A Tale About an Unintentional Jumper

A Tale About an Unintentional Jumper

A Story by graphichaon

The beginning of a story, open to interpretation.




ROSALYNNE JEAN MCMILLEN STARED OUT the window of the town car she had rented for the day. Although through the tinted windows the image was blurred, she could still appreciate the pleasant views of farms, sheep and every other perfect thing she could think of. Her dress was extremely buoyant, but you wouldn’t notice it past the overly-tight seatbelt that enveloped her tightly in it’s rather strong grip. She thought of what was to come, and she allowed her mind to wander as she looked outside at the beautiful grass and animals frolicking about. Having lived in the city before she moved to New Zealand, she almost couldn’t remember the last time she saw grass. And whenever she did see it, it was never as pure and green as she saw it today. She leaned forward to speak to the driver,

“Excuse me for being a bother, but are we almost there?”

The driver chuckled at her.

“You needn’t be apologizing. I understand, it’s your wedding day. You’re supposed to be excited.”

He paused for a moment, and having remembered her original question, answered her.

“Oh, and, yes. We are approaching the beach now, Ma’am.”


The smooth, white car swerved into a parking space, and the driver stepped out, and then reached over to Rosalynne’s door, opening it for her. She stepped out into the cool breeze and felt her dress sway slightly to the right. She smiled, and then began to descend down the wooden steps that led down to the beach. She imagined her father standing at the ready, waiting for her. She didn’t even have any bridesmaids. All of her friends were back home in New York, and simply couldn’t afford to fly over for her wedding. She didn’t mind so much. The only people she really needed with her today were her parents, and of course her beloved Brian. Just thinking of him made her already happy mood take a turn for the gleeful. But that all changed when she approached the beach and saw what was waiting for her.


Upon seeing her Rosalynne, her mother ran to her before she had even finished climbing down the stairs. The look on Rose’s face was pure shock and horror.

“Mom? What’s going�"“

Her mother interrupted her.

“Honey, it’s Brian…”

Rosalynne had noticed her fiancées absence, and had but one question to ask her mother.

“Mom, where is he?”

She dreaded the answer.

“That’s just the thing. We don’t know! Rosie, he just… he just disappeared!”

She began to cry, and approached her daughter, reaching for a hug. Rosalynne embraced her, tears welling in her eyes.


Rose grabbed at her mother, holder her tightly up against her. The wind grew fiercer now, and it blew her tears away into the sky, along with all of the feelings of happiness she had felt earlier. At this moment, a voice spoke up from behind them.


It choked,

“Rosie, how did I get up here?”

The wind settled now, and Rosalynne looked behind her, to see her soon-to-be husband standing in front of her. She left her mother’s embrace, and instead grabbed onto her beloved.

“Where did you go?”

She whispered to him.


Brian began,

“I don’t know.”

© 2013 graphichaon

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Added on March 28, 2013
Last Updated on March 28, 2013
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