Chapter 5 : Pain and Reward

Chapter 5 : Pain and Reward

A Chapter by Ash Morgrimm

A sharp blow to her head made her head hurt as she woke up painfully. Lights around her made her dizzy and strange shapes moves around her. The cave was gone and now she was bound and thrown upon the floor before her mother s feet.
“We have rescued her, your majesty.” A brown werewolf stood in front of her and was kneeling before her mother in reverence to her title.
“Rescue? I specifically asked for her to be brought here? What, pray tell did you rescue her from?” The queen drummed her fingers on the arm of her chair impatiently.
“We found her in a cave full of gargoyles, your majesty. One of them had her in his arms and we came just in time before he was able to take her away with him.” The wolves behind Ash were kneeling. Ash groaned to herself and rolled her eyes at their lies. She tried her best to keep her mind separated from the others in the room. The queen raised an eyebrow and tilted her head.
“I doubt that would happen. Be gone you animals and untie my daughter before you leave.” The wolves bowed and undid Ash’s bonds and scampered out of the room. The queen walked over to her as she was sitting up and slapped her face. “HOW DARE YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE! FOR WHAT YOU’RE STUPID STONE FRIEND? WELL NOW I KNOW ABOUT HIM AND YOU WILL NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN. DO YOU HEAR ME ASHLYNN?” Ash recoiled at the tone of her voice and was only intensified from her mind. The queen slapped her face again and picked her up by the collar. “ANSWER ME ASHLYNN. YOU ARE A DISCRACE TO OUR FAMILY. HOW DARE YOU RUN OFF WITH ONE THAT IS NOT EVEN YOUR OWN KIND! YOU WILL STAY LOCKED IN YOUR ROOM UNTIL YOU COME TO YOUR SENCES OR YOUR MARRAGE DATE IS MADE. WHICHEVER ONE COMES FIRST. DO YOU HEAR ME YOU UNGRATEFUL, FILTHY, DOG OF DAUGHTER OF MINE?” her eyes were as if they were on fire and she slapped Ash several times before she threw her out the room. Ash landed on her back against a wall. Iris ran to her mistress’s side and whimpered. Ash wasn’t able to move and she black out before she was able to answer Iris.
The next week went fast considering Ash slipped in and out of consciousness. The blow she had received to her head made her mind clouded and unable to focus. She caught glimpses of Iris caring for her fevered head and the moon as it signaled the new month. Ash dreamed of fighting for her life and a winged male coming to her side to rescue her. But something happened, something always happened. Fire sprang out of the ground in the shape of a woman with a great sword. She cut away the enemies and the winged male come to her side instead and the two of them left her alone after the fight. Wounded and alone she would collapse on the bloody ground and howled up towards the moon. Then a black jackal came to her and picked her up off the ground and carried her away to a horizon that was dotted with strange buildings made of golden stones. Ash awoke one morning screaming. “PE’RE” She was breathing hard and her fever had just broken. Ash rubbed her head and eyes and Iris hopped up onto her bed. Ash looked up and saw her mother walking the room holding the new prince in her arms.
“Good morning daughter, today is the day. I am so glad that you’re awake. Your wedding night will be much more enjoyable for both of you. Iris make her ready to go in one hour. The ring is set all we need is her. Good day.” She slipped out of the room laughing and Ash growled in hatred. She threw a pillow at the door and spat after her mother. Inside she fumed. The dream was a sigh and she knew that being here was not going to help it come to be. Ash jumped out of bed and grabbed a damp cloth and screamed into it. Her voice was muffled and she took a deep breath while she waited to be sure no one heard her. Iris whimpered and pulled out an outfit for Ash and laid it on the bed. The hour went quickly as Ash made herself ready. Her eyes black from holding herself back and showing no emotion. A knock on the door signaled that it was time to go and she stood up obediently and walked out the room.

© 2009 Ash Morgrimm

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Added on April 30, 2009


Ash Morgrimm
Ash Morgrimm

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A Chapter by Ash Morgrimm