Ice and Fog

Ice and Fog

A Story by Ash Morgrimm

Another old story. I don't remember it at all!


Sitting here by my fire I cannot see beyond the ring of fire kissed trees. The sounds of the night are deafened to my ears as I am focused on the dancing flames before me. The heat of the fire stings my face but I know the moment I move away from its safe circle, I will freeze. Looking up I see nothing but darkness all around me. With a sigh I take a branch from my side and capture an infant flame that I take with me to my hidden house. Following the damp and cold steps to my little house I hold the crying flame in my hands as I push open the door and place the infant in his cradle. There he burns brightly and soon is joined by many other flames that were hiding in the wood bed I made for him. I smiled as the fire is happy and once again dancing with joy. They are unaware that I will have to kill their parents in order to keep hidden from the others.

Holding onto the thick and ancient blanket that had wrapped himself around me, I walk back outside and drop several heavy and thick branches onto the dancing party below. My heart cries for them as they try to survive but the branches are too wet and heavy and they cannot hold their grip. Several members jump out of the fray and I scoop them up in my hands and breathe into them life as I scurry back into my house. Leaving behind the dying party.

Once inside I toss the ones that have survived from outside and the flames dance in joy to see each other again. Smiling to myself I seal and lock my door from intruders of any kind. The house is cold but soon it will be warm from the heat of the happy flames dancing on their bed.

Dropping my blanket onto the floor I stretch and yawn as another day has ended and now must I lie down and allow the spirits to take me on another journey. Pulling out my pillows from the holes in the wall I toss them onto the floor by my blanket. My house is small and only a single, manageable room. Slipping the thick cotton shirt and pants off my body I neatly fold them and set them into one of the holes. A thin nightgown is waiting for me and I slip her over my head. Reaching for another blanket I hear something from outside.

The roof above my head creaked and there was the sound of heavy footprints. Keeping very still I watch the dirt above my head as if I could see right though it and at the person who was coming so close to my house. With a frown I hear the footsteps soften, then stop as I knew it had found my fire. Padding over to my door I rested my cheek on the wood and listened carefully as I could barely hear it move around and try to revive the frightened party of flames I had tried to kill. Grunts of frustration and muffled curses made the hairs on the back of my neck rise up as I knew it was a male.

Refusing to let my motherly instincts take over completely I turned my back to the door and confidently marched over to the other blanket I was going to get before and tossed it over my head. Feeling confident I lay down on my blanket. A loud sigh escaped though my nose as my eyes closed and sleep started to take over my body and mind. Smiling I saw Yasurakui, my sprit guide, approach me in the form of a golden dragon.

Jolting awake I heard the sound of a thud against my door and the thunder of the heavy horses coming to close for comfort. My eyes were glued to my door as I knew that man was hiding on my door step. But why was he hiding? Armored horses usually meant the Armored Kcalbs from the king and help to whoever served under him or on his land. Only those under the Clans were refused assistance and were sworn to earn a swift death if they were to cross the path of the king.

Shifting with unease I settled back down on the floor thinking just who this man was. He couldn’t be from the Clans. They were all dead, or hiding off in the hills. Pulling a pillow over my head I tried to muffle the sound of my Guide telling me to open the door so I might go to sleep faster.

The Clans were not really dead. With a snort I rested my head on another pillow and closed my eyes. I was one of them. The only one left alive too. When sleep overcame me completely this time I took a hold of my Guide’s neck and he flew in the air and showed me my memories of the past.

“Yasurakui, what does this mean?” My voice was soft as my eyes gazed over the distant and embedded memories that I have long forgotten. “Take strength, little one, for your days of Scorpion are not over yet.” Tears crept into my eyes that not even his deep and peaceful voice could brush away. “We have traveled far and to many places together, in dream and in real. But now the time has come when I must leave your dreams.” He landed softly and picked me off his neck gently with his golden muzzle. I slumped on the ground and felt as if my life was draining from my body. Water rose up from the ground and soaked my clothes. Yasurakui purred gently as he curled his enormous body around me and licked my face with his flaming tongue. Tears didn’t fall from my eyes but came up from the magical land that Yasurakui had to pick me up. Wrapping my arms around his neck I craved his warmth and love. “Why, why do you have to leave me?” He chuckled and I felt his claws hold onto my back gently. “I never said I was leaving you, precious, just your dreams.” Rubbing my face against his scales I looked into his large golden eyes.

They were a mirror image of my own golden eyes but I never realized that until now. “Where are you going, Yasurakui? Why can’t you take me?” His soft nose bumped against my chest and I hugged his massive head. “I am coming to you, little one. Like the First Day of Moon when you found me on your pillow.” Happiness filled my lungs as I gripped his law harder that he had to shake me off his face. Giggling softly I felt like a child as I landed on the soft ground. He growled playfully as his tail thumped against the grass. “You know how much I love it when you laugh, Kurai.” I laughed harder as he crouched low against the ground, tail wagging behind him as I knew he was a big softy. “What are you going to do? Hunt me?” I knew he also loved to play Hide-and-Seek. He growled deeper as his muzzle rested on the ground and his eyes shone brighter than the mystical sun above us. “Run Kurai” Sitting up I looked at him again with fear clouding my vision. Yasurakui looked like a threat and his aura was changing before my eyes. His body moved like an animal ready to kill. Without a second delay I jumped up and ran. Wind ripped through my hair as I was desperate to think of a form or hide myself as I could hear his claws scrape the ground. A flash of gold and I turned around to see an open jaw and a flaming tongue ready to take my blood. “YASURAKUI NO!”

Bolting upright in bed breath ripped through my lungs as I swore that I felt pain all over my body. Like long thin fangs sliding through my flesh that I had to run my hands over myself to check to see what happened. Standing up my knees buckled and I collapsed into the floor in a heap. “Come on, Kurai, it’s just a dream.” I closed my eyes for a second to calm my body and separate the dream from my active mind. Feeling the blood rush back to my shaking limbs I stood up carefully this time and leaned against the fireplace. The flames were sleeping in their beds and I smiled as I needed them to wake up now. Picking out several pieces of wood from above the sleeping ones I glanced at the door and my heart pulled to think if the male didn’t make it though the night. Prodding the sleeping flames they spat at me in agitation but I knew they loved it because they danced for me again.

The morning went swift and soon I was standing at the front door. Dressed and ready to go out for my daily hunt of food, wood and water I paused to think what I would do if I saw that male. Smirking to myself I knew he was in for a treat. Seven hundred and fifty six years of being the best Scorpion didn’t make me a pushover. Unsealing and unlocking the door it swung open and nothing was there. With a sigh I thought it was safe but I was wrong.

A dark furry object catapulted right at me and threw me back into the house. Thrashing to protect myself I grabbed its throat and found that it was a huge wolf. It snarled at me and tried to bite my hand. Recoiling as I didn’t wish to hurt an animal of the forest I let the wolf dominate me for a few seconds. It backed off like I expected. The poor animal was injured badly and it was continually whining in pain now. Dropping the thick jacket off my shoulders I kneeled in front of the wolf and held my hands out to it. “Its alright, I am a friend. Let me help you Sprit Wolf.” It growled at me but since it didn’t have any other choice it padded over to me and held its injured paw to me. Smiling I took its paw and smirked slightly as I saw it was a male.

“That’s a good boy. Let me take care of you, ok?” he whimpered and his dark chocolate eyes watched me carefully. Water and bandages were close by and in half an hour he was ready to be on his way. I smiled as he thanked me by licking my hand gently. “Be careful Sprit Wolf there are many dangers out in the woods. Help is always here for you if you need it.” I stroked his head gently and he licked his nose and closed his eyes in enjoyment. I laughed softly as I had never seen a wolf do that before. His tail wagged and I kissed the top of his head before I stood up. “Stay as long as you like, Sprit Wolf. I must go out but I will be back.” Walking out the door I turned around and saw the wolf curl up close to the fire and fall asleep. Smiling to myself I closed the door slightly so the cold wouldn’t creep into my tiny house.

My mind was thinking about the sweet wolf in my house as I gathered berries, wood, nuts, several vegetables and fruits into a basket. Humming to myself I climbed a tree and harvested a pint of honey from my bees and a dozen eggs from my birds. On the way home I paused by my small ring where my fire was last night. It was a mess. Hoof prints and werewolf claws were all over the place. Crouching I touched the mark let by the werewolf and plucked an arrow from the ground that was covered in blood. Smelling it I gagged at the smell of thick scent of male werewolf venom. Who ever this male was he was in heat and would be a danger to any female. Dropping the arrow I walked away from the small battle ground and made a note to never try spell casting there again.

Walking towards my house again I saw the footprints of the werewolf going the same way. Fear chilled my bones as I saw a spot of dried blood right at the foot of my stairs and right on my door. Biting my lip I pushed the door open slowly. Breath was frozen in my lungs as I saw in front of the fire was not the sweet wolf but a man. He was fast asleep and a bandage was on his hand and lower arm. The same bandage that the wolf had. Shaking my head I cursed myself for what a fool I was to let a male into my house. Stepping into the warmth I pretended that the handsome, muscular, long haired and nude male wasn’t at my feet. A sickening feeling entered my stomach as I had offered him help when ever he wanted it. I bore him my heart to him and he accepted. The devil he is. He could make me do anything now. I gripped my hands into fists as I resisted the urge to kick him right in the ribs. Walking to the holes in the wall where I stored my pillows, blankets, clothes and other things I just couldn’t get rid of.

A deep growl came from behind me and I felt him stand up and walk towards me. My back was to him but with one hand under a pillow I was ready this time. His hands grabbed my shoulders and he spun me around. Clenching my fist around a cold object I pulled it out when he spun me. It was a bone knife. He recoiled and let go of me when he saw it. “You promised to help me.” I tossed the hair out of my face and let the sight of my golden eyes burn on his soul. “I did, but I am not helpless and I will not be a slave to a piece of filth.” He lowered his head and I bit my lip hard from not rushing over to him.

“I am sorry. I guess you saw I destroyed your fire ring outside. Wolves only go into heat in their werewolf form. I guess you’re not a wolf. I thought you were because you hid under a tree.” His chocolate eyes met mine and I softened under the intensity of affection that he showed me. Trying to show I was still in control, because it was my house, I nodded and rose my chin up slightly. “I did and I am not a wolf. I heard you last night. Why are you running from the king?”

He sighed and lowered his head again and finally noticed he was nude. I smiled to myself as I had seen plenty of flesh in my time and it was nothing to me. But he was modest and young so he covered himself with his hands. “Forgive me, I forgot my clothes outside.” I laughed and shook my head as I tossed him some clothes from behind me. He was silent as he dressed and I looked away to give him privacy. “Well?” He sat on the floor and kept his head lowered. “I owe you my right hand. I will tell you.” I slipped the knife under my belt and busied myself with making him something to eat. “I was running from the king because I am from the Wolf Clan. I didn’t know I was as the house I was staying at were all wolves. It wasn’t until my first heat that the mark became visible on my back. My girlfriend turned me in because I bit her.”

He voice was soft and I pitied him as he shouldn’t have to run at his young age. On a plate for him I piled a warm cake, four scrambled eggs and a handful of candied nuts. “Eat this.” He accepted the plate and smiled a thanks. On the edge of the fireplace I rested a glass of tea for him. “How long have you been running?” I left the door open to change the air and retrieved his clothes that were just over the edge. He smiled and shrugged. “I stayed as close to the town I was raised in for a couple months. But when the Kcalb came I ran. I have been running for five years.” I nodded and sat on the floor watching him. He couldn’t take my cold eyes staring into his soul so he looked away from me. “You aren’t going to turn me in are you?”

Laughing softly I shook my head and stretched towards the ceiling. “No I am not.” His eyes shot towards me, eager to know why. “Please tell me your story.” I sighed and dropped my arms to my side. “It’s long and would give you nightmares, young one.” When I said that he was shocked. “How old are you?” Laughing again I shook my head and stood up as I prodded the sleeping dancers again. “I will not tell you that. But I will tell you that for seven hundred and fifty six years I was the number one Scorpion. But I am retired now.” He looked me over and felt his eyes on my back as I turned around. “Scorpion? But, aren’t they…” I looked at him as he refused to finish his sentence. “I am the last.” He nodded and looked at his empty plate and drank his tea.

“Yes, but someone told me that Scorpions sign Blood Bonds that sell their soul and only can be retrieved when they are married.” I nodded and looked at him seriously. “Who told you this?” His beautiful eyes looked into mine again. “A man, he never told me his name but he hid me for three years and taught me everything I know.” I tilted my head and looked deep into his eyes to see if he was lying to me. “What did he look like?” The poor little wolf whimpered under my strong gaze but couldn’t look away. “Tall, built like me, um… white hair, blue eyes oh and he told me lots of things about all five clans but mostly about Scorpion.” I nodded and folded my arms over my chest. “But he left one out.” He nodded. But didn’t say anything else. I took his plate and slipped it into the ashes to wash later.

Thinking hard I didn’t even realize it that I didn’t speak again until that evening when I had made dinner and sat outside around my fire. Raso, the wolf I saved, sat next to me and watched me. Wanting to know what I was thinking. My eyes had grown soft as I was thinking hard. “You can stay as long as you like Raso. But I wish to hear more about this man.” I looked at him and he smiled shyly. “Um well, I would take you to him but he is gone. After I stayed with him for five years he just left. I buried his house under a tree and left too. Here, he left me this note.” He pulled out a crumpled piece of parchment and handed it to me. I held it in my hands gently as I opened it. The parchment smelled like sweet herbs and a pinch of spice. Brushing my fingers over the square lettering I read it carefully.

You have learned much over the time we have spent together. You are an excellent pupil and you will achieve great things in life as long as you remember everything I taught you.
When you get this note I will be gone. During the night I have felt a pull on my heart and she is calling me. As you well know, we cannot ignore this call. I do not know where she is or if I will ever be back to his house.
So I leave everything that I am not taking with me to you. You have kept an old man happy for five years and listened to all the babble he ever spewed out. Your hope to find the remains of the Wolf clan will always be in your heart. Don’t forget it.
On your journey, don’t forget, to keep your heart open. You never know when she will call you.

My heart welled up with hope as I read the letter over and over. But I put my feelings aside once and for all. It’s been so long, it would never happen. I gave back the note to him and he smiled. “You ok?” I looked at him oddly. Raso brushed his thumb under my eye and removed a tear. “Wow, I haven’t done that in twenty years!” I blushed and pulled my hair back and rubbed my eyes. “Thanks Raso.” He nodded and wrapped his arms around his knees. We were both staring to the dancing flames when I sighed happily.

“My name is Kurai. I am one thousand, five hundred, seventy six years old. I became Scorpion when I was five hundred years old and it took another five hundred years to train and crawl my way to the top. There I stayed for five hundred and fifty six years. At the end of my prime my clan was destroyed right from under me. Like a coward I crawled away and retired. I ran for five years and here I settled down and stayed for fifteen years. But for my whole life I only cried three times. Once when my mother died the day I was accepted, the day I lost my clan and when I lost my Sprit Guide. Raso I will teach you what you want to know and raise you like a son. But when you leave, don’t come back.”

He was about to say something else but I the sound of heavy wings beating overhead silenced any thought. I jumped up and so did he. Pushing on his chest with one hand I stared up at the sky waiting for it to appear. “Get in the house, now. Seal the door and lock it. Do not open it until morning. Do you understand?” He nodded silently and scooped the entire fire up and ran into the house. When I heard the door lock I tossed my jacket off and ran to a certain tree. Climbing it fast I ripped a huge piece of bark off and a cash of weapons were stored there. Swords, guns, knives and just enough to supply a small army. Pulling on a pair of swords and slipping a large pistol into my pants I saw a enormous dragon land in the fire ring we were just sitting in. I crouched on a branch and watched as a man with long white hair slip off the blue dragon’s neck.

Moving carefully I pulled out a small cloth mask and tied it over my eyes. It had golden scales on it and it glittered in the night. Smiling as I felt like my old self crawling across the branches until I was right over them. “This has to be it, Euelb. I can smell her.” Twisting my back slightly I jumped out of the tree and landed right in front of the man. He reacted just as I predicted. A pair of swords flashed from my hands just as he defended himself. His eyes were blue but they were filled with confusion. “NO WAIT!” He dropped his swords and backed up until he was right against his dragon. I pointed my sword at him and refused to let down my guard. His dragon growled at me and threatened to incinerate me in flames. “Wait, please”

My heart was beating fast as he stepped towards me again. His hands were out in a sign of peace. A smiled played on his lips as he grew closer with each beat of my heart. Before I knew it he had bent my sword out of my hand and placed his lips on mine. I shivered and felt warmth spread all over my body as his hands gently removed the sheaths, swords and the gun from me. Each one thudding onto the ground like rain drops. I breathed slower now as he placed his hands on my hips I gasped. When my mouth was open his tongue shot into my mouth and touched ever part of it. My body was stiff as I didn’t know what to do.

His hands moved up my back, traced the scorpion on the small of my back, flicked the strap of my bra and twisted up the back of my head. Without hesitation he untied my mask and it too fell to the ground. He broke the kiss and leaned back to look into his eyes. “Hello Kurai, I am Denki. I have been looking for you for my whole life. Please do not fight me.” I was going to say something but words wouldn’t form in my mind or throat.

The rest of the night was a blur but when I woke up the next morning I was started to see I was alone and nude under the wing of the blue dragon. Pulling on my discarded clothes I stood up and slipped out from under the dragon’s wing. Denki and Raso were talking to each other and laughing over something. When they saw me Denki immediately came to me. “Kurai, did you sleep alright? I don’t suppose you remembered what happened last night, do you?” I shook my head and ran my fingers through my hair. I felt like a teenager that was caught making love in my parent’s bedroom under Raso’s gaze. “Not really.” Denki came to my side and wrapped an arm around my waist. Some of his fingers slipped under my clothes and pressed against my skin. I blushed and tried to hide it as I guessed what happened. “We got married.” I groaned and shook my head as I couldn’t believe this was happening. His arm tensed and he brought me closer to him. “I don’t even know you.”

Raso grinned and walked away so we could have some privacy. Denki sighed and sat me down on the ground. Watching him smile and brush my hair away from my face. “Kurai I am sorry this was in such a rush but I had to.” I got even more confused as there couldn’t be a logical reason to take advantage of someone and not even tell them who you were. He took my hand and watched his fingers interlace between mine. I could tell he was frustrated so if I had to make this work I would try. “I am Kurai, I am a from the Scorpion Clan and my Sprit Guide … well I think he left me the other day.” Looking at my feet I never realized before how much I relied on my Guide to see me through the night.

“Kurai” My eyes fluttered to hold back burning tears that seemed to come from my soul. His fingers brushed up my neck and tilted my head back. I smiled slightly as I looked into his eyes and he smiled back. “I am Denki, I am the only son of the King and Eulb was my Guide but she came to me when I was on the road looking for you.” I smiled but when it hit me I jumped up and backed away from him. “YOU’RE THE KING’S SON!” Eulb growled and came around some trees to shush me up. She lay down around her companion and watched him with one glowing blue eye and me with the other. Fed up with all this nonsense I covered my face and screamed into my hands. “I got to….” Tossing my hair I shook my head as he didn’t have to know where I was going. I just took off running.

The wind ripped though my hair and the scenery was a blur as I ran as fast as I could. Tears streamed from my eyes as I felt like I was royally taken advantage of. When I couldn’t breathe I tripped over a root and rolled down a hill under another huge tree. Curling up in the fetal position I let my tears seal my eyes closed so I could sleep. I had run all day and was miles away from home. But this night I had a dream unlike any I had in my whole life.

Flying through the air, wingless and nothing but pure life keeping me miles above the earth. Fire burned in my throat as I screamed at the black ground beneath me. Fire made out of molten gold steamed from my mouth and onto the black ground below. A black arrow shot into my shoulder and I spun out of control. Screaming in pain and fire following me to the ground I thought I was finished. But a blue blur shot across my vision. “DENKI” I couldn’t help it. I could feel my life drain from me as I fell. I needed to be saved. Not even knowing if he heard me I closed my eyes and folded my arms over my chest, ready for death. I could feel the ground coming at me and I smiled knowing that I would be with my Guide soon. But when I could feel the icy touch of death on my neck, strong arms lifted me away. Gasping I opened my eyes only to be blinded by pure light. “Denki?” The world shifted and I closed my eyes again.

Jumping up from the cold ground I was breathing hard. I was sweating but was freezing cold at the same time. “Oh God, he was right. He is … but I don’t understand.” Rubbing my arms I looked around my little hideaway. The cave was black and it smelled like burnt wood. It scared me deep inside as I knew I was alone and wasn’t meant to be. All my life I was alone but now it was horrid. “Denki?” I reached out for something to see if there was a fire there before. My hand touched dried reeds and I crawled towards it. Maybe I could use my magic to make a fire. Feeling around it to be sure it wasn’t wet I felt something cold and large, like a rock. I traced a ring and wrote a few symbols into the dirt. “????” Golden flames ate away at the nest and I barely managed to scoop up the dark yellow egg. Holding it against me I sighed as I watched the hypnotizing flames. “Looks like it’s just you and me.”

I sat there for some time but I kept feeling a cold breeze from behind me. I held the egg close to me as I stood up. Behind me there was only a small opening to the outside from under this tree. Moving out of my small hiding place I stood out in the open to see what the breeze is coming from. Looking around all I could see was the tall dark trees and the dark sky behind them. Sighing I was going to give up the search when something caught my eye. A spark of flame and a shadow detaching it’s self off of a tree. A ball of fire fell down the side of the tree and I felt like screaming as the dragon came towards me. Catching my nerve I jumped and ran. I didn’t know which way but I had to move. Running I felt like a fool as none of my fine tuned instincts came to mind. All sorts of reasons and explanations of that stupid thing I did with Denki must have thrown me off. IT wasn’t long until I recognized my surroundings. I found my front door and no one was round. Smiling I tossed the egg and it rested right against my front door as I ran as fast as I could and climbed the tree where my things were. The dragon was behind me the entire time and it landed in the clearing and tried to scrape out my front porch for its egg. I grabbed my knives made of dragon bone and a thick long chain. The dragon was dark and I couldn’t tell what it wanted. I was about to jump down and wrangle the dragon but suddenly Eulb appeared and the two dragons fought until the strange one flew off.

Eulb growled and looked up at me. I shuffled all my things back where I found them and jumped down. “Hello my favorite dragon.” I walked over to her and she rested her head on the ground as her tail wagged across the ground. Laughing softly I hugged her giant head. She purred happily and I lay across her muzzle and sighed gratefully. “Oh Eulb, thank you. I didn’t want to kill that dragon.” She growled again and bounced her muzzle that made me slip off and fall onto my bottom. Laughing I smiled at her as I rubbed my head. I stood up and walked to my door and picked up the egg and carried it to her. “I found this. I don’t know if that is what the dragon was after. I guess I should return it.” I laid it in front of her. Eulb nudged the egg and licked before looking at me. I sat by the egg and held it in my lap. She didn’t speak to me as I held the egg like a child. “I think I miss him. Eulb, I don’t know how long you have been with Denki, but is he a good man?” She growled and nodded as her tongue snapped in and out several times as she watched me.

“She says that he is a winy little b*****d that eats too much and swears all the time.” Jumping I looked behind me to see Denki walking up to me and a huge grin on his face. He dropped his weapons as I jumped up and ran over to him. “Denki!” I smiled and hugged him tightly as I was so happy to see him. His hands held me softly and his head rested on my shoulder. I shivered as his breath slipped down my chest and under my clothes. “Kurai, I know I said something that got you upset. I am the king’s son and I can’t change that.” I rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes as my arms lowered to his chest. His arms tightened around me and his breath was getting warmer or I was getting colder. “I know, I’m sorry.

© 2009 Ash Morgrimm

Author's Note

Ash Morgrimm
I hope it was alright. I don't remember it at all! All writers better remember to read all you things and know them all!

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A Chapter by Ash Morgrimm