sleep with each other to prove it.

        “Without you, Michi, I don’t know where I would be right now.” She laughed and kissed his cheek.

        “Exactly where I found you silly, in the gutter!” They laughed together the rest of the night.

        The next few months went by pretty uneventful for the couple. Shinji worked on his manga and drew up some special pin-ups for the convention he was going to. When the big day came the two of them got on a plane and flew to Seattle for Kumori Con. A limo drove them to the hotel and a suited bus boy carried their suitcases to the top floor. The view of the bay was gorgeous; there was a large basket of gifts from the sponsors of the convention. Michi had fun going though all the things in the basket as Shinji arranged all his materials for his table and started to sign a couple books just in case.

        “Shinji, what’s going to happen at the convention?” Michi sat on the edge of the bed, watching him working hard at the desk.

        “I don’t know baby. I’ve been working so hard that I haven’t been able to go to one before.” He talked to her casually, not catching the concern in her voice. Michi hugged her legs as she knew he was working hard and he wouldn’t like it if she bothered him too much.

        “Are you going to bed soon? Tomorrow is opening day.” He grunted and Michi knew that was the end of discussion. She kissed his cheek and left his room and went to sleep in her own bed.

        The next morning Michi found Shinji sleeping at his desk. Sometimes he did that and every time she lovingly covered him with a blanket, wiped his desk off, fix his papers and prepare him some breakfast. When Shinji woke up, he rubbed his eyes and turned around to see his favorite girl waiting for him.

        “It seems I fell asleep again at my desk… well, a desk.” He laughed and sat next to her, hugging her tightly and planted a kiss on her cheek. “Well, what did you order?”




        The conference hall was filled with the strangest and weirdest people in the world, but they were all driven there by one reason. They all loved anime and manga. Michi gripped tightly onto Shinji’s arm as they stood above the swirling mass of humans beneath them, all clamoring for the latest and hottest items. Shinji smiled down at her and held her hand tightly.

        “Don’t let go now.” Together they wiggled their way though the crowds to the stage. There were several official people lurking around and Shinji went over to talk to them. His arm slipped out of her grasp as she eyed a cute pink bag that looked like a rabbit. Swept up in the commotion the two of them didn’t see each other for 2 hours.

        Michi was so lost, but everywhere she turned she was either discussed or fascinated by what she saw. Anime conventions are one of the marvels of modern day society that still boggle the mind, much like Halloween. It’s a time where grown men can wear Sailor Moon costume, and teenager girls can dress up like Vincent Valentine and can be accepted in daylight. Poor Michi had never been to a Anime convention before so when she saw men in short skirts and unshaved legs, needless to say it made her feel sick to her stomach. Luckily when she turned around again there was a stand for the cutest kitchen ware.

        “MICHI!” She jumped as someone grabbed her wrist. She swung around to scream or flail at the attacker but she was pulled into a hug against a familiar chest.

        “I was looking for you! I was so worried!” Shinji hugged her tightly and breathed a sigh of relief. He had been worried about her. She smiled and held onto him.

        “You should have seen the bento boxes back at that last stand! It had BUNNIES on it!” Michi giggled and looked up at him. “Are you ok?” Shinji looked a little pale but he shook it off.

        “Come on, I’m hungry. I’ve got a lot to tell you too.” They smiled at each other and their harmony was back in sync. Tomorrow was going to be a hectic day that neither of them would expect.

        Bright and early in the morning Shinji woke Michi up with a kiss and a warm breakfast. They were leaving really early this morning because today what Shinji’s big day and he needed every moment he could. Michi did all she could to keep him pumped and ready. Just to the point that it wouldn’t upset him. When they arrived at the convention center it wasn’t open yet and the line waiting for the doors to open. Several security guards came to meet Shinji and Michi and escorted them around to the employee entrance.

        The convention center had so many booths in it that Michi would never have guessed that there were so many booths. She remembered a few of them but never had she guessed how lost she got. It was all so clear now that there wasn’t anyone in the hall. She wanted to point out to Shinji where she had gone but she looked up and saw his serious face. Michi saw the huge stage and heard what they were talking to him about she knew this wasn’t the right time. When he would look down at her she would smile at him to encourage him. Shinji kept his arm around her and kept her close to his side. Now more than ever did he need her there.

        “There will be about a thousand people here in about 20 minutes. This whole area is for the stage audience. Your speech will start in about an hour, and until then you have this table beside the stage to do your autographs and such. …” The woman with the clipboard talked fast and kept tapping her nails on the plastic, which made the hair on the back of Michi’s neck stood on end. Any level headed person would lose their mind with this woman telling them what to do.

Shinji tensed as they stopped between the stage and his table. The table had several stacks of his manga waiting for him. Shinji gripped Michi’s hand as someone draped a banner over the edge of the table that had his name and the title of his manga printed on it. Michi smiled and giggled as she saw it. Together they walked around the table and set the portfolio on the table.

“Is everything to your liking Sir?” Shinji jumped as he was awoken from his daze. When he looked up the lady with the clipboard was gone and another one was there. This one was more his height and age. He blushed slightly as he found his mind wandering slightly as he looked her over. Michi tugged his sleeve to make him look at her.

“Y.yes.. it’s… beautiful…” The girl smiled and bowed her head slightly. Her cheeks were flushed as she rushed away. Michi huffed and glared at her as she scampered off. When she looked back up at Shinji and saw him staring at the disappearing girl she became furious.

“SHINJI!” He jumped again and smiled at her.

“What, Michi?” She frowned at him and stamped her foot down.

“What were you doing looking at her?” Shinji laughed uneasily and flopped on his chair.

“No reason, you know you’re the only one for me.” He grinned and patted her on the bottom and swooped her into his lap. She screamed and laughed as she was swept up into his arms.

“Meanie, one day I am going to make you prove it to me!” Michi giggled and traced his lips with the tip of her finger.

“What are you going to make me do? Huh?” Shinji snapped up her finger between his lips and grinned with a slight laugh.

© 2009 Ash Morgrimm

Author's Note

Ash Morgrimm
Please see the original comic here:

These are only the first two parts. There is more coming! Please be patient! Thank you!

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A Chapter by Ash Morgrimm