Chapter 2 : The Queen and her Lord

Chapter 2 : The Queen and her Lord

A Chapter by Ash Morgrimm

“ENTER” The single word was uttered like it was of great importance and the doors parted for her. Ash was dressed in a simple dress and her hair was pulled back. She carried a baby’s basket that was filled with bread loaves and gifts from the village. This was not the first time she had been to the house of the king and queen. Ash was born there eighteen years ago. Her parents were not able to get to the nurse in time and she was delivered by the maid and butler. Ash strode up the hallway, her bare feet tingling from the strange flooring.

Wolves sat at the head of the stairs and they watched her with sad eyes. She had always been nice to every being that she came in contact with, though not all were nice to her. Her parents especially were harsh to her just by the mere face that she was their first born and was not a male. Her mother beat her verbally while her father did nothing to stop her. Ash was sent away on her tenth birthday and now with a son the king and queen needed to marry her away. Her age being perfect for marrying and by their customs she would be chastised and unable to bear children if she did not marry in time.

The king sat on a great golden chair at the head of a long black table. His wife sat to his right holding and cooing over her new son. Ash came to her father’s side and hoped he would speak, but in all her life he never uttered a word. With a breath of sadness she set the basket upon the table and backed away.

“Where do you think your going?” The queen shot Ash a look that seemed to burn the air as she spoke. Ash was bout to speak her reasons but was cut off with an angry snort from the queens flaring nostrils. “We still have business with you daughter.” The last word spat out of her mouth like she tasted bad blood.

“Anything mother, I am yours.” Ash gave a small bow and held up her palms, though she paid the proper respects the queen only flamed up more.

“I don’t think I like your tone. Say it again and have a more feminine tone” This startled Ash, because all her life her parents didn’t care about her femininity. The only concern they had was to be sure she was out of the way and hidden from sight.

“Yes my mother, I am sorry. I am yours to do as you wish” Ash bent her knees in a small attempt to curtsy. The queen nodded and stuck her nose up in the air.

“You do not have to go back to Lilly. Your apprentice is over. You are a nurse now. But I will not have you working. So your father and I have agreed to let you marry.” The queen petted her son and spoke over him as she weaved green into his black hair. Ash stood up straight and kept her palms up in respect.

“But mother, I have not found a male that I wish to marry. Lilly has kept me busy and I have not had time to look for a husband.” The queen enflamed the air around her with a single look.

“That is why we have agreed to let you find one. You have one week to find a mate. If you do not find one in that time your father and I will set the ring. Do you understand?” The queen glared at Ash and watched her nod. “Very well. I have taken the liberty to choose out your new apartments and a handmaiden for you. Go to them and you will be called if you are needed.” Ash gave a bow and walked out of the room and followed the red carpet. Her heart was racing.

Ash rubbed her hands over her arms and shivered. A week of freedom on her own before she was to be made a wife. She was scared and her heart beat fast as her wolf cried for freedom. Her vision misted over as tears formed and trickled down her cheeks. A small tan wolf came trotting up to her side. She wore a silver collar and her brown eyes looked up at Ash with worry and concern. Ash stopped when she heard the wolf whimper.

“Iris, my friend” Ash rubbed her eyes and looked at the tan wolf. Iris was the maid that helped with Ashes birth all those years ago. Iris whimpered and tugged gently on the end of her dress. “I am so glad to see you. Will you show me the way to my room?” Iris nodded and wagged her tail.

Ash followed Iris while she let her mind wander. The ring. She had threatened to set the ring of champions in order to find her a mate. Ash cringed at the though of male werewolves fight for her maidenhood. She knew none of them would wish to keep her as a wife. Werewolves were stupid and the males were usually beaten up by their wives. Until recently where the males now outnumbered the females. Ash shook her head at the thought of being under the control of a male.

Deep in her heart she longed for love. Not just of a mother and father but of a good man. Her soul ached as she thought of being forced to marry a man who did not love her. Ash’s mind was racing and blood throbbed in her ears in such a way that it sounded like beating wings.

© 2009 Ash Morgrimm

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A Chapter by Ash Morgrimm