A Chapter by Ash Morgrimm

Theo sat on his bed, holding his legs as there was a knock at the door. Looking up he saw Aja peeking around the doorway.

“Hey, ah… can I come in?” Aja takes a step in as Theo moves to sit at the edge of the bed.

Aja steps into Theo’s room. Looking around he sighs as the mess that he and net had left in Theo’s room was still evident. A smile pulled at the corner of his mouth as he remembered what it was that they were doing. Glancing over his shoulder the sight of Theo sulking erased the smile from his face.

“Hey, look, I’m sorry about the mess. If you want…” Aja gestures to a pile of clothing.

“No no… I got it.” Theo leapt up and started to shove his clothing harshly into the dresser.

“Hey” Aja touches Theo’s arm gently. Theo freezes instantly.

“I’m sorry, ok.” Theo watches from the corner of his eye as Aja steps close and runs his hand up his arm.

“Please don’t go to another dorm. This is the last term the three of us will be together and if you leave, they are going to separate us to other dorms.” A blush creeps across Theo’s face as Aja’s fingers curl around his upper arm.

“I know what it’s like to be far from home. So far from the ones you love.” A chill runs up Theo’s spine as Aja leans in towards his neck, his breath brushing against his skin.

“Your girlfriend is very lucky.” Theo shuttered as Aja whispered hotly into his ear.

“Shut up! You don’t know anything about him!... HER, you don’t know about HER!” Blushing furiously Theo spun around and shoved Aja harshly away with such force that he fell backwards onto the floor. Looking up in shock Aja watched as Theo stormed out the door.

“Him?” Aja stared after Theo curiously.

© 2011 Ash Morgrimm

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Added on March 3, 2011
Last Updated on March 3, 2011


Ash Morgrimm
Ash Morgrimm

Portland, OR

I am an AVID writer and drawer. Although nothing I have as been published or been great works of art I still love doing it! A major flaw of mine is that I am addicted to online chatting and Role Pl.. more..


A Chapter by Ash Morgrimm