Tiger of Ice

Tiger of Ice

A Story by Ash Morgrimm

Journal from a creature from another planet.


Laying here in the snow I wait. The snow covers my body and sticks to my fur. The life of a tiger is not easy on this frozen planet. And it is even less appealing when we have nothing better to do than serve the every whim of the king and his fussy wives. No wonder they never leave. The ice sticks and cuts the inside of my paw. Even though I lick it and heal the numerous wounds the soft skin has gotten over my lifetime it never goes callous. Waiting in the snow only my eyes peer out from under my hiding spot. Looking for that one sheep that will stray to far from the rest. Though they are so dull witted that they would never even know I was there, even if I just walked right though t the middle of them. Bunch of cowards. Not even worthy of my claw. I don’t pity them, I only with them to be more of a fighter. More of an agreeable advisory. But my efforts are in vain and my dreams forsaken as they will be nothing more than mere sheep.

On the horizon I see a new and interesting sight. The fur on the back of my neck raises as my blood boils and muscles harden at the sight. It’s a jackal. But not just any Jackal. It's Anubis, the only son of the arch enemy of the king. Oh what pleasure it would be to bring down this beast and present it to the king. Honor would be mine. And no one would stop me from becoming the most feared being on the planet. But wait, he's not alone. A female is by his side. A cow or horse I suspect. But who cares? If that is his mate then I am on the road to riches. If I killed them both then the king would be free to hold the world. I would be given wives, to countless to mention. Oh glory be the white dragon my destiny is filled.


... Again I am on the ground. This time I fear for good. The Luos are surrounding me like the dumb sheep they are. Their noses sniffing and trying my blood to see if I am eatable. The weak fools. If I had my strength I would kill them all for their insolence. The fool Anubis and his wife are leaving now with that daughter of theirs. How dare they get away so easily. I had them, right where I wanted them. Now I am the fool. Lying here letting the sheep suck on my fallen blood and let them escape. That little girl has more power than I ever saw in the king. Her small lioness form is weak and helpless looking but under that black fur is a monster inside. ...

... Life is bitter and thus it has made me bitter too. Walking away from the North Castle I leave my weak king behind. Maybe Anubis will let me stay with him. The snow crunching under my paws reminds me of my childhood and how we used to be so free. Once in our life. Now with the weight of time boring down on my tail I can only dream of my past. If I try, Sehkmet might look at me differently. But who am I kidding. The only one she will ever love is that Ptah. It is written in the Book. I can't compete with that. With a sigh I feel the weight smother the air out of my body and see the landscape shift under me. Weightless and free once more I sleep, assured that maybe someday I will find happiness.



© 2009 Ash Morgrimm

Author's Note

Ash Morgrimm
Please tell me what you thought of it!
It is just a slice of a bigger story about this same planet and the creatures on it.

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would be interested to read the bigger story the snippet came from :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

That was pretty cool, and thanks for submitting it! I just wish there was more backstory, you know?

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Ash Morgrimm
Ash Morgrimm

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