A Poem by Isabelle Faye

Reflecting yourself. 
Take a look...

Do you see the pale girl staring back?
Her eyes wide, afraid. 
A fading bruise on her arm,
in the shape of a hand. 

Do you wonder how she got it?
Or maybe, do you already know?
You were there after all. 

Do you see the mask she wears?
Pulled over her face,
hiding her true self?

Hiding the fear, the anger, the betrayal. 
Replacing it with a small, pained smile. 
If it was anyone else they wouldn't notice. 
She hides it that well. 

Do you know why she cowers like a mouse,
jumping at the slightest sound?

Why she never looks up,
meets anyone's eyes. 

Why when she's alone she starts to cry?

I think you know, deep down inside,
for when you look in the mirror,
you see the things you hide. 

You know but do nothing,
for you are so deep in pain. 

If you look closer,
do you see the scar on her cheek,
wonder how she got it?
I think you remember. 

You remember that night but block it out,
forcing it deep, deep down inside,
to a place where awful memories hide. 

Look at the mirrors and you see yourself,
reduced to no more then a tiny shell.  

Afraid of the world,
afraid of the light,
afraid to even try and fight. 

You cower in fear,
shying away from even your reflection,
oh so afraid.  
That is the way you are living your life. 

© 2012 Isabelle Faye

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Author's Note

Isabelle Faye
What do you think? Anything I could change or improve? Any general comments.

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Reading this I feel your pain, I can see you in the mirror, and I understand. You are so good at capturing feelings, which is so hard to do when there are so many. Touching

Posted 10 Years Ago

Very powerful and well written, though the last stanza seems a little choppy to me. But other than that, it's one of the best poems I've read on here! Well done!

Posted 10 Years Ago

You are someone to watch out for. This could be published with a cursory edit. I chief edit a college rag. I wish I could submit this!

Posted 10 Years Ago

So powerful. So much hurt:( Im truely sorry. But very well said

Posted 10 Years Ago

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4 Reviews
Added on June 23, 2012
Last Updated on June 25, 2012
Tags: reflection, abuse, fear, poetry, bruise, hurt, afraid, pain, look, scared


Isabelle Faye
Isabelle Faye

Hi! My pen name is Isabelle Faye but you can call me Isabelle or Belle for short. I'm an under 18 year old writer from the United States. I write both poetry and books/novels but the latter tend to pr.. more..


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