My broken heart

My broken heart

A Poem by Raven

My broken heart

My life has been big lies.
I can’t take much more of his lies.
He lies about what he has been doing.
He lies about where he works.
Now I know truth now.
There is nothing he can do about it.
I don’t need him anymore.
Our whole relationship was just a lie.
I just left him to die there.

But my love for you is poison by your lies.
But sometime you make me sick with your lies.
But sometime I think that still needs be my side.
But I wish you can love the way I love you.
I scream for you to help me.
But you don’t answer me back.
Do you hate me so much?
That our love is a one big lies.
When you lie to you, you just broke my heart.
I can’t talk to you any more.
I can’t be your side any more.

You don’t wanted me be your side.
You don’t think I am beautiful any more.
You just yell at me all the time.
I cry all the time.
Just to take away my pain.
I wish you can talk to me about this problem.
Why do you hate me?
I try so hard to love you.
I still want you to love me.

Why did you just leave me alone?
Why are you selfish.
Why should I let hurt any more .
You tell me , that you wouldn’t hurt me .
But you lie about that too.
Why do you lie about yourself ?
You are so lucky I still love you .
I am now tired of your lies.
I hate you now.
You told to believe in myself.

You take that away for me.
I hate you for the way you broke my heart.
I scream out for you .
I cut just to know that I am alive.
I cry to know that someone out would hear my cries.
I run away from you because you are never here for me.
Why do i really belong in this world ?
Do I really belong here with you.
You don’t make me feel better.
You just make me feel like s**t..

No more feeling like this.
Everybody broke a part of my heart .
Now I dead with a empty heart .
That everybody broken.
Bye you selfish people .

© 2009 Raven

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well done an amazing poem :-)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on December 5, 2009



toronto, ON, Canada

dude I love to paint and draw... I am studying to be a writer .... I mostly write my poems base I my emotions.... oh yeah I am a goth/emo and I am also bi too ... I love to just listen to metal... .. more..