A Chapter by Ash Morgrimm

Theo stifles a yawn as he weaves his way to the table where Gill waits by himself. Theo doesn’t even make a sound and keeps his head down as he starts to eat his lunch. Gill watches, sipping his coffee, as Theo yawns repeatedly.

“Want some?” Gill holds out his coffee mug. Theo shakes his head.

“You sure? I get it from the teacher’s lounge. They have the best stuff, you know.” Gill sips with a proud grin on his face.

“No thanks, I don’t drink coffee.” Theo utters tiredly.

“Didn’t you get any sleep last night?” Gill asked innocently.

“Did you?” Theo looked up at him with a glare.

“Oh you mean, about last night? Ah well…ah…” Gill stutters nervously.

Aja slams his tray down onto the table suddenly. Gill literally jumped out of his chair about six inches and slammed back down, almost causing his chair to break. Aja glared over at Gill with blood-shot eyes. Theo watched as Gill sweat under the pressure of Aja’s angry look.

“Starting without me AGAIN?” Net groaned and slipped into the chair beside Theo, causally bumping his arm.

“Hey, man, I’m in a fix. Think you can clue me in on what’s going to be on the test today?” Net smiled at Theo sheepishly. Theo glanced at the others, but they were too busy making each other uncomfortable in the middle of the cafeteria.

“Fine” Theo sighed and pulled out a small notebook.

© 2011 Ash Morgrimm

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Added on March 11, 2011
Last Updated on March 11, 2011


Ash Morgrimm
Ash Morgrimm

Portland, OR

I am an AVID writer and drawer. Although nothing I have as been published or been great works of art I still love doing it! A major flaw of mine is that I am addicted to online chatting and Role Pl.. more..


A Chapter by Ash Morgrimm