Chapter 3 : Diamonds

Chapter 3 : Diamonds

A Chapter by Ash Morgrimm

Ash awoke in her small cave under the hazel tree. She rubbed her eyes and stretched her legs. For a second she had almost forgotten what had happened. It was all so much like a dream. Did she really see her mother and father again. Her thoughts were interrupted as she gazed upon the face of the stone gargoyle that held her. He stiffened as she heard a light snore. Looking over her shoulder her heart clenched as she saw iris laying on the dirt floor. She was curled up in her wolf form and the silver collar glinted in the sunlight. Ash looked again at the gargoyles face. He seemed more alive to her at that moment than any other she had met. She shook her head, because how could stone come to life. It was just silly. Ash crawled out of her resting place and laid a hand on Iris’ head.

“Iris my friend, wake up” She shook herself awake and blinked rapidly. Ash smiled as she felt that Iris had not slept well in a long time. The two of them stood up and stretched from sleeping outside all night. Iris jumped at the sight of the stone gargoyle and Ash laughed softly.
Like friends the two of them left the small cave and walked through the woods. Iris led her mistress toward the village but Ash paused at the edge of the tree line and sat on a stump. Ash watched the people in the village fearfully. Iris turned back and laid her head on her knee and whimpered gently. Softly asking her mistress what was wrong.

“Why do I have to get married? Is it because of the baby?” Ash kept her eyes on the moving villagers and Iris whimpered a soft yes. “I am scared Iris. I don’t want to get married. I mean I want to but just not to the wrong one. Is there such thing as the wrong one?” Iris whimpered and nudged Ash’s hand in reassurance. She showed ash an image of a broken heart. One piece had a distinct male signature and the other had a female. Iris showed her other pieces and tried to put some of them together, but they didn’t fit. Ash watched the image glow as two matching pieces fitted together and the heart was mended. She lowered her head and looked at her palms. A black tattoo of the Royal Wolf pack was burned into her skin. “A soul mate. You are right Iris. Only matching souls can become one. But, what if I cannot find mine in a week, and he does not show up during the Ring?” Iris whimpered and licked her hand. Ash patted her head and smiled. “Thank you Iris. I will never forget you and I swear to remove this collar of yours someday.” Iris wagged her tail happily but her eyes were sad.

A tall man with long black hair came up to Ash and Iris. Before either of them realized he was there he had knelt and taken Ash’s hand. Ash looked up and gazed into his tarnished silver eyes. Something about him was familiar but no words formed in her mind. He seemed young to her but the touch of the skin on his wrist and finger tips seemed that of a man who had been used to the feel of a weapon and hammer. Ash tilted her head and Iris came to her side and watched him with careful eyes. He only smiled at the two girls. Something stirred in Ash’s mind and she felt his presence.

“Please, do not be frightened. I cannot speak and this is the only way I have learned to communicate. My name is unimportant, but I only wish to help you. Please trust me.” Ash’s eyes widened as she could hear his strong voice in her mind. It was as if he was speaking but his lips did not move. She leaned forward and watched his lips carefully.

“How did you do that?” He smiled and tilted his head.

“A beautiful goddess once taught me. I will teach you if you wish.” His laughter filtered into her mind and she smiled. It was soothing to hear his voice.

“Yes please. I would like to learn that very much. You must be very strong to project your thoughts into another’s mind.” He grinned and pulled out a small leather bag. Ash watched as he flipped her hand over and poured several diamonds into her palm. She gasped and looked at them carefully. Inside there seemed to be small piece of mist that never went away. The closer she looked she almost could see a smiling face.

“In side these diamonds are souls that the goddess had once trapped inside. There they can give advice and strength to the one who carries them in their skin. They are a curse and a blessing.” He paused as Ash looked up at him with fear in her eyes. But it was not for the diamonds but for him. “I give them to you. Not as a payment or a bribe, but as a gift that will help you in the future. I know you were told to seek out a husband, and I cannot help you with that. I can only tell you that he is not here. I am sorry.” He stopped and bit his lip as she looked sadly at the diamonds like the faces in them were the last that she would ever see.

“Please do not be sad. I am here to help you. My mate is wondrous goddess. She would be here herself but she is lost. I only have a short time here before I have to leave and look for her again. Please my child. Listen to me and I will teach you everything I know.” Ash looked up at him and nodded. She didn’t hear half of his words but she understood them. She smiled and he picked the diamonds up out of her palm and placed two of them in the center of her palms. He pressed them into her skin and they slowly seeped beneath the skin until there wasn’t a single trace of them. He took four more and pressed them on either side of each of her ankles. Ash watched as her skin absorbed the diamonds and there wasn’t a trace that they were there. She could feel their presence but she could almost forget they were even there. He looked up at her face and smiled as he took two diamonds and placed them at the back of her jaw and under her ears. He reached around her and placed the remaining five diamonds on the small of her back. Ash shivered as he touched her back but the diamonds were taken fast and he didn’t need to touch her for long.

“I am sorry if that hurt. It is necessary to place the diamonds in the most convenient places, and places where others will not look. They will help you with your telepathy and your shape shifting. You can try it now if you wish. Just follow my voice and you will be able to speak in my mind with out uttering a single word.” He smiled reassuringly as Ash tilted her head and closed her eyes. She felt his presence in her mind and mentally she touched it and it responded with a wave of love that surprised her. She opened her eyes and brushed touched his forehead gently. She felt her mind expand and shift to hold his presence and feel his mind.

“This is so amazing.” She paused and gasped as his mind responded to her voice. “Can I speak to others this way? How about to animals? Maybe even to trees, oh and flowers. Though I don’t know what a flower would want to talk about.” Her mind was flooded with his deep laughter. Ash blushed and bit her lip as she realized that she was babbling to a perfect stranger. He took her chin and lifted her head up and brushed her bottom lip with his thumb.

“Please don’t bite your lip. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings. I did the same thing when I first had this gift.” Ash smiled and looked into his eyes. “To answer your questions, yes you can speak to any creature with this gift. Though plants prefer to hear a voice than a mind. Is there anything else you wish to ask?” He smiled as she released the grip on her lip and took a deep breath. Ash shook her head and he let his hand drop from her face. “You are very brave to trust me. Thank you Ash fro your trust. I hope we can meet again someday.” He stood up slowly and started to back away. Ash watched him and her eyes widened.

“Wait, how did you know my name? What’s your name, and your mate? What’s her name?” He smiled and stopped.

“I know your name because Iris told me. My name is unimportant, but I will tell you my goddess’s name. She is Amaunet, and the most wonderful wife I could ever ask for. Though I am sure that someday you will be just as wonderful to your mate. I must go now, but I promise someday I will come back and tell you my name.” Ash smiled and he gave her a bow before he disappeared. She gasped and looked at Iris who was totally confused. Ash sighed and looked at her palms again. They were bare not even the crest of the wolf pack was visible. Iris gave her a light nudge and Ash nodded. The village was fully awakened now and the day was in full swing.

© 2009 Ash Morgrimm

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A Chapter by Ash Morgrimm