Sky Pirates : Part One

Sky Pirates : Part One

A Story by Ash Morgrimm

Little something I stretched out of a dream.


The She-Pirate stared at the w***e-ish woman with a smirk upon her face. So this is the kind if woman that I have to prove myself too, these bimbos who sell themselves right off the bow of the boat. Water dripped off the pirate’s long black hair. Disgusting humans, she thought to herself. Rolling her eyes and leaning back against a sign post that read LeafShine Port.

          “Listen, I am sure there are more than enough ports for all of us. I am a ships Mate, not a low life like you. What say you get out of my way” The She-Pirate stood straight as her spine cracked and her eyes flashed angrily. “And I won’t have to kill you.”

          The w***e, with her runny makeup and dull eyes, gasped at the woman’s words. The lean, built she-pirate chucked softly as she slicked back her moist black hair. The w****s back away from their attacking positions and let the pirate go. They knew she was stronger than them and her words were back by solid steel.

          The She-Pirate left the confrontation behind her. The tussle with the w****s was just a misunderstanding. She let it fall off her hair like the water that slowly accumulated on her dark hair.

          “Well, well, isn’t that my little Lynx?” She spun around at the sound of the stale male voice. She smiled and ran towards it. The dark figure embraced her and they held each other tightly.

It was her captain. To her he was ageless, the same young man that stole her heart away and would always be there for her. But in actuality he was very old. It was only her love and faith in him that kept him alive. Lynx is from another planet; her particular species is unknown but traditionally called a shapeshifter. Because of her power to change her shape at will, and her immortality, her species were really rare but very much sought after by the wealthy and cunning.

“Captain, this port is one of the worst! Do we have to keep stopping like this? The Sky calls!” The elderly man chuckled and his eyes sparkled as she looked up at him, pleadingly. Even now, after the incident with the w****s, she never knew that it had started a chain reaction that would send her further away from the young man she once knew.

“Ah my dear, you get younger every day, you do not seem to understand my legs need solid ground.” He brushed her hair back as tiny droplets tickled his fingers and ran over his deformed arthritic hands.

“You are not old, no, I will not believe your lies!” She pouted and he shook his head as he laughed at her antics.

“Don’t ever forget,” He was about to say more but a couple passed close by and that made him uneasy. A captain showing favor to one of his own shipmates would not be heard of. When she tried to get more information out of him, he just shook his head and started to cough. “Come now, no more fussing! I am still the captain here!” He held onto her shoulder as he directed her away from their hiding spot. He coughed and leaned on her heavily as they walked slowly to the pole where their ship was tied.

On this planet there was no water. All of it was in the sky. That is why their atmosphere is 10 times thicker than any other planet. Any space ship could enter the atmosphere and still have plenty of room to maneuver, but none of them could ever handle the pressure. The inhabitants of the planet built ships that could sail the thick atmosphere and even trade with the space ships that came close enough to their planet. It had become a regular market and the tallest of trees were shaved down and made into docks for the ships. Portal Towns formed to supply the ships as they docked. But when the merchants started to become greedy, and armed their ships with weapons from the space ships, they started to form a Union that controlled most of the Sky. Small ship builders revolted and gave away some of their swiftest, lightest, and unbeatable ships to groups who swore to bring that Union to their knees and let the Ports and the rest of the planet live in peace. They became known as the Sky Pirates.

© 2009 Ash Morgrimm

Author's Note

Ash Morgrimm
Please tell me what you think! No hard core crit needed, just an honest opinion please!

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Good start, sounds like an interesting story

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Posted 11 Years Ago

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Ash Morgrimm
Ash Morgrimm

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A Chapter by Ash Morgrimm