A Chapter by Ash Morgrimm

Theo, the new student, brushes past another student as he enters the busy cafeteria. He steps aside as another pushy student bumps him on the way out. The milk tea bottle slips from under his arm and catches it in time.

“Hey” Theo mutters under his breath. The student glances back and he glares at him slightly. The student shrugs it off.

The cafeteria is bustling with an assortment of male and female students. Theo moves around them carefully. Coming upon the first available seat he flops down into it with a sigh. Looking up his breath catches in his throat.

Glaring over the table are three other male students already sitting there.

“Who is this?” The short blond haired one gestures over to him with his chopsticks.

“That’s nobody, Net.” The short brown haired one rolls his eyes at the blond haired one.

“Hey, Nobody, go get your own table.” Net flicks his chopsticks at Theo in annoyance.

“Be nice Net” The white haired one sighs and glances over at Net. “You know no one sits there, it won’t kill you, you know.”

“You never know, Gill, it just might.” Net glares between the other two boys, who seem to be holding hands under the table.

Theo fidgets uncomfortably for a moment as they argue. He glances around helplessly but all the other seats seem taken.

“Hey, you can stay.” Theo looks back to see the brown haired one smiling at him.

“Who made you Seme of the table, huh, Aja!” Net stabs his croquette viciously with his chopsticks.

“Lay off Net and eat your lunch.” Aja and Net glare at each other briefly before Net looks away and stuffs the broken croquette into his mouth.

“Bite me” Net mutters as he chews angrily. Aja smirks at him and licks his lips at the idea.

“So, are you new here…uh…” Gill smiles at Theo.

“Yes, ah…Theo, I’m just here for the summer term.” He smiled slightly before poking at the contents in his bento.

“Really? Where are you from?”

“America.” The three of them jump and look at Theo eagerly.

“What? Really? What part?” Theo shifts uneasily at the look in their eyes.

“California.” The boys smile at each other greedily.

“Hey, Nobody, where are you staying?” Net laughs as Gill glares at him for not using Theo’s name.

© 2011 Ash Morgrimm

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Added on March 3, 2011
Last Updated on April 2, 2011


Ash Morgrimm
Ash Morgrimm

Portland, OR

I am an AVID writer and drawer. Although nothing I have as been published or been great works of art I still love doing it! A major flaw of mine is that I am addicted to online chatting and Role Pl.. more..


A Chapter by Ash Morgrimm