the way u came into my life

the way u came into my life

A Poem by grapefruit261

Does love only come our way to make us weak n vulnerable?

Every time I lie next to u
Its d way u hold me in ur arms
I couldn't help but wonder
Can this b love?
This warmth n this security
Is this what I always longed for
Is this what it feels like
No overrated spark.. No materialistic desires..
Its the warmth that the butter feels when it meets the sizzling honey toast
Gentle, sweet, subtle n composed
Getting absorbed bit by bit with every passing second.
When in the sweet embrace of toast the butter forgets the ego of its existence
The rush that I experience ven u come so close to me.
The way u make me blush by ur spontaneity
The happiness that I feel around u
The jealousy that I have with anyone who tries to drive us apart
The wish to move on n let u stay happy with the choices u made for urself
Dealing with my feeling seems so hard today,like never before
Its the way u hold my hands in urs
That I want to hold on to it n never let it go..
Its d way u pacify me from nightmares that makes me wonder if I would happily live with them all my life just to b reassured everytime that u r never gng to leave my side
Its d way u do those little things for me which makes me want to bet on everything I could ever own.
Its d way u make me feel so inspired n pretty, which aspires me to go one step ahead every next morning
Its d way I feel so loved ven I wake up next to u that makes me wonder could I ever fall for someone "so not my type" like u
I Don't know what this feeling is..
Beautiful at tyms.. Painful ven u don't care..
It makes me wonder if this pain is even worth it?
But i want it to pass now as its too late today..
May b perfect timing was what we lacked..
Hoping to b only a step away from getting over u..
This heart awaits a closure now..
Whether It was the charm of first love
Or just age n loneliness hitting together
I know that this high wont b worth the pain
CZ tomorrow u'll leave
In the wake of a better option..
N I'll still b here
Wondering what it would hav been like to b in love wid sm1 lyk u..

© 2015 grapefruit261

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Added on January 19, 2015
Last Updated on January 19, 2015
Tags: agony, ache, pain, heartbreak, love, sad, longing, closure, moving on, move on, loneliness, incomplete love stories