A Poem by Rachel DeHart

a mix,


yours is mine is yours

                                is mine

annd I am nothing if not totally

                in love

a drowning sense of

                you and your breath and your kiss

and your heart beat against

                                my chest

this is bliss

and down fall tumble twist

                tangled web of

pounding kicks and mis stepped steps

without it, without this

you and me and you and me

it’d all be pointless.


nothing is anything

without this. without

you pressed against me

pressed against you

clinging to eachother

cause there isn’t anything but

one another.


and with              a kiss

    a seal

                this deal is set in


i’ll scream until you can hear me through

your haze. my haze. yours.

thrash until you feel my lips upon your

neck. loving, needing, knowing.

not a secret can be kept

                from yourself if you’re


                and i’ll stare until you

     see. see for you, for me, for us

until sight is bright in those

brilliant innocent pastors son eyes.

that are mine. that you have, that I




not a single thing could

keep you from me, from you.

love has a funny

                language. and I know your

the only one i’ll ever

                    speak it with.

who’ll ever speak is back.


now silent,


blissfully               we’ll forget.

no world outside this clinging

desperate stable bond.

you are mine, mine is yours and love

can not slow down from its

velocity of this fall.

forever is a very short word.

we’ll create new ones

                you’ll be my

                i’ll be your



it all

                will amount to

                whatever we see


© 2009 Rachel DeHart

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I love this so much dear :] It's very good indeed :]

This would be one of my favorite parts:
"you'll be my
i'll be your
it all
will amount to
whatever we see

You're amazing.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on April 10, 2009


Rachel DeHart
Rachel DeHart

Falls Church, VA

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