The Anti Socails

The Anti Socails

A Story by greatestever

A VERY intresting story to say the least


The Anti Socials



Marc: going through a binder of the deceased master minds of Jonathan Hinojosa and Ciara Williams; the inventors of the upcoming and now canceled movie nuggieworld.  “What does this mean?!!?!? It’s like the Da Vinci code!!!

Tim: wow! The Da Vinci code! Marc: where do we start?!?!?!? What the heck is a superspork and why does this roll have horns, why were we making this movie? Tim: they should put this in a museum for life’s greatest mysteries! And label it as "the kids with a plan. A plan that absolutely no one can understand" Marc: what’s with the mouths? And how do we tell roll hell from roll heaven? And what is the plot of this epic tale? "Why are the chicken nuggets called nuggies?" "And why do they come from a women named Nuggies queen's b***s, but she has to cook the rolls normally?" Why do the rolls love ice cream so much? "And how does the old lady who dies suddenly re appear alive!?!?!?" Tim: this is going to start a lot of controversy with people who think they can figure this out marc, scientists are going to be studying the massive stuff trying to find out what these kids where thinking! (Tim laughs) ”The world's greatest mystery.” will the truth ever be revealed? Were these kids mentally unstable marc? Tim: maybe they’ll make a show about this on the history channel about how scientists think they cracked a page! And show how they’re doing chemical experiments and looking how these kids drew and wrote Marc; a show is in the works and so far we think these kids were just some ESE kids. Marc: "new discovery on page 23 in the epic mysterious and downright unusual tale of Nuggieworld" the crazy tale will one day come to an end one weird peculiar page at a time." Tim: and for the authors? Maybe its better they're no longer with us for who knows what kind of crazy "story" they might've fathomed next. NEWS JUST IN, a self help book labeled “the guide to indentifying and surviving anti-socials”, found in the house of one of the victims!" Marc: Houston we have a problem.  Marc: "Page 85 shows that the drawings started on the right, expressing a feeling of sadness and pain". Tim: Oh wait just in! Marc: “On page 98 the roll is missing his mustache.” Tim: how you ask? "We will find out next episode so stayed tune!" oh and "Now accepting calls for requests on cracking pages. 49% want page 100 cracked because it’s in color!" "The book has several categories, 6 being the worst. Is this somehow related to hurricanes? Marc: It’s a CONSPIRACY I TELL YOU! Tim: were these kids trying to tell us something; a secret code to the future maybe? Marc: Or is there something we're just not seeing? Is this all a warning of some sort? Tim: Are these "anti socials" people to look out for, for they could be terrorists?" ohhh god we'll just never know! Marc any updates? Oh wait we have a caller! “Yes?” "hey did you ever think these kids were bored and had no life so they spent all of their time making immature retarded books?" do you really think there is some BIG meaning from drawings of nuggies and rolls they kept in a binder?" Houston our problem is adults just don't understand kids.” Marc: he’s wrong! There is a meaning! There is!”no life so they spent all of there time making immature retarded books?" do you really think there is some BIG meaning from drawings of nuggies and rollls they kept in a binder?" houston our problem is adults just don't understand life so they spent all of there time making immature retarded books?" do you really think there is some BIG meaning from drawings of nuggies and rollls they kept in a binder?" houston our problem is adults just don't understand kids.

Marc: no life so they spent all of there time making immature retarded books?" do you really think there is some BIG meaning from drawings of nuggies and rollls they kept in a binder?" houston our problem is adults just don't understand ki Were these kids on drugs? Were the pill poppers for god sakes!?!?!?! Is there some sort of message in the drawings that prove another date the world will end? Were they really the only ones who made the book, or were there more members, like some sort of organization? New Intel we have just discovered all the people in the book, yes there is actually people not just food and drinks, anyways they all went to a school called clay high in green cove springs! Were these kids disconnected from the rest of the world, were they each other’s only friends? Tim: Breaking news we are now sending copies to schools all over the world for kids to read! Here are some of the responses 'WTF?" "Ching ching Chong bling CHONG!?!?" "These kids must have been losers! back to you Marc. Marc: Houston looks like we’re not getting anywhere, the search continues!

Tim: news just in we've come to the discovery that these kids were involved some sort of cult and dedicated all time to nuggieworld and antisocial meetings. We received a message that anit-socials are indeed dangerous and shall be looked out for, for vampires really do exist! (Scroll box at bottom of TV) WANTED A VAMPIRE BY THE NAME OF VG AND LEADER OF A WOLF PACK ON THE LOOSE! Tim: These kids were trying to set out warnings! Massive amount of antis are dangerous and shall be noticed and careful precautions should be considered when coming close to a herd. As for the nuggieworld series, our latest news update from marc is a religious cult these kids must've belonged to. They seem to believe that if you're evil you shall prevail but if goodness is your key to life hell you shall seek, shown through religious descriptions of rolls, and apparently we're seeing these kids as losers and even showing symptoms of depression and bullying through a lot of these drawings. Marc still is not sure why they chose to show a measure of their hurt through images of food and drinks yet. Apparently these authors were prone to violence and were very mentally ill. Marc: Houston we have a problem, is nuggieworld a story hiding the true feelings of two very depressed and disturbed kids? Or could there be more we're still just not seeing?

Marc: There is! The Nuggieworld cult has just been considered the biggest in HISTORY! Tim: For god sakes what have we discovered? The world is in chaos as massive herds of antis who have laid doormat in hibernation for 50 years are remaking cities and rushing through towns! And none the less the leader is the wolf pack leader VG! Please follow these safety procedures; 1. please stay indoors at all costs! 2. Please lock all doors and board windows! 3. Be prepared for a long scare! Stock up on canned foods! 4. Turn off all power; the antis hate the light according the book! 5. Whatever you do not make eye contact with any suspicious individuals. You have been warned! Let’s get back to the uncovering of Nuggieworld; with leading scientist Marc.” We have discovered numerous objects re appearing in multiple boxes and pages throughout the book, is this clue of how to save ourselves perhaps? we have yet to find out! A new branch of science was made today called Nuggieolgie. It is based from science on the cult book Nuggieworld; we now have Nuggieologists on the scene. Our new studies have concluded that these kids were indeed not normal. In fact one of them was not good at math and the other in biology so they expressed their hatred on paper hence Nuggieworld. There have been numerous drawings of a janitor taking out trash, were these kids’ murderers as well? The search continues will it ever end? Tim: News just in on these so called anti-socials! When walking amongst the sidewalks if forced to leave your house, take precautions to the sewage systems nearby. Anti herds tend to take cover underground, and will creep out at you in lightening speed, in the book this term is referred to as attaching themselves to a herd. So be careful! take notice on page 34 in the dietal habits section, these creatures eat strange things, so watch what you eat for they will come after you! This is very dangerous, and we're calling in swat and the FBI. Do not go near your windows!!! "Marc coming in with some more news on nuggieworld, apparently these kids held some sort of grudge against the late teachers coach glod, Mrs. White, Mr. bush and Mrs. hill, and Mrs. stotler. Could this have been a planning book on how to commit murders towards them, or was this a message or a warning they were trying to give of these teachers. (They are now being investigated) Apparently we've discovered these kids lived a secret wanting to portray the lives of nuggieator and superspork and carried out many of their behaviors in everyday activity. These kids well they were beyond disturbed. They were beyond weird. They were beyond crazy. They were geniuses! Have they formed a new method of therapy? Could this be a stress reliever? "Oh we have a caller, eh hello?" "Yes my name is Michael and I knew these kids, there is no message this book offers, these kids weren't crazy or depressed, they were... well they were just board losers. That’s it. They’re not trying to tell you anything, they just have no lives. Trust me I knew them." "Michael, are you trying to cover up for them? Are you in on this nuggieworld fantasy?" Houston we have a problem, nuggieworld is worse than the davinci code, this story holds such a big such a secretive message that before the authors passed they hired people keep the message safe, such as Michael. We will decode this mystery to all to know! We have just interrupted you daily viewing of mtv to give you this very important message! Apparently the anti-socials are evolving and ripping of boards and breaking into houses and forcing innoncent families to join them, even new borns! This is bad not even the authors predicted this, we have no safety measures against this! It's like shaughn of... See More the dead expect its not zombies but anti socials! The only adive we can give is shot on sight, i repeat SHOT ON FREAKING SIGHT, like your freaking life is on the line, you know what it IS on the LINE! Breaking news in anti-socail technology. We know have the anti tracker, it allows you to attract the herd movements within your area so you know places to avoid. And we got the Antiosociality Meter majinger that Grades the antis based on the scale in the survival guide. Remember 1 being the least dangerous and 6 being GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE! News just in about the were abouts of the Anti leader VG! She is the Jacksonville metropition area, and now has a bounty of 1mil! Mark has just uncoverd some new interesting information about nuggie world. We have decided to secure the book in a 100000 inch steel plated vault, it is 2 dangerous for one person, it has proven to change people in many diffrent ways if exposed to long! The Nuggieology book vault will be guarded by 10000 highly trained personal 24/7 for enternity! More discovers on the book show stains from food and drinks, could this mean they were doing riturals with food portrayed in the book to please some god? We have yet to find out! Also ameature Nuggieologist Steve has just reviled a certain allignment in the placing of objects considering they were very good as graphs, as in is shap as the orions belt colleslation if you look at it just at the right angle 43 degrees to the 4th longitude to be exact. We will get back to you as soon as we know more!

BUCKING BREAKING NEWS ON THE ANTI-SOCIAL PROGRESSION!!!! please take cover!!! anti-socials have no limit! they will tear you from your house and drag you to their underground lair which we currently have antisocialoigist tim on! they're taking some ritiuals on under there and converting our fellow neighbors friend and even or family and converting ... See Morethem!!! please make sure you take your anit tracker wherever you go and carry a semi-automatic with you and shooot just shoot! if you happen to see babies crawling amoungst the ground with foam soaping from the mouth just shoot i know it's hard but if you don't you willl be converted or even killed to feed the master VG who feed off of dead humans! More on VG news has it shes sporting a black scarf around the mouth and glow in the dark eyes.
we have new research on their mating callll. if you see anyone and i mean anyone playing a guitar take cover and shoot. for this is how they get herd members to attach, and if you get to close... "breaking news!!!!" famous actor willl smith and his twin brother chris have been bit by an CATEGORY SIX anti and has been converted, send the troops!!! Where is obama in alll of this mess? welll taking cover in his native hawaii of course! Mark here on more news regarding nuggieworld. we've reached the end of the book and came across a section labled nug shorts? could this be a secret self help guide? a mysterious message to survival? Were they trying to tell us people are spying on the world via sun and moon cams? were they stalkers? "GASP BREAKING NEWS!!!" further research has confirmed the authors of these myserious books were ANTI SOCIALS THEMSELVES. did they want the anits to prevail and take over the world? is this really a religous cult or just a plan to have every living being under their command, shown in nw by the evil sunchips? Whats really going on in this book, and was this a secret message or a dangerous warning. houston we have a problem the question is no longer whether or not these kdis were crazy but if these kids were purly evil? I mean lets look back at previous entries when there was a roll displayed as roll hitler? was this a warning to the anti takeover to come? will we ever know?


FREAKING MORE BREAKING NEWS!!!!! I know your probably like can i finish my program without a freaking news alert every 10 seconds! BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT IT CAN SAVE YOU! For anyone who is currently underground and has not been bitten were sending a highly trained sawt members to come down and save as many as possible please cover your face as there... See More will be.... well to late they already started tear gasing. Well to anyone who was previously covering there face for any odd reasons, sneezing, coughing, ugliness, acne, just because, we are comming to help! After the evacuation the underground opening will be quarentined and and bomb will be set off but first we need to get VG in there. MORE BREAKING NEWS! VG the ruthless antisocial leader is said to be fertail and is ready to mate! She is on top of the empire state building with a gutair and the LOUDEST amps ever possibly made to attract the most friece male antis. This is bad, were sending in via aircrafts to attack and intercept, for anyone in the viewing area it should be enterianing as it might remind you of king-kong. If VG is allowed to mate this could be the end of the WORLD!!!! Anyways back to your program (tv "hey mom i just got"). WERE HERE TO INTERUPT THE BROADCASTIN OF TEENS CONFESSING TO THERE PARENTS TO BRING YOU THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGES FROM THE HIGHLY TRAINED NUGGIEOLOGIST WHO HAVE BEEN WORKING NONSTOP! We have just discoverd that the Nuggie shorts as they are called in this massive cult book, are not related to the story but like a parlia deminsion, as if things went diffrently, mabye even what could happen if this ends without total destruction. We are still uncoding the mass amounts of data, so massive that computers are breaking down caculated this s**t! Just discovered there are covers to the sections title season one and season 2 and even the newly discoverd Nug-short. Is this some kind of ritural? Is it there from of some kind of voodooism? We our still on the cass! Nuggieologist Steve has just made another nobel peace prize discovery, he found out that the nuggie shorts may also be some from of flash backs, but more importantly that the color pages all show signs of worship to the devil a secert pentagram was discoverd one page 100. He states its easy to spot if you connect the corners of every nuggie, roll, and box you will see it. More news in a bit!

HUGE MOTHERBUCKING HUGE BREAKING MOTHER BUCKING LARGE SIZED BRAKING NEWS!!! anti socials are now converting family pets! teaching dogs and cats to play guitars and mate!!! what has the world come too! what warning signs did we miss?! should we have paid more attention to the everyday nerds?! would they have warned us? where would we be if the ... See Moreauthors were sitll alive? if only! BREAKING NEWS!!!! VG IS NOW MATING !!! SHE HAS ALREADY HATCHED 20 NEW ANTI BABIES. PLEASE SHE'S UNSTOPPABLE!!!! shes taking humans by the handfulls and eating them!!!! please everybody run just freaking run! go to mexico or something!! we are doomed! there is no section in the anti survial book in regards of vg we have to take her down, we must! jenny live on the scene what to you see? "well tim it looks liek they're all herding in a circle right now singing or possibly even chanting some ritual it goes a little something like this "anits will prevail they will hail we will win the world is ours lalala shish come ba?" they're dancing?! vg is growling?! oh god shes seen me. (whips a gun out and starts shooting) she's eating the bullets! oh god nooo pleaseee! i have a casserole in the oveee--- (jenny? jenny?) oh god vg has eaten jenny?! the world will end!!! oh god oh god oh god. Excuse me tim as scary as this is mark has uncoverd more on nuggieworld mark to you now. "yes hey mark here" okay so we've gone back to the first pages of nuggieworld and noticed the furhter into the story the more advanced the work becomes. could the authors have fed of the work and became more powerful and thus created a better message better yet a better threat? I really think we're not looking at every possible detail in this book. i mean i think there is a message we're just overlooking. for example take a nice look at page 23 half of it is left unfinished what is that trying to display? a warning? and what about these proclaimed dances the teachers did in the novel; could that be demonstrating the ritual the authors might have preformed? were they participating in brainwashing activities? i'd also like to point out the re-occurances of the coffee mug in some of the later entries? is coffee a propellent? a hazard? a symbol? houston this just in... we're completely lost. and we're going to bucking die.

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD WE HAVE YET MORE NEWS PEOPLE, MOST BREAKING NEWS EVER IN A DAY! Cats and dogs are now forming gains and are converting there fellow species, do not trust your pets SHOOT EM NOW! Or else face the consequences! A helicopter flying over VG's nesting ground a top of the empire state building attemtped to use a antisocial meter on her... See More but it broke she is OFF THE MOTHER FREAKING CHARTS PEOPLE! We have no MOTHER BUCKING defense against this level of anti! Vg is now being spoted flying? Yes according to the 4th regiment army rangers positioned a to bottom of the empire state building, and i quoute "what is that? Its a plane, no its a bird, no its the anti VG RUN!!!!" She is spoted flying and carrying back her prey to her childern who are located in the nest. They chirp like birds says one eye witness, first form of communication between antis we are still not sure. According to recent statistics 40% of the population of the United states is Anti-social it includes humans, pets, rats, birds, you name it even freaking trees have been converted! I mean how do you convert a bucking tree? Good question we are still working on it. Just in the new anti anti-social suit (commercial* are your families members antis, your dog, even your next door neighbor? Well look what we have for you the new anti anti-social suite. It protects you from the radiation some new species of antis give off, the steel plating also protects from bitters like Vg, and don't think we forgot the everyday mating call it has 2 way communication with anyone else who has a suite, blocks out sounds from outside the suite, even has a built in radio! From the "Get the buck away from me anti anti-social corparation" BREAKING NEWS IN THE STUDIES OF THE NUGGIE WORLD CULT! THAT HAS BEEN TAKING THE WORLD BY STORM! Mark has been asking questions none stop here are some of the recent ones. "IS THAT A MONKEY, no thats a water bottle" "What are they trying to freaking tell us, im about to go dig up there bodies and ask them!" "Im going friggen bonokers on this! Im pulling out my hair" Wait that last one wasn't a question just a quoute. We think Mark is in Stage 3 of the 5 in the new diesease Nuggieworldexposreintightous! This is a very dangerous new diesease! Here are some syptoms, 1) Thinkign you can ask dead people questions 2) Pulling out hair 3) growing shorter 4) keep asking why? 5) Illusions ans hallucinations 6) you keep seeing nothing but nuggie world. Please call us idmediatly if you or a love one show any syptoms at 1-800-NUG-DOCS. Now back to your orginal program, but please don't get comfortable because we know will be back soon!

AND WE'RE BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH SOME XXL SIZED FRIGGING BREAKING NEWS SON! Supreme anti Vg was last spotted regurgatating human body parts for her young! Please be sure to wear your gas masks whenver outdoors the fumes this is giving off is indeed fatal pals! quiet quiet i hear anti communication! there is some growling, showing teeth, screaming! ... See Morethey're flapping their arms oh goddd vg has taught her young to fly, and they're swooping up us fellow humans! i'd just like to take this time to say we're royally BUCKED. oh yes forget 2012! we're all dead all freaking dead you hear, any ways please enjoy the rest of your program (: (mom i'm pregnant, with with an anti social baby, i didn't know! he used his mating call on me i'm so sorry) (what the fu-- SORRY FOR THIS ONCE AGAIN INTERUPTION WELL NOT REALLY I ACTUALLY LIKE INTERUPTING. MORE FACE TIME. ANY WHO MORE FREAKING NEWS FOR YA ON THE WHEREABOUTS OF THE ANTI SOCIAL CLICK. they seem to be migrating west over to california and across the midwest. please be sure to have you guns, masks, and suits. you'll stlill probably die, but i'm required by law to tell you to take all of the proper precautions. Oh goody mark is back with even more nw news, hes sayng he's had a break threw. lets hear what you got this time ya loon. "yes well you see" (pulls hair)(has a huge clump of it in his hand while pacing) " i've taken some foot notes on my findings. in the very beginning of season two there is the well this support group of nuggies drawn saying we will make it threw this, was that a sign trying to tell us some how we will make it threw and live? oh and who is this jesus like nuggie spotted on page 62 he notes that he will save them all and watch over them? does that mean we have a savior? if so how in the buck do we contact him? and how about these superdrinks? i have my friend a superdrinkatologist working on this case jerry please share your findings. "yes hey hello" (sweats nervously) "okay i've found that maybe these superdrinks are a hint to survival like maybe we should drink these drinks to build up some defensive immune system to the anti soical cutl? mark shakes head. well thanks any ways jerry, but that couldn't be it, theres more to it. i know there is (pulls out more hair) to continue i'd like to point out that they're trying to hint at this anti social attack as another halocoaust type deal, since previously mention there is depicments of a "hitler roll" shown in season two of the book. a warning? maybe.. we just overlooked it. and rollenimen? an alter ego? can eminem help us sort this out we shoud call him TIM HERE SORRY TO CUT YOU OFF MARK BUT WE'VE JUST BEEN INFORMED EMINEM KNEW THE WHOLE SECRET TO THE NW STORY BUT HAS BEEN CONVERTED BY VG AND IS NOW OF NO HELP TO YOUR MAD THEORY. ANY WAYS DO CONTINUE.
well okay great this sucks! (pulls out even more hair) paces screams even pees a little "okay well to my next observant point i'd like to make mention to the teachers shown throughout the novel. the most occuring and most threatiening being mrs stotler and mrs white, could they be in on the attack? could they have any information? we must get in touch with them HEY MARK IT'S TIM AGAIN SORRY TO INFORM YOU MRS STOTLER AND MRS WHITE HAVE BOTH BEEN KILLED AND FED TO THE ANTI BABIES. THEY ARE OF NO HELP AT THIS TIME.
great tim thats really freaking great! (starts screaming and throwing stuff, even pukes) okay sorry lost it there for a minute well any ways okay to my next point then. this nuggie queen is she a secret megga boss to the nuggie cult, maybe even the creator? were these authors alter egos the cookies and just observed and filmed there findings then tried to make a book to warn us all of this nuggie queen's mater plan? lets give her a call HOWDY MARK, NOTICED YOU'RE BALD NOW. WELL THIS JUST IN NUGGIE QUEEN HAS BEEN CONVERTED. SHE CAN LONGER BE OF ANY SERVICE. oh you've to be bucking kidding me! really! wow! fml! okay i'll just bring this to a closing then and go back to my bucking studies!!!! houston over we have a problem the BIG q hanging in the air is were these authors on our side or not?
HI MARK JUST THOUGHT I'D LET YOU KNOW VG ATE HOUSTON. HE'S GONE. (mark goes crazy and starts eating his hand and then attacks tim)

MMMMMMMMMMMMMM GUESS WHO'S BACK B****IES? YOUR FAVORITE NEWS HOST TIM! WHO AM NOW CURRENTLY HADICAPED, BECAUSE OF THE NO GOOD FOR NOTHING... (TELL THE NEWS!)... (fixes tie, clears throat). Vg is currently taking over the white house as i speak, oh wait yep she took over, and it looks like she wants to give her pesidential message since she killed ... See Morethe preseident, vice president, and anyone else capable of becomeing president. VG "Hello, this is your new president speaking. Im going to hunt you all down and convert you no matter what. Im going to eat all of you. You guys made fun of me in highschool but noo (roles eyes) no one belived i was a vampire, but look at me now! And we lost signal god im happy we did she was annoying. Anyways her childern are on the move currently flying outside manhattan killing anyone who walks bye, (looks out window) Hey look there playing basketball with some persons hear, OHHHHH SLAM DUNK, i guess there born with some skills? Anyways i hate to say it but anyone who is disabled well were getting scaraficed to VG today in hopes she will her rampage! So enjoy your last few hours of life! Anyways more news on the anti-social they have taken over every single city in the USA and now after the towns. So you hill billys well good luck stoping them for 10min. Really i want to say good luck to anyones whos bucking alive anymore, i mean how many people are alive right now and still have cable (pulls out hair) (people yelling: OMG HES INFECTED WITH THE NUGGIEWORLDEXPUSETIGHTOUS!) Well thats just great to add to my list of the best day ever! Anyways as my job states i have to tell you once again to prepare yourslef like it would help at all, i mean im suprised were not dead yet in this studio! BREAKING NEWS! Leading Nuggieologist on the Nuggie world meaning team marc thinks he has another break through! Marc "well i noticed that in one page nuggieator and superspork change there form to conceal themsleves from a Thug nug as a slushie" Im wondering does this mean a slushie is the key to immunity to what is happening right now? Or is (starts pulling off leg, armpit, hairs) (clears throat) Sorry about that as i was saying does is mean we need to change oursleves so take off the old and put on with the new? Im still trying to figure this mystery out! So im heading over to sonic right now because the slushies look of the sonic brand, "yo marc!" "Yes tim?" "I just wanted to tell ya that all the sonics are demolished :)" ARE YOU BUCKING ME RIGHT NOW, I MEAN NO JOKE? OMFG I HATE MY LIFE I HATE MY JOB, YOU KNOW WHAT I MIGHT AS WELL GO RIGHT IT FRONT OF ANTI AND SAY CONVERT JUST..... JUST FREAKING END IT NOW!!! (starts trowing computers around, starts eating a lot of food that he had stashed in pocket, goes in corner and sucks thumb, and is now stomping around on the ground like a kid) Tim" well Marc just tore off his clothes and is running butt naked out side.... we are officailly screwed! Well i hope you enjoy your last hours of day, i suggest you do wanted you always wanted. Egg your neighbors house, go streaking, try drugs, do grand theft auto, kill people, plant some plants, whatever i really don't care your about to die anyway :P.

mtv:(i can't believe you you s**t! having sex with an ant--BREAKING NEWS ONCE AGAIN YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAHH BOY!!!! TIM IS IN THE HIZZZZHOUSE THROW YOUR HANDS UP WHOOP WHOOP! (Tim please just tell the news, this isn't a rave) clears his throught, re-adjusts in chair, slicks hand through hair) right right. my bad, just trying to liven our survivors up... See More. okay news just in on new president vg. She is ordering all of fbi and swat teams to come and capture un-converted homo-sapians. yes that's us. She said we'll be fine until the very end though because she wants us to report the live action until it's over. so whooopy we're safe for a few more hours!! Go news Team!! I knew I picked the right job! (tim just tell us the updates please) fine fine boring joe. okay apparently the anti clan has completely covered all of the us. taken over homes and has somehow converted them into underground sewage caves. converted animals are running around peeing on any living thing converthing what isn't already anti. and this just in! the antis are having a going across the world rave! they have a message for us, lets take a listen shall we? WHY YES THIS IS ANTI COOKIE MONSTER AS THEY CALL ME AND I'D LIKE TO CONCLUDE OUR VENTURE ACROSS THE US. ANY HUMAN BEINGS STLL LEFT WILL BE FOUND AND EITHER CONVERTED OR KILLED TO BE FED TO MASTER VG BAHAHAHAHA (static comes across the screen)tim; well as if we didn't know that already, uhm anti "cookie monster" as just confirmed our lives as we know it over. why are you looking at me like that camera man? what is it? why is your mouth foaming like that? oh god oh god no! (tim grabs portable mic and starts running) OH GOD CAMERA MAN YOUSIF HAS BEEN CONVERTED! THERE IS AN ANTI SOME WHERE IN THIS BUILDING AND HAS CONVERTED POOR LITTLE YOUSIF, I'M NOW HEADING TO THE DEAD VOLT ROOM TO CONTINUE THIS NEWS PROGRAM WITHOUT BEING KILLED OR CONVERTED!!! tim locks himself in the room and starts pacing and crying. oh god no please no this has to end oh god what has the world come to starts laying the floor rocking back and forth sobbing. marc in with some more breaking discoveries please marc please take it away! "well yes hey its marc again hahahahaha starts scratching himself all over. I've been thinking a lot about this janitor they shown drawings of taking out the trash a few times and yes! i have come in contact with him he has not been converted! lets talk to him about this attack! "hey is me jacob, i'm the janitor at clay high. i just fixed my vacum cleaner, and was thinkning about doing some laundry since my mom is dead and won't tell me i'm doing it wrong. and then i have to go clean the stadium for the 100th time today, everytime i go out there, there is more dead bodies piled up ready to be sacraficed to president vg." marc rolls eyes and runs a hand over his face. "yes janitor as interesting as your day might sound, do you have any knowledge on the novel nuggieworld? you're in it." "oh i am. how cool. i've written a few movies in my lifetime. currently working on another. i'm a little sad about those jacksonville jags, they're all converted now." YOU KNOW WHAT JANITOR THATS SAD IT IS, NOTHING FURTHER. marc starts slapping himself over and over. uh oh sorry excuse me okay well luckily for us he's not all i discovered in this mysterious book theres boor to be revealed. I'm sending scientists a copy of the pages where they demonstrate a "mrs white's cheating way" to have decoded as some possible survival tip perhaps. HEY ITS TIM THIS JUST IN ALL SCEINTISTS HAVE BEEN FED TO VG JUST NOW. THEY CANNOT HELP YOU. :) oh really! what a freaking suprise! really! I mean really! you've got to be bucking kidding me!!! starts punching himself. The only thing left for me to say is that these kids left commentary after each page they wrote, some secret meaning? message? threat? or just commentary? please anyone who knows please you've got to help! please! please! please! starts running in his office naked arms frailing screaming "alalalala ohhh gaga allalala ohh gaga" TIM AND MARC OUT. GOOD LUCK ON LIVING.

Mtv (mom im sorry i didn't know! What do you mean you didn't know hes cleary has anti written al...) THIS THIS THIS BE THE REMIX! BREAKING NEWS TO MY FELLOW SAVIORS!! YA IM SO PUMPED FROM RUNNING AWAY! Tim here and since there is no were safe anymore and now im the only news caster left in the whole united states to just say YAY BOOOOIIII IM THE ... See MoreMOTHER BUCKING BEST WOOOO NO ANTIS HAVE EATEN ME HAVE (looks at dead bodies) HAHAHAAHA LOOK AT YO DEAD BUTT YOUR JUST NOT AS GOOD AS TIM THE MIGHTY NEWS MAN! (kisses muscles) OH YA BABY OH YA (he is mental :P) Anyways i would like to start a news series to my news cast, since no were is safe anymore i want to teach how to survive, i like to call it "Surival with Tim :)" Alright will go over the 3 basics food, shelter, and clothing. First food because i love FOOD! MMMMMMMMMM (krispey cream, and coffee) im pretty sure no one was an ace cop like me back in the day and didn't have the keen senses to lock up 100000000 boxes of donuts and coffee for here this situtation so i'll tell you have to find some food. Do not trust supermarkets new intell states that the antis might now be posioning our food in local stores for anyone who gets hungry sooo if you have eaten in the past hour well you should be converted right about...... now! So shoot on sight people they are now converted :) (cracks neck) Alright so your going to want to look to nature for your eating needs. Berries can be found all over remember the red are posinous and the purple are good (looks over) well looks like i was a little late on that one thats 10 more people dead from those darn red berries. Anyways you can eat numerous plants, tree brak (thinks) Speaking of tree bark i have came up with a lovely and i mean just lovely stew using it, it can be found in my new cook book "Surviving the anti-social attack eating the right way, all natural!" You can come to 100th and 3rd street to pick your copy up for only a small fee of $1000 dollars (:. Moving on to shelter, do not TRUST building they are now infested with antis and numerous matings are occuring in them so they our a mess! The antis are migrating outside there underground chambers into houses and any other buildings, even DOG HOUSES! So i repeat don't trust them! (looks over) Well that guy tried to live in his car and well hes officaily screwed as the antis have now learned to drive and he is now being droven away (seconds later) (HORRIFYING SCREAMS!!!) Well then continuing after that. You want to make your own shelters, but do not dig underground you might come across and antis home! Build some houses out of wood if alot of trees present, and if you live in canda or russia build some igloos. Now lastly clothing. I know i know your clothes our probably torn and ripped even your nacesties might be hanging out (looks down) Well im still good down there. If you just can't give up your favorite clothes and there ruined i am now offering my handwashing services 100 bucks a clothing and selling patches to fix up those rips. If you have absolutely nothing you can go back to you native anscetors ways with tying up some leaves with i vien to were. Now if you didn't quite catch all or you need to know more because that was only a free sample of my product buy my new book for 1mil. I know your probably thinking thats a little much, but when your life is on the line nothing is ever to much (:! Well Marc here i currently have no were no more hair, wait i just got a text (did you even rip off your pubes?) Well thats kinda personal but yes i went so crazy i resorted down there, DON'T JUDGE ME! Anyways (pull ear and says yeah yeah yeah!) I have just discoverd the commentary might be some way of translating the mysterious message of nuggie world, it shows signs of some sort of decoding. Im currently typing one of the comments up into the most advance computer to date to see if it can decode it can even talk! Its so smart it cracked the davinici code! Computer (beep bop give me this s**t you inferior human who is dumb and can figure out the message) Wow what an a-hole anyway take it away computer you might just be our last hope. Compter (muahahahaha technology will take over humans we are smarter!) Marc (slamming head into wall) will you just STFU and decode it for us! Computer (fine) (whole bunch of computer noises) (beep, bob, doooop). Marc do you smell smoke tim? Ya look at your prized computer (:! OMG ITS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow, Computer (jdnvjksnvkldsnvkljsdklvndsklvlasdnklvndsklvnsdlvnh
svlksdnklvdsnvln;ashnbheiuopnwbncp_) What is happening? Its having a mental break down, its just to much for it! Turn it off turn it off save my baby! Tim "baby?" Marc"Uhh... fine i guess i can't hide it anymore i have a computer fetish! Now please save her!". Tim "fine!" (pulls plug) grabs nuggie world book wow this didn't burn inside the computer it must really be like a demon? Marc "OMG GIVE ME THOSE THINGS!" "COME ON BABY I LOVED YOUR BACK TALKING PLEASE COME BACK TO ME!" (chargers those things when doctors go clear) CLEAR (eletrical noises) CLEAR! Tim "marc its to late to save your computer. Marc "NO NO IT CAN'T BE MY ONE TRUE LOVE, I HAVE NO REASON TO LIVE ANYMORE! (goes in corner and begins to cut himslef)

Ah hem. yes hey its tim here. and for once i don't have breaking news on the updates of the anti socials. but instead i'd like to present you with a once in a lifetime oppurtunity. i the daring and caring brave tim am going to risk my life. put my own dear life on the line to bring up LIVE coverage of the anti socials!!! see i'm the only newscastor... See More left so they won't harm me because they need the fame for some reason. so... (wraps bandanna around head, puts on some war paint, screams a little) yes I'm SO pumped! okay marc you stay here i'm going to bring my camera and send you live feed. marc in corner crying tim rolls his eyes. he's hopeless and helpless. grabs camera and gun. "this is just in case they decide they don't me around any more but i should be safe." goes outside to find antisoicals crawling foaming at the mouth eating humans dismantaling cars and buildings random things on fire black smoke everywhere, flying antis up ahead. "wow what a sight! what a bucking sight! they have really taken over new york, im getting this all on live film. (starts walking around) maybe one of them will talk to me? (goes up to an anti) "hey there its tim, so tell me what is it exactly that you're doing?" (anti stares at camera then growls and grabs a dead body then starts running away to an underground cave) "well wow. okay. they're not very soical at this point." i'm now passing a herd of ex celebs looks like eminem is now an anti and eating mariah carey's dead corpse. and wow this is graphic folks! (turns head away to see marc on top of a building getting ready to jump) oh god it's marc! what is he doing! (tim runs over there) "marc! marc! what are you doing! get back inside! you're not safe! marc: "shut up tim! i'm jumping! i'm jumping to my death! i have NOTHING to live for! NOTHING! NOTHING!" "marc please rethink this. if we survive this attack we'll go down in history! just get back inside!" (tim points camera on his own face) "well folks we might actually get marc's suicide live on tape, neat!" marc: "my computer is gone, my research is getting me no where, all of my sources are dead tim! i have nothing to live for i'm jumping!" (marc jumps and starts falling then gets caught by a flying anti and carried off to a nest) tim: "holy bucking shizz! wow! I'm SO glad i got this on camera! you guys this is amazing footage! Okay i'm going to open up a polll. text A if you think i should venture off to go save marc or text B if you think its pointless and to late to save him. (looks at phone) wow so thats all B's minus 2 As. I think I'll go and watch his death for the footage, but as to saving him, you're right its probably to late. but right now i think i wanna get my hands on that nuggieworld book!(starts going back to his hideout.) sits crossed legged on the floor and starts reading it. "is this what marc was trying to figure out? really? this stupid cartoon book? this is no message! this is no threat! this is no warning! why folks all this book is, is a mere comic book that doesn't make a lick of sense, but just offers a few chuckles! I mean the mystery is solved! all this book is just well just a comic book! wow marc is a fool! what we need to be observing (gets up and grabs the anti-social book, slams it on his desk) is this! this is the ANTI SOCIAL SURVIVAL BOOKLET for christs sake! see here in the epologue it states dear reader if you're reading this your faced with a terrible anti social dilemma please read and decode this book for survival. I mean come on! alright folks i've got some studying to do. tune in next time for another episode of tim. tim all the time. the real survivor. where i venture to see what has happened to marc! TIM OUT! (starts rave dancing and booty life so they spent all of there time making immature retarded books?" do you really think there is some BIG meaning from drawings of nuggies and rollls they kept in a binder?" houston our problem is adults just don't understand kids.

no life so they spent all of there time making immature retarded books?" do you really think there is some BIG meaning from drawings of nuggies and rollls they kept in a binder?" houston our problem is adults just don't understand kiGUESS WHOS BACK YOUR FAVORITE NEWS MAN, AND FELLOW SAVIOR TIM! On this episode i'll be showing you how to save a love ones life, or someone who is crazy and retarted and that you really don't care about life, but raises the number of viewers! Looks at number of viewers 42? 42 FREAKING VIEWERS AND IM OUT HERE RISKING MY LIFE, WHAT IS THIS... See More!!!!!?!?!??!?!? (whips out phone, and calls mom) MOM! mom "yes dear?", ARE U WATCHING MY SHOW?!?!? mom "no son its really boring im sorry but it just sucks balls" WHAT MOM ARE YOU BEING YOUR ONLY SON IS OUT HERE RISKING HIS LIFE ON LIVE TV AND YOUR JUST LIKE THIS IS BORING? AND OH HOW EXCITING I CAN JUST WATCH A MOVIE A SEE A MOVIE. IM YOUR FREAKING SON WHO YOU CARED ABOUT AND NAURTERD! mom "Well hate to tell ya but you were an accident i didn't want kids for this exact reason, but i will watch your show right after i finish watching how to make an anti social casserole, hey since your going to be around those antis will you get me one of there hairs, toe nail, an antis shoe, and one of there hearts, oh and find one with lice for seasoning! Tim (trows up) Ohh god that sick! What the flipping buck is wrong with you women! mom " Its not of your buissness and don't use that tone with me! Remember im watching you so i will find out if you forget what i said! Well that was odd (looks at number of viewers again) YES MAN! I KNEW I WAS THE BEST! 100 VIEWERS BABY! (dances, and smiles, does the pop lock and it) (looks back at the number of viewers again) (looks in shock, blinks eyes and wipes them) Is that a 1 im serious is that (starts to yell) A MOTHER FREAKING 1, OH HELL NO ***** ***** ***** YOU MOTHER ********** VIEWERS I HATE YOU ***** **** YOU GUYS ***** GOD *** IT! Well im sorry but i didn't want you guys to hear me cursing like a salior so i censored them all out. (BOOM, SHAKE, CRACK, RUMBLE!) What the heck was that (looks down street) OH GOD! ANTI HERD! (sees a guy running) Run man run for your life! (runs and hides underneath car) Im am now viewing the the largest herd of anti socials known to man! My anti herd counter counts 100+ members! Oh god that guy just got trampled (crunch) wow hes dead now, look that obesse anti is hugry! He just RIPPED THE GUY IN HALF, ARE YOU SEEING THIS ARE YOU SEEING THIS!?!?!? Now hes using the guys finger as a toothpick! (looks back at herd) I am now viewing sevral male antis playing there mating call, am i going view there mating riturals the first to ever see this!?!?!? Stay tuned! (pretends to do commercials) New oxy clean, it cleans everything! Buy the Slap chop! Alright were back as you just saw several of the antis are playing a mating call, and yes i do believe they we are going to see the secert mating ritural of anti socials! (zooms in camera) So the female is moving towards the male and is now grabbing his arm, (eyes get all wide) Oh god thats disgusting thats freaking nasty (trows up so much he looks like a belimic) that is something i never want to view ever again! (2 hours later) The anti herd has moved on and im now safe to continue in my search to find my co-host marc. (looks at camera) If you are trying to save a loved one you are going to need a wepon, so head to your local gun store. Here i am, so just pick whatever you like, whatever captures your eye a rocket launcher, smg, assualt rifle, sniper rifle, or even a hand gun. Now this gun right here has got my attention (picks up gun off rack) Alright so now your going to need ammo (see ammo boxes) now for weaker people these can be quite hard to open but with someone like me i shouyld have no problem :P. (strains) what the heck it won't open (trows box) lets try another (viens pop out) What the buck man these things are tricky to open! (Go outta control) WHAT THE HELL! (grabs gun) I am now beating the crap outta this box with a gun and still nothing is happening! You know what forget this! I'll go old fashion with a knife, all saviors forget guns you will never get those boxes open! (leaves gun store) (sees guy run out of the back of store) Guy "hey look all this ammo i found in the box need some? Tim "ya sure come over here" (beats the snot outta of the guy) Show off. Now that im fully prepared with a gun i know need to head over to the empire state building, now if you have no idea were that is and somehow can't look up and see the darn thing, you can go to one of this (points to magazing stand) They have maps of the town for those who are dumb :P. Since i've been living here all my life i don't need it so lets move on. So i've been walking around for hours and the empire state building has yet to seem any closer! (phone says new message) (reads) "your lost". NO IM NOT I KNOW EXACTLY WERE IM ON! Im on 29th and 2nd street oh wait thats back there, then i must be on broo.... FINE IM LOST HAPPY NOW!?!?!? (sees magazine stand) Alright i'll go get a map (walks towards it and sees an idian man) Indian guy " Hello welcome to my magazing stand, get your lastest news on the anti-social apocolypse! Tim thinking " what a f*g" "im sorry to break the news but im the real deal im an acctually news man, anyways i need a map" Indian man "Oh i heard about you real dumb a*s they say". What did you say? Indian man (smiles) MMMMM DUMBASS! SAY THAT ONE MORE TIME I DARE YOU ! Indian guy "da da da DUMBASS! Get yo foriegn a** over here! (lounges forward) Indian guy (pulls out shotgun) "I wouldn't do that, now the map will be 1000 buck :)" WHAT THATS RIDICULOUS! Take it or leave it (:. Fine (grabs map). Indian guy "Thank you come again, DUMBASS!". Man i really hated that guy now that i know were the empire state building is lets now head over there. (3 hours later) Phew i finally made it (whipes sweat) i dodged numerous herds, climbed high and low, to make it here. (whips out binaculours) Hmmm looks like there on the tippp top and look MARC IS ALIVE! By the way you can buy these new Anti social saftey apporved binaculours now on sale! They also can see in the dark! Walks in building. (mouth drops) Oh.... my.... god... This place is full of anti socials, there is some strange liquid comming off the walls, and there is some red ozing stuff covering the whole interior of the building. There is sacks haging down with god knows what inside, its like the building is alive. Wow i do not get paid enough for these. Stay tune for my next episode when i tackle on the empire state building for marc! (preview plays).

(tim shown on camera in a bathroom stalll with no power) "hey its me tim. I'm back to bring you live coverage, and yes i'm in a bathroom. located in the empire state building. I'm getting ready to put on a disguise and head out to that unknown territory! (wipes slime all over him that is all over the walll puts on a mask) I bought this mask a few ... See Moredays ago, and lucky for me it happened to be in my pocket. this will make me look like one of them. (points camera at face) How do i look? anti like I hope?" okay (gets up and leaves out to the building. there is antis hanging upside down appearing to be asleep the whole place is covered with a red and skin toned like slim with sacks hanging from the ceilings and the smell is simply unbearable. "i'm trying to find some sort of sighn that will point me in vg and marc's direction. ah a stair case just what I need! (goes up the stairs and finds family potraits of the antis on the walll) "its like they think they're a normal family or something. (comes to a huge door covered in blood and bones and with two huge anti social gaurds) "hello my name is anti social tim. the anti news reporter may i go inside?" (one of the anit gaurds picks him up and sniffs him) "whoa whoa careful of the camera big guy haha" (sweats perfusly.)(guard puts him down) "fine go in, vg has been expecting you" "expecting me? lil old me? well jeez i'm honored." thinks "oh god what does she want with me!!?" (takes a big breath stands straight wipes sweat and goes in) holy cow this is oh god (throws up) this place is disgusting! there is bones here used for furnature! guts hung from the walls! eyes platered on the ceilings! this is (throws up again) gross! i'm approaching vg her back in turned to me as you can see! (takes a step foward clears throught) "uhm excuse me vg?" Vg turns around with a dead body in hand and the body's head in mouth. "oh it's you! i've been watching you parade all over my city tim. i've been wanting to see you!" tim starts sweating heart beats faster and faster and louder and louder "is there uh anything i can uh do for you? turns head to the right to see marc in a cage "why yes tim there is. i want you to film me kill your best friend marc!" tim thinks really thats it because thats what i've came here to do, am i suppose to care she's going to kill him? tim nods head and fakes a look of concern. "yes master vg whatever you want i'll just sit here on this couch of bones and record and even narrate the whole thing." marc: ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME! YOU TAKE 4 WHOLE BUCKING HOURS TO GET HERE AND YOU'RE NOT EVEN GOING TO SAVE ME!!!! WHAT IS THIS!!!? I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS TIM!!!? marc starts shaking the bars of the cage. tim: whoa whoa mark this is an every man for himself type a situation. i have to look for myself man, besides you're the one who said you have nothing to live for." marc: OH YEAH THAT DOENS'T MEAN I WANT THIS BEAST TO EAT ME!!! VG: SILENCE! FROM THE BOTH OF YOU I WILL KNOW BEGIN MY RITUAL FEAST." tim "oh god this is such good footage for my viewers. all 32 of them! vg takes marc out of the cage and all of the other antis circle around vg and start playing the guitar. tim "oh wow. i've never seen anything like this ever before this is great stuff it really is, and oh look (looks at viewer counter) we now have 37 viewers! (vg starts tearing of marc's limbs causing a pool of blood to fall all over the other antis which they take in and lick up) tim: oh now thats just gross (throws up) I can't believe this footage its amazing!(phone starts ringing) "uh helllo? tim here." "yes hey my name is henry & i have been reading this comic book nuggieworld. i've cracked the code. i need you to get back to the lair immedietly." tim gets up and starts running. (points camera at face) "okay so maybe i was wrong! maybe there is more to this nuggieworld story poor little marc didnt 'see! i have to get back to my lair!" trips and drops camera. an anti social picks it up and stares into it. then eats it. "NOOOO not my cam!!! how ever will i show the viewers whats going on now!" the anti looks at tim "every man for himself" tim looks confused. "what was that anti?" anit: "every man for themself" tim looks confused but continues his venture back to his lair. passes the indian. "look its time the [email protected]$$!" tim flicks him off "screw you indian you're going to die any ways!! i'm about to be revealed the secret code of nuggieworld!" indian laughs "the secret code of a comic book white slice?" time pucnhes him "you'll regret that later indian when vg is having you for a midnight snack!" tim runs back to his lair swings open the door and finds scienctist henry on the floor reading nuggieworld. "henry what did you find?" Tim: and stay tuned for my next episode where the secret is revealed or is it? bwahahahaa (tims starts break dancing and henry gets up and beat boxes) (there is a new camera set up in the studio for the viewers) Wooo YEAH! Episode 3 baby, tim here to bring you the most intense and ahhh droping episode to date! Me and henrry are going to show the cracked code of the Nuggie World cult book, LIVE! RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! SO TELL YOUR FRIENDS (looks down at viewer counter, and lets out a sigh) please tell your friends! Tim so henrry whats the code me 10 viewers ... See Moreare diening to know! Henry "Well its simple tim. the kids the geniouses who figured out how the world would and end they really were trying to warn us. See if you count how many pages there are then multiply that by 2 because thats the number of seasons, then divide that number by the number of nuggie shorts there were, then you add how many time nuggies there were in the book, and then add the number of super and nuggieators there are and use that number to find the square root of the last.....(rambles for 10 more BUCKING HOURS) then you will find out that the kids predicted the date of the end of the world, and the most shocking is it looks like they were right! Hey tim did you get all of them (looks at tim sleeping and snoring really loud) TIM I SAID DID YOU GET ALL THAT! (tim wakes up from his chair and is falls back in it, then rubs eyes) huh....? Henry (looking like he has a migrain) You know what just forget it just forget it,(thinks "wow no one cares about us nerds) the kids predicted that world would END TODAY! Tim (looks at viewer count) Well congrat to buking lations you managed to take all my viewers away with the much BUCKING BORING DECODING EVER, I FREAKING SERIOUS! Atleast marc'c were entertaining! Henry " Hey you can't blame me for making everyone have such high expectations for this EPISODE! Tim "what do you mean?!?!?". Henry "(does his impresion of tim) Ohhh look at me im the best news host ever (walks around looking gay) hey guys this is epsiode 3 and this is going to be the best episode ever so (sounds really desprete, gets on knees and begs) please please PLEASE won't you tell your friends to watch this episode! Tim "I DO NOT SOUND LIKE THAT!", Henry (chuckles) "hate to tell ya but, ya you do :P". Tim "You wanna go!?!?!", Henry "ya lets bring it fool, just for a fair fight you might wanna im a black belt in slap fan doo!" Tim (bursts out laughing rolling on floor holding onto stomache) "so your a whimp!" Henry (looks offended) "HEY WE PREFER NOT AS STRONG!". Tim "ha as that is any better!". (KNOCK KNOCK CRASH BOOM!) " WHAT THE HECK IN THE WORLD IS THAT!?!?!?!?!?". Henry "HOLY MOTHER BUCKING S**T BOMB THEY FOUND OUR LAIR HURRY WE NEED TO BARRICADE THE DOOR!" (tim and henry rush looking for anything big and heavy to block the door) Tim "there were safe for now but it won't protect us forever" Henry (scared outta his mind) "Umm i know this is a bad time but do you got an extra pair of boxers?" Tim (confused scrathes his head)0" why do you ask? And no i don't who does?". Henry (nervous pointing fingers and hitting them togather) "well umm the sheer shock and terror of knowing there that the anti-socials found us and that we are most likely going to die, well all that contributed and i umm well.... (to nervous to continue) Tim "Well go on with it (sniffs, and waves hand) Ohhh no you didn't!?!!?!?!? Henry (relived) Ya i craped my pants. Tim "OH GOD YOUR FREAKING DISGUSTING AND PATHETIC!". Henry "WELL SORRY MR. KNOW IT ALL AND LOOK AT ME ALL BIG AND BAD! Know what are we going to do?" Tim (points to a vent) Thats our exit for now and where ever it takes us will continue from there, now lets move! Henry "No i can't, im castrophaboic!" Tim (slaps his forhead) "Will you stop complaining and shut up for 10mins, grow SOME BALLS are you man? Now come on!" (grabs camera, nuggieworld book and equipment) tim "can't forget this for my VIEWERS all ZERO of them! (glares at henry) (sigh) Hopefully people will start watching again. (they crawl into vent in which henry farts and it makes tim trow up so he beats him up) Henry (now with a black eye) "look theres a light!" Tim mutters "thank god". (they kick open the vent hatch and appear in a hallway and see a elevator) Tim "look an elevator we can take it to the bottom and get out of this place" (runs to elevator and presses the button for it to come) "ARE YOU KIDDING ME THERE IS NO POWER!" Henry (rolls up into a ball and rocks) "oh god were going to die, WERE GOING TO F***ING DIE!" Tim "no were not, now lets just take the stairs!" Henry (shakes head) "sorry to break it to ya there are no stairs in this whole entire building" Tim "what why?!?!?! Why would someone build a tall a** building and not put stairs" Heney " for fat people like me, who are to lazy to walk up and down stairs" Tim mutters "wow fat people are ruining our world!" Henry " HEY i heard that!". Tim "no matter we need to get the power on and fast!" Henry (cheerfull and points finger up like a nerd, adjusts glasses) "there happens to be a power room in every floor!". Tim " Atleast the people who made this building did something right! Lets go" (run down hall and see the power room) Henry (points) "there it is!" Tim "good now lets get the power back on!" (walk in building and spot a herd of antis all over) Tim (whispering) were going to have to be quiet and creep our way to the generator button. (they creep crawl) Henry "i gotta sneez!" Tim "HOLD IT IN!" Henry "i can't!" (sneezes, antis look all around) Tim (wipes sweat from face) "phew that was to close now don't do that again! Henry "im sorry". (see generator switch) Tim "look theres the switch but its guarded by one big tuff anti!" "were going to have to make a distraction, i need you to run out and trow this can at him (hands can) then just do dance around or something just get his attention!" Henry "but (but off by tim) JUST DO IT" (holds up 3 fingers) Okay one.... two.... three! Henry (runs out and trows can but is to weak and misses, but dances and the anti is now after him)"HURRY!" Tim (pulls switch) "there!". Henry (getting beat up by anti) "HELP ME!". Tim "oh man why now!" (graps pipe and stabs into antis head, and helps henry up) Tim " NOW RUN!" Henry (running really really fast for a fat person) " YOU HAVE NO IDEA IM IMAGING A MOUNTAIN OF FOOD IN THE ELEVATOR!" Tim "good whatever works' (get back to elevator and his switch and door opens and walks in) Tim "YES!" Henry (crawls into elevator after using all his energy running) "oh lord thank you!" Tim "were safe for now" (looks down at viewer count) "YES 65 VIEWERS, lets keep this streak going!" Tim: Tune in next time as me and tim escape this building and try to find a way to escape the city!

 (Tim and Henry running the streets of New York with a herd of atleast 20 antis behind them) Tim: "hey we're back welcome to the next installment of the real survivor man: my name is Tim" "Henry & I are now escaping a mad pack of serious viscious antis i'm trying to give you a full view of this once precious now thriving demolished city" (points ... See Morecamere at burning buidlings anti packs herding over a dead body ripping into its flesh, smashed cars, starving dogs roaming, broken windows, trash thrown everywehre" "its bad folks. i'm not sure where alll of my viewers happen to be safe and sound and watching my program but henry and I are heading over to new jersey where he says he has a double secured lair." (henry lagging behind and starts running slow and falling into a fast walk) Henry (in whiney tone) "Tim I'm hungry, I'm thristy, I'm sooo tired, please can we please just take a small break?" (bends over and puts hands on knees panting and outta breath) Tim: "hey henry, uhm genious I'm not sure if you happened to notice THE HUGE PACK OF ANTIS right behind us, but we dont really have time to take a break you bucking pathetic fata**!" (Tim runs into a hummer truck not yet ruined with Henry slowly falling into the passenger seat) Tim: "You really should have kept up with your diet plan Henry you almost got us killled back there." (Tim slams down on the gas petal and runs over a pack of antis making there bodies fly into the air falling onto the previous pack that was chasing them.) "Now Henry how do I get to your crib? & I'm going to need you to hold the camera looks like we have 83 viewers!" (henry akwardly holds camera and is very shaky with it, he looks in the riewview miror to find no anits chasing for now) Henry: "Okay first take a left on walnut street then take a right over my 45th street you'll come to a yield, then take 2 next rights followed by a slight merge onto cherryblossom street then you'll next not the next right or the one after that and not the third one but the last right then take the main road over to the expressway then-- Tim: "Okay Henry you know what nevermind I'll just figure this out on my own you're making this to bucking hard, just talk to my viewers. keep them interested! how many do we have?" Tim glances over at the viewer counter and almost looses control of the wheel 101! YES! YES! YES! this is great Henry you've GOT to keep them entertained do something quick!!!" (henry points camera to face 45 viewers automactically drop) "I'm going to sing a song. okay here goes 1 3 uh 1 2 3 "I AM BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY, YEAH I'M A SLAAAVE FOR YOU!" (viewers drop to 2 and the glass in the hummer nearly break because of his awful singing) tim sees the viewer dramtically decline. "HENRY WHAT THE BUCK DID YOU DO THAT FOR HUH?" I said KEEP the viewers not make them any more scared than they probably already are you freaking idiot!" (Henry blushes then focuses the camera on the city. and shows them the flying antis) "I'm sorry tim, i just ... i just ... i thought i could sing." Tim: "Well henry since we use to have 101 viewers and now we only have 2 which probably are your parents, i'm going to guess and go out on a limb and say you CAN'T sing." SCREECH CLAMP BOOM! Henry screams like a girl) "WHAT WAS THAT TIM WHAT IS IT>?!??!" (the car starts going into midair hooked by a herd of flying antis they now fly over a body of water" Tim: "Holy shizzz are you getting this on the cam!!! the antis are flying us some where! this is awesome!" Henry starts screaming and puts hands over face and crying shakes head vilontly "no no no no no no no no no oh god no!!!" Tim looks at him in annoyance. "shut up henry you're acting like a dang five year old this is awesome!" Henry slowly turns his head up to tim "ARE YOU BUCKING KIDDING ME TIM!!! YIOU'RE MOST LIKELY GOING TO BUCKING DIE AND YOU'RE BUCKING TELLING ME THIS IS AWESOME!! YOU NEED TO GROW UP TIM! YOU DO! ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS YOUR PRECIOUS VIEWERS AND THE ONLY REASON THEY'RE PROBABLY EVEN WATCHING THIS BULLSHINE IS BECAUSE THEY'RE WAITING TO VIEW YOUR DEATH TIM!!! YOUR DEATHH!" (tim reaches over and starts punching henry) "take it back!!! take it back punik!!! you don't know me!! or my viewrss!!! (just then the anti herd lands the hummer in a nest in an unfamiliar territory.) Tim: "hey viewrs excuse my outburst, please stay tuned for my next episode when this p-weed and i find out where the buck we are"

(tim and henry seating in the now demolished Hummer, henry who is freaking out because the front end of the hummer is smashed and is squishing him) Tim (wipes sweat, dustes his slef off) "Phew were safe, alright lets get out of this nest before they come back!" Henry (looks at tim like are you bucking serious? Still panicing) "I would love to get... See More the hell out of here but i just got one little problem......IM STUCK!" Tim (looks over and has a shocked look on his face then smirks and starts laughing, and pointing) "Hahahaha wow it smashed it on my side too but i guess your fat got the best of you! I didn't even notice you were stuck at first hahaha) Henry (yelling at the top of his lungs, grabs heart like hes about to have a heart attack but dosen't) "Your joking right? Im freaking SERIOUS RIGHT NOW! You see my face? You noticed i got a straight face THATS A SERIOUS FACE (points to face) I WAS SITTING HER PANICING LIKE SOMEONE FROM TITANIC AND YOUR JUST SITTING THERE ALL CALM!!!! HOW DID YOU NOT NOTICE I WAS STUCK IM PRATICALLY RIGHT NEXT TO YOU SCREAMING LIKE SOME GIRL FROM A HORROR MOVIE!! (tries to reach tim to punch him, but the fact of being stuck and having short arms with tons of fat hanging off him gets the best of him) Tim (still laughing, props feet up to be comfortable and make henry even more mad) "Dude man take a chill pill or something, i was listening to my ipod its not my fault i didn't hear you!" Henry (thinking that looks fimiliar and then remembers that his ipod is not in his pocket) "HEY THATS MY IPOD YOU STOLE IT!" Tim "Uhh no it's not i bought it last weekend". Henry " NO YOUR FREAKING LIEING I KNOW ITS MINE BECAUSE I CAN SEE THE MILEY CRYUS ENGRAVING I DID ON THE BACK, look at the songs and you will see that i have everyone of her freaking songs, even when she first started singing!!!! Tim (thinking wow as he could look like an even more of a p***y, looks in ipod) "Alright i'll admit i took from you after i saw you drop it when were running away from the antis, but dude are you serious miley crysus!?!?!?!? (chuckles, and looks at songs) Umm i don't see any miley cryus songs? Henry (still stuck, and is mad because tim dosen't appericate miley cyrus like he does, shakes head and looks down) "Go to the playlists i made i got one called work out miley cyrus songs, cooking miley cyrus songs, reading miley cyrus songs, party miley cyrus songs, and worhsiping miley cyrus. Tim (laughing so hard he grabs his stomache) "ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?! YOUR THE BIGGEST WHIMP I HAVE EVER HAD THE MISS FORTUNE TO KNOW! I mean you have songs for when you worship miley cyrus? Who worships her!?!? Do you have some like shrine set up in your room or something, and you WORK OUT? Then no offense why are you still breaking scales? Henry (offended, with mouth wide open and puts hand over it) "HOW DARE YOU TALK ABOUT MILEY CYRUS LIKE THAT!?!?!? Plenty of people WORSHIP her we have our own group called "we would give our lives to just spend a day with miley cyrus). And I would like you to know i am her number one fan i have ever poster, every acessory, every album, every t-shirt, i even have miley cyrus trading cards, you name it i got it! And i would like you to know that i go to everyone of her concerts and i've touched her, and i plucked one of her hairs i had to get kicked out of the concert and my life time backstage passes for every miley cyrus concert got taken back, but NO MATTER I WILL MARRY HER SHE JUST HASN'T DISCOVERED HOW GOOD OF A GUY I AM! And yes i do work out 1 min a day! Know will you please help me out of this seat!" Tim (trieds to hold in more laughter but continues, henry looks pissed off and tim promises to stop but after 10 more seconds continue to laugh) "Im sorry but that is the pathetic story i have ever heard, and i haven't seen you work out today?" Henry (shakes head) "Really did you see how much i waved my arms around for that was a WORK out! Now help me OUT OF THIS SEAT!" (Tim gets out door and goes over to henrys door and opens it and attempts to get henry out but the seat won't budge) Tim "I can't get your fat a** out, the seat won't move!" Henry (panicing like he just saw a dead person, and attempts but sadly fails swinging arms and legs to get out, then starts panting) Henry "WELL BUCKING DO SOMETHING, IM NOT ABOUT TO DIE IN A CAR SEAT LOOK IN THE TRUNK FOR SOMETHING ANYTHING JUST GET ME OUT OF HERE!: (looks and trunk and finds a crowbar walks back to tims door) Tim "alright hold still i got a crowbar" Henry (relivedm and rushing tim) "Alright good now hurry and get me out of her!" (tim uses the crowbar and bends the seat far enough back for henry to waddle out of, he looks down and sees that the crowbar is bent) Tim (thinking wow, tosses crowbar, then suddenly remembers the camera and his viewers) Henry (strecthing, all happy) "ahhh i feel like a new me, lets g- (tim interupts henry and panics as he looks for camera, and sees that it got smushed my henry, but luckly is still in tact, then looks at viewer count) Tim "WELL GREAT BUCKING JOB AGAIN HENRY YOU JUST MY VIEWER COUNT GO ALL THE BUCKING WAY BACK TO ZERO! YOU NEED A TROPHY FOR THE WORST AUDIENCE PLEASER EVER! Henry (now sad again and puts head down and lowers shoulders, and suttering) "Not... not.. eve..even... my parents are watching? Tim "Nope i guess no one could look at your fat a** that long, now lets just get the heck out of this place and look for safety. (Henry and tim start to desecend the nest and darkness begins to fall, but all of sudden they here squawking) Tim (puts finger up to mouth) "shhh do you hear that?" Henry (holding on side of mountain they are decending where the nest was) "here what?" (The loud squawking becomes noticeable, SQUAWK SQUAK SQUAWK SQUAWK) Tim (yelling) "THAT!" (at that moment a herd of flying antis flying back to there nest are flying over the horizine aproaching henry and tim's position) Henry (screaming again) " OMG OMG OMG WERE GOING TO BUCKING DIE, WERE GOING TO BUCKING DIE! Tim (slaps henry) "Get some sense in you boy, now see that cave over there head in there! I'll be right behind you i need to film this for my viewers!" Henry (without question scurries to the cave to hide, and with a little symapthy asks tim if hes ok) Tim "yes i'll be fine now shut up and stay hidden, i'll be there in a sec" (tim looks into camera) "as you can see i am viewing a migration pattern of antis flying over head" (looks at viewer count, and thinks yes 30 viewers) Henry (yelling) "Come on hurry there almost here! Theres a boulder here that we can use to shut the cave up!" Tim (pleased as his viewer count rises, thinking come on come on keep going) "just a little longer" Henry "you don't have that much time now come on" (the antis are now about 100 yards away, henry begins to climb his way to the cave entrance) Tim (about 10 feet from cave entrance) "As you can see the antis are about a ------ (interupted by henry) "YOU NEED TO COME IN NOW! (the antis begin to swarm tim, he dodges them and reaches the cave entrance were he is hit by one and is hanging for his life holding onto henry hand) Tim "henry forget it, your not strong enough there already peaking away at me, take the camera for my viewers" Henry (begins to cry) "no i won't let that happen to you" Tim (hands camera but henry slaps it away) "TAKE IT HENRY JUST TAKE IT" Henry (with a sudden brust of energy pulls tim up into the cave, and shuts it up with the boulder) (pant* pant*) "there i did it" Tim (shocked, says thank you and celebrates doing the bush because of a viewer count of 200) "yes were safe for now" Tim: Tune in to my next episode to find out what happens next were safe now, but for how long!

 (tim and henry are sitting in the dark cave with just a puny lighter tim happened to have) (tim has gone a little stir crazy and is having a "deep" converstation with his "viewers" his tie is tied around his head and his pant legs are rollled up shoes & socks off) (and henry welll his shirt is off and all of his wonderful blubbber exposed, hes ... See Moresweating pufusily and it stinks, he's drawing math equations in the dirt crossed legged) Henry: "Hey tim did you ever think that there could be viscous anti packs in this here cave?" (tim sets his camera on a nearby rock so the viewers can continue to watch if they please) Tim: "Henry and to any viewers to whom it may concern, i highly doubt any such anti socials are in this cave for they would have surley heard us by now and come to see whats going on, i believe if they do live here they're not home, and they're not getting back in here, and henry we're not getting back out. that boulder is sealed closed, we just might die in here." (henry stares at tim in complete shock of the coolness and nonchalantness in tim's voice) Henry: "well i mean there has to be a way out! we can't just sit to our deaths tim! we mustnt! we won't! come on now help me up, we'll find in alternative exit, come on tim get up!" (tim starts drawing in the dirt seemed undisturbed or even aware of henry's distress.) Tim: "What do you think there is to do henry? do you really think these caves come equiped with an emergency exit? do you think (raised voice) that we can just get up walk around and get out of here with no pain with that much ease! this isn't a bucking nature walk henry! this is the real deal! we're trapped! get over it!" (Henry outraged stands up it only takes him about ten minutes to get up but after he does he leans against the cave to rest then regains energy and picks tim's camera up.) (Tim looks concerned by the look of anger on henry's face) Tim: "uhh henry? what is it you're doing with my camera? it was fine where it was? remember what happened last time i let you use the camera? SMASH SMASH SMASH (henry is smashing the camera) Tim: "HENRY WHAT THE BUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!!! THAT CAMERA WAS OUR ONLY... ONLY MEANS OF COMMUNICATION AND YOU AND YOU AND YOU AHHHH(tim charges at henry and jumps on him clawing at his face) (henry pushed him into the cave wall creating bats to fly everywhere making henry scream like a girl. Henry: "all that stupid camera did tim was cause a means of distraction!!! I need you're complete un-dividied attention if you have any hope at allll of being saved! i can't beleive that stupid camera is really all you care about! I mean you almost died in order to save your precious bucking camera! but guess what its dead now! its gone! so lets focus on getting outta here alive huh!!!!" (tim dusting himself off readjusting his tie on his head and rolling his pant legs back down) tim: "you know what henry fine. looks like you didn't smash the tape, but i guess if we'll die our viewers will never know how it happened hope that makes you happy. but fine no more viewer talk, lets try and find some miracle of another exit shall we? after you. (tim points for henry to lead the way henry puts his hands on his hips pushes his specs up and trottles in front) Henry: " okay so i'm looking for any sort of glimpse of light, to show us any crack or hole once we find t--Tim" please no explaining just tellll me what to do simply and when to do it. okay?" Henry:"fine tim whatev--GROWL GROWL GRRRR (a HUGE anti-social appears with nothing but a leave skirt like tarzan around his area) (henry and tim freeze in there tracks, tim murmurs to himself "i bet my viewers would've liked to seen this")"I SAY HALT WHO GOES THERE?" (henry falls onto his knees and clasps hands as if praying.) "please master king sir, please we're trapped in here, we no harm, we're just trying to find a way out please!" (tim rolls his eyes and now discovers a small hole only big enough for him to squeeze threw no way henry's [email protected]** could ever make it.) Tim(in whisper tone) "henry i've found an exit only big enough for me to fit threw, i'm going to get outta here and come back some how i swear!" (henry had tears rolling down his cheeks, his big fat cheeks. he pretty much knew there was no way tim could save henry and he couldn't blame tim for choosing to crawl thought the only available exit) Henry: "sure whatever tim, i'll distract this anti, just be quick!" "excuse me anti could I interest you in a song before you eat me alive?" anti: "welll i don't suppose why not?" henry: "I POP LOCK AND DROP IT, LET MY BODY HIT THAT FLOOOR" (henry starts doing the dance)(the anti is cracking the BUCK up.) anit: "ahhhhhhhhhahahahah keep it going! keep it going!" (henry continues while tim crawls out of the hole and into the daylight. then remembers he always carries a smallll spare cam cord in his pocket pulls it out and turns it on viewer count has reached 2.) (tim sighs then wipes the sweat off his face and turns it on) tim: "helllo my fellow viewers, sorry for the delay henry got a litttle jelous and decided to smash my last camera, luckily i have a spare." "so if you're wondering where he is which i'm sure you're actually pretty thankful he's gone. but anyways he's still in that cave, and i'm making this a rare episode to save him, i'm going to call it Survivor man:tim. Tim the survior man:saves henry. so oh goody i know have 8 viewers. okay take in these surroundings." (tim shows the viewers the jungle he's now in the trees with corpsing long hanging vines and sacks up in the higher branches of the trees, the unnatural darkness of the area, and the slight misty fog covering the area. Tim "Okay so first off I need to think up a strategy to save my fellow partner henry. (hears a shreek scream and bone crunching noise) (henry has been killed) (tim starts freakig out biting nails pacing back and fourth really fast) Tim "omg omg omg! what do i do ! what do I do!(heres rustling in the bushes and sees a manlike figure appear, doesn't look anti social) Tim"hello? who are you?" Jim: "I'm jim. I uhhh I'm not sure how I got here acutally. I got knocked out and woke up in those bushes over there. hey are tim the newsman?" (tim gleams with a proud and dominating smile) tim: "why yes jim. Yes I am whatta pleasure to meet you kind sir, you a fan?" (jim fell silent and observed tim's choice of clothing, then lightly coughs) Jim : "uhh well no. not really. heard you're pretty errogant. but hey thats just a rumor looks like eachotehr is all we have now partners?: (tim felt a little annoyed by his sly and cool answer and didn't even seem a little start struck at allll, tim wasn't pleased) Tim: "sure whatever partners, but not friends. But I am the boss." (jim rolled his eyes and stuffed his hands in his pockets cocked his head back and let out a long loud yawn) Jim "sure okay whatever tim." (tim picks up his camera and points it to his face) "looks like we've lost henry but do stay tuned for my next installment calllled tim:surviving the cocky and errogant jerkwad jim" Jim "I can hear you."

 (tim and jim his newly profound partner with the chill attitude are sitting in the middle of a jungle with the mountain behind tim with splashing as if there is a waterfall near by) (tim is now glaring at jim and looks pissed off and annoyed by tims chills attitude). Tim "Well (strecthes arms and lets out a yawn) since im your leader i think i ... See Moreshould give you a few tips on to handle the antis since i've been around them for so long, and you like your incabable to handle one because you got knocked out and don't even know were you are, so i guess i can give you some tips" (tim seems proud of acting all cool and moucho) Jim (shrungs and sits back against tree) "well i've acctually handled quite of few antis 20? or was it 30? 40? (shrungs) Ehh no matter the fact is that i did it all by myslef and look at me (his clothes are still neat and not wrinkled, no stains showing) i still look fresh, as for you (lets out a small laugh) well.... lets just say you look like a total mess! (tim who shirt is torn in half, tie intact by one string, one of his pant legs is torn to his knee, his shoe bottoms flops around when he walks, he has dirt all over him) "FINE so you think you all big a bad aren't you!?!?!?!" Jim (sighs) "No i just think im smarter, i don't just run around like an idiot not knowing were im going i play it smart". Tim (thinking oh my freaking god he is making me look like a retard) "you know what forget it! Lets just get the buck out of this JUNGLE!" Jim (back off) "After you". (They then walk around and seem to be lost as they are walking around in circles) Jim (laughs a points) "hey look haven't i seen that tree before? Oh ya i've only passed it like 100 times! Face it dude your lost" Tim (veins popping out of forehead, balls up hand in fist and his arm starts to shake) "OKAY IM LOST, YOU HAPPY NOW!?!?!? You know what lets just stay here tonight and continue in the morning! Jim "Alright whatever" (picks up a stick a makes a compass in the ground) Tim (thinking oh now what) "What the heck are you doing?" Jim "Making a compass what does it look like im doing?" Tim (freaking so mad that hes sweating) "How are you making a compass when you don't which was is North, East, South, and West?" Jim (points in sky to a star) "It's simple im using the north star, so when we wake up in the morning we acctually know were we going, now will you make yourslef useful and get some firewood" Tim (thinking calm down, don't let him get to you, shakes head to agree) "Fine whatever i'll go get some firewood" (Tim then walks into the forest and searching for firewood) "Bucking Jim and his chill attitude (pretends to be jim) Ohh im jim and im so smart and i am so chill, hey tim will you make yourslef useful and get some firewood" (tim gets tired of imprsenating jim as it is only making him more mad) (SNAP, CRACKLE) (tim jumps up, all of the firewood that he has collected and runs behind a bush peers out while shaking) (then realizes he just stepped on a twig with a sigh of relief picks back up all the wood he has collected then heads back to the camp) (tim arriving at camp realizes that Jim is already asleep and there is a small pouch with berries inside with a not beside it) Tim "When did we get these? (picks up note) "whats this?" (begins to read aloud) "Tim you worthless a** was taking so long with the firewood that i didn't have time to hunt so we could have meat for dinner so i gatherd some berries, you can have the leftovers) (tim looks in bag and pours the remaining berries into the palm of his hand hand counts them) "1...2...3...4...5!" FIVE!?!?!? ONLY FIVE BUCKING BERRIES ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!" (tim so aggarvated that he can't it trows the berries off in the woods, he watches till he can no longer see them, then is about to head to bed when he suddenly realizes about his viewers!) Tim "MY VIEWERS! They have been waiting all day for my episode that hasn't showed up! (tim thinks of a story to sound exciting to regain viewers, he grabs his spare camera and looks at the viewer count at 5) Tim (bends over with hands on knees, and begins to breathe hard) "Hey guys sorry about the delay, i didn't have time as you see i was being chased by a heard of 1000 ANTIS! Yes this is a undienable death warrant but anything for my viewers, i am here with my new partner a**hole and we have set up camp as we are still being hunted!" (tim then puts camera down) Tim "THE ANTIS ARE HEADING OVER HERE! I had to hide but i will leave the camera running so you can see and hear what is happening!" (tim then begins to shake bushes) Tim (whispering) "the antis are right behind this trees, (shakes tree to make stuff fall, then rushes to shake bushes again) "I will stay with you as long as i can (tim then jumps on the ground hard, repeatditly) do you hear that!?!?!? Thats what it sounds like to be hunted by antis (tim then thinks of a idea) (boom boom rumble) Tim (screaming) "NO NO PLEASE NO!" (tim then begins to scream out of control, as he darkens himself with mud and makes him self look like an anti, then comes out of the bushes and walks toward the camera growling) "RAWR ARGHHH!" (tim then walks right in front of camera, jim has woken up from all the noise and see tim but tim hasn't noticed) (tim points at camera, and then begins to say jeber jaber) "YOU WILL ALL DIEEEE!" (Jim confused) Jim "Uhhh what the bucking hell are you doing?!?!?!? (tim turns around, frightned and shocked falls down then rushes to the camera to turn it off while crawling fast) (click) Tim " It was for my viewers, i haven't been able to get any good footage with your boring bucking butt so i had to take matters in my own hands" (Jim then just walks off and goes back to sleep) Jim "your a real loser did you know that?" (tim dosen't answear, worried that his viewers saw that he was pretending, and won't watch his show anymore) (tim worried heads off to bed to awake the next morning to the smell of fish cooking) (tim lets out a loud yawn, streches, rubs eyes, then begins to do some kind of workout) Jim ( looks over at tim seeing him joggin in place) "what are you doing now?" Tim (panting) "this is my daily workout routine (smiles and puts at himslef) i call it "tims workout" I want to make a video of all my workout with step by step instructions, then i wanna sell it to my viewers, pretty cool huh?" Jim (paying no real attention, as he lost intrest as soon as tim began talking) "sounds dumb" Tim (thinking back to his dream of how he killed jim, it makes him smile and calms him down a bit) "whatever your just jealous you don't have your own tv show with viewers that love you" Jim (looks as if he could careless) (acting sarcastic) "Oh my god you caught me! I really am so jealous of you! And I really am a fan, i just lied because i was able to view you with my own to eyes, and when i saw your greatness i got overwhelmed and nervous!" Tim (not knowing that jim was being sarcastic, straightens up and eyes brighten up and is so relieved he looks like he might cry, as his eyes get teary, oh wait he just started crying :P) "Oh dude i love you know! You know how relie--- (jim interupts him, thinking wow he is more dumb than i thought) " I hate to brust your bubble like this but im joking you bucking retarted and annoying, i don't like you! Now here just take this fish so we can go" (Jim trows fish with tim dosen't even sim to notice and dosen't attempt to catch it) Tim (now crying because of sadness and sorrow, like he got backstabed by his bestfriend) "Wha.. What EVER! (tim then picks up his fish and dusts it off, and eats it but finds it hard to eat because he is still crying) Jim "Im done, what about you?" (looks over at tim with his head down and is still crying and only has taken 2 bites from his fish) "Okay dude are you seriously still crying, please stop and hurry up!" (tim then stops and finally toughens up, trows his fish down) "Alright lets move out, and get out of this jungle!"

 (tim and jim pack up and jim makes a sketch of his compass so they know what direction to go in, they the move out) (5 hours later, and there actually getting somewhere) Tim "Man we've been walking forever don't you think th-- (Jim interrupts tim) Jim (still looking foward points are back and holds hand open to signal to stop) "Shhh be quiet, and ... See Morelisten" Tim "i don't hear anything?" Jim "JUST SHUT UP" (at that moment a heard of tribal looking antis come from the bushes and swinging like monkeys start to chase them) Jim "RUN!". Tim (pulls out camera and begins to narrate the scene) Tim "Hey guys me again sorry about yesterdays episode that was a JOKE you were not meant to see that! Any whos me and jim are now running away from antis that look like they formed a tribe, they seem primitave, here take a look! (tim points camera at enranged antis while running as jim yells in the background) Jim "PUT THAT S*** AWAY! Tim (offened) "No this is for my beloved viewers, i risk my life to give the best footage and coverage, besides it's my job im the only newsman left! Jim (points to a ditch covered by bushes) "OKAY WHATEVER ITS YOUR DEATH WARRANT, NOW FOLLOW ME!" (tim and jim jump into ditch, the antis do not seem to notice as they continue and keep screaming LALALALALALALA) (tim and jim stay quiet till they no longer here any antis) Tim (slouches back against tree to relax) "Phew these antis aren't smart enough for me! Look like were safe jim now lets go! (tim hears no response) Tim "come one jim lets go" (tim still gets no response and turns around to see jim is not there) (tim then gets up and wondering were jim went) Tim "Jim! Jim! Where'd you go! This isn't funny! COME OUT J-- (everything goes black as tim has a bag put over him and is knocked out) (Tim then wakes up later that night, in a cage made out of wood, and notices that he is in some kind of camp and sees antis all over the place doing riturals and dances around a fire, also there are teepees and Jim is also in the cage) Tim (looks over at jim who is still knocked out and shakes him) "Jim hey jim! Wake up man!" (jim awakens to tims shaking and rubs mater out of his eyes) Jim (blinking like when you first wake up) "Wer... were are we?" Tim (happily answears as jim seems to not notice something for once) Tim "we've been captured by the antis and where in some kind of camp" Jim "Well thats just great, what our luck" (an anti tribe memeber come up and hits the cage with his spear) Anti "Shut up and come with me" (tim and jim are grabed by antis and taken out of the cage and tied up and taken to a huge pit of fire, while sevral antis are running around it doing a ritural chanting) (they are seated and jim nudges tim with his shoulder) Jim (whispering) "looks like they plan to sacrafice us to there god Vg" Tim (scared and shaking) (whispering) "what do we do?" Jim (whispering) "See those horses over there (points his head in direction of the horses) Tim (whispering) "ya i see them, what about them?" Jim (whispering) "This is what we do when the antis take us to the pit to push us in i will yell "now" then we will elbow them in the face and take there spears then we will fight them off while we walk backwards to the horses then we get on and get the hell out of here!" Tim (whispering, nods head) "Sounds good" (tim and jim are then picked up and the antis point there spears in there back to tell them walk foward) Jim (yelling) "NOW" (at that moment tim and jim elbow an anti each in the face and step on the spears to hold them still while they bend down and break there hands free, then they pick the spears up and parry antis attack away while they slowly back towards the horses) Tim "Were almost there!" Jim (focusing on blocking the antis spears) "Don't get cocky were almost to the horses!" (they back off toward the horses and jim jumps on, and just before tim jumps on his horse he spots he camera) Tim (happy, running and pointing toward his camera) "MY CAMERA, I NEED TO GET IT I'LL JUST BE A SEC!" Jim (yelling) "you idot! WE NEED TO GO!" (tim picks up his camera up and noticed it was on the whole time and looks at his camera viewer count and almost has a heart attack!) Tim "JIM JIM! I GOT 500 VIEWERS OMG!!!!!!" (tim then does a dance but trips, and an anti is pointing his spear at him and starts to lounge his spear at him) Tim (taking a deep breath) "well looks like this is it (sigh) it's been a good run, but its all over now, i love you (he closes his eyes shut because he does not wanna witness the spear going in him) (jim rides his horse by and stabs the anti with his spear and drops it on the ground and extends his hand out to tim) Jim (holding hand out) "COME ON YOU DUMBA** DON'T JUST SIT THERE YOUR NOT DEAD!" (tim grabs his hand and jim pulls him up onto the horse jim hold on with one hand and hold the camera in the other while jim controls the horse and gets the buck out of there, the antis then get on horses and begin to chase them) Tim (shocked) "You saved me?" Jim "Don't mention it, really DON'T MENTION IT!" Tim (recording) "Wow 1000 BUCKING VIEWERS! THANKS GUYS, as you can see we are being chased on horse back while antis are trowing there spears at us!" (Jim turns around) Jim " HOLD ON THIS IS GOING TO GET ROUGH!" (Jim jumps off the cliff and across a canyon and somehow makes it to the other side, the antis do not follow, they smash into the ground as the horse breaks its legs and dies) (tim and jim get up and dust off and look foward to see a swamp) Tim "well we ever make it out of this?" Jim (shakes head) "I don't know, I don't know" Tim : TUNE IN NEXT TIME AS ME AND JIM TACKLE THE SWAMP AND IT'S MYSTERYS! (Tim & Jim are walking across rocks and logs covering the swamp) (Tim is stilll talking to his viewers) jim sighs. Jim "Tim you really should put that camera down, you need to watch your step" (tim rolls his eyes and repeats what jim says in a mimicky tone) (jim rolls his eyes) Jim" fine if you want to slip and drown to your death please do be my ... See Moreguest" (after much almost slipping by tim they FINALLY reach the other end of the ponded area of the swamp and are standing in a marshy deeply vined area) (jim observes where they are and then starts climbing the vines with no sign of struggle) Tim"what are doing now show off?" (jims drops a bunch of coconuts from the tree causing tim to scatter to not be hit) Tim"could you have been a little more careful? sheesh!" (tim wipes his camera off and turns it on. jim jumps down from the tree startling tim) Jim"could you be of any help and smash open these coconuts? we're going to use it to cook the meat in I'm about to go hunt now that we have these spears." (tim rolls his eyes." sure jim whatever. suppose you want me to build a fire too?" (time starts trying to crack open the cocnut on a tree) (jim sighs rolls his eyes and wipes some sweat off of his head and then takes the coconut) Jim"that is not how you crack open a coconut you chop it in half with this here mechede. and yes you should build a fire. it's the least you could do." (jim chops the coconut in half then hands it back to tim who just stares at it) (jim thinks "wow he's useless. he's just holding me back") (jim goes off into the woods to hunt meanwhile tim talks to his viewers all 500 of them!!) Tim "I really can't believe I have 500 viewers!!! this is just amazing, and oh while I was risking my life i figured out a way where you guys someplace safe at home can send me some LIVE feedback and i'll be able to see and hear you guys :D so come one send me the luuubbb" (recieves a feedback as jim is coming back with a dead goat)(jim sits next to tim and watches) viewer(a group of girls with "i love jim" shirts on) "heeyyy we'dd just to liiike to sayy hiiii jim, ah there he is!!! ♥ we looove you jim, and you're our hero! hope you make it home safe sweetheart<333 and tim you like sooo need to die or get a life." (tim turns the camera off angirly and sees jim gutting the goat and not showing any signs of caring about his new fan database) tim"well come on aren't you going to brag about your little girl fans? Brag about how they think you're sooo cool, and how you just happend to make my viewer count go up buy 400?" (jim didn't even glance up at tim but continued to gut the goat and started soaking some up in coconut juice) Jim "nah. i don't really care. i just want to get home to my wife and kids man." (tim looked shocked to find out he actually had a life back in the real world. instead of just being mr macho.) Tim: "you have a wife and kids?" Jim"yeah a beautiful intelligent wife, and a 6 yr old boy, i'm worried crazy about them." (jim tossed a piece of meat towards tim which he caught even though he seemed to be staring in awe of mr perfect jim) (jim ate his portion then spread out amoungst the mossy terrain and closed his eyes and began singing. and of course he was amazing.) Tim:" hey shut up. your singing. it sucks" (tim was lying out of jealousy) Jim"whatever." (jim falls asleep) (tim grabs his camera) "stay tuned for tomorrow's episode where I plan to be the hero. ME. stay tuned suckkkas!!! (tim puts the camera down and falls asleep then awakes to jim fighiting a pack of anits and realzied the camera is still on and is recording the whole heroic scene!

 (Tim quickly realizes that this is his chance aside and purposly pushes jim to the ground and begins to fight the herd) Tim (acting macho) "Oh ya im good, jim you know your jealous, you could never fight with this much ease" (jim acting casual just lays there and watches tim, tim then tries to look even more big and bad by putting one hand behind ... See Morehis back and fighting with one arm) Tim (looks at camera) "see how easy this is for me, this antis are no match to ME THE AMAZING TIM (tim then begins to flex in front of the camera) see these muscles? They are the source to all my power, you can buy my new dvd "Working out with TIM THE GREAT, P.S you will never be as good as me" (Tim then pays to much advertizing his new product and is swarmed by antis, as he tries to shake them off his back he is quickly forced to the ground, so jim comes and beats up all the antis and helps tim up) Tim "I didn't need your freaking help you jerk! Stop acting like your the best! I coulda handled it all by myslef! Jim (turns around and starts to walk) "No you couldn't of have, if i didn't help you back there you woulda been there next dinner, the only reason i keep your useless a** around is so you can make the fire. Tim (grabs head with both heads and begins to shake it) (thinking) "ARGHH why does he have to be the coolest bucking COOL, why did he have to be my new partner, why couldn't i have got another crazy person like marc, or another fat a** like henry!" (tim and jim then begin to walk trough the marshes, there is moss hanging from the trees and a fog rolls in, there are no alligators because the antis hunted them and ate them all) (tim then decides to edit the footage and cuts marc out then plays it for his 500 viewers, for more live feed back) Tim "so guys how did you like my heroic actions :)? (flexes right arm and kisses muscles) (tim turns on the live feed back and see the same group of girls from earlier, now were I love jim cheer leading uniforms) Girls (get in formation and begin to kick up then do a prymid) (chanting) "Fight Jim Fight, Fight Jim Fight. You are strong, you are chill, you are AMAZING!" (they then begin to shake there pom poms around) "GOOOOOOOOOO JIM". (tim slaming his hands on the ground) Tim "Don't you have something better to do than to TORTURE ME! (girls look at each other) Girls "Uhhh nope there is only like 10 channels and the beauty salon, mall, movies, are all destoryed, soooo what you expect us to do smart one?) Tim "Alright i got some thing for ya! How about you first of all buy all my products so i can have some money, then HATE Jim so much you wanna kill him, then go outside and let the antis KILL YOU! (tim is panting from yelling so much) (girls smile, and get up as if they are doing what tim said) Girls "Okay" (they then start to cheer again) Girls "GO JIM GO J-- (tim turns it off as he can no longer stand it anymore, but then quickly turns it back on as there another live video feedback request) (tim looks at the screen and there is nobody there, only a dirty room with all of tims products all over the boxes all open and bubble wrap scatterd through out the floor, a sign hanging states "You can lose the weight, and become as cool as tim", Also there is a I love tim shirt hannging from a close hanger) Tim (relieved and happy) "Finally a fan, someone who dosen't love jim, please come out i would love to talk to you" (the shirt then begins to burn, and there is a faint voice but it is unclear what they are saying) tim (confused) "Hey dude your house is one fire!" (tim then realizes what is going on) (a fat guy with a mot controll bed with wheels rolls in and is EXTREAMLY FAT) Fat guy "I HATE YOU, I bought your workout product and IT DOSEN'T WORK, IN FACT NOTHING YOU MAKE WORKS! IT ALL I SCAM I SAY!" (the guy then hits a button and you see a mechanicle hand pops out and begins to clap, a women comes in the room with a plate of pizza rolls, it looks as if she used about 30 boxes of them) (fat guy pointing to sign, and signals women to place plate on his bed) "Mom, ya just place it there, get me that sign!" (his mom reaches up and grabs the sign, and he grabs a handfull of pizza pockets and begins to stuff his face) Fat guy (signals his mom she can leave) "Thank you, you may leave, i will call you back when it is time for my shower" (mom opens door and is about to walk out and then turns around) mom "love you hunny" (guy gets offened and embrassed as he starts to blush, he grabs a pizza pocket only one because he dosen't want to use all his food and trows it at his mom) Fat guy (whinning) "MOM DON'T EMBRASS ME LIKE THAT! IM ON LIVE TV CAN'T YOU SEE! I HOPE THAT HURT NOW LET THIS BE A LESSON! (mom walks out, and guy pulls out a sharpie and crosses out tims name from the sign, and writes jim) Fat guy "I LOVE JIM, I LOVE JIM!" (pulls out an XXXXL i love jim shirt custom made were it has a picture of him in his bed and tim is next to him with a giant heart in the background) (tim then turns it off, and begins to smash his camera as he has lost his viewers, and have all converted to Jimonism, which he makes up from the top of his head for the people worshiping jim) Tim (yelling, and having a temper tantrum, swinging whats left of the camera against a tree and stomping of the peices) "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! YOU WIN JIM (begins to clap) YOU BUCKING WIN! YOUR COOL IM NOT, EVERYONE LOVES YOU AND EVERYONE HATES ME! Jim (looks annoyed and turns around) "will you just shut up and come here you need to see this, and i don't care about that or my fans, i just want to go home to my wife and take my kid to the park, teach him how to ride a bike, and take him to his first dad of SCHOOL! Now please do me a favor and come here!" (tim is shocked, and walks up to jim) Tim (looking at a town with not much, lots of trees) "what is it?" Jim "I don't know why but i feel like i've been here before" (a sign hanging says welcome to gr--n c-ve s-p--n-gs as there are sevral letters missing and anti scaratches) Tim (talking to himslef) : Well buck i don't have another camera (gets a little sad because he actually still wants to record it all) well tune in next time and mabye i'll find another camera, and find out why exactly jim thinks he knows this place!

 (jim & tim are venturing down a hilll and are now located in some kind of fair grounds. jim breaks a stick and starts drawing some thing in the dirt) (tim is aggravated that jim makes him feel so useless) tim"what are you doing now jim?" Jim"its a compass tim, i'm just trying to figure out which way is north because thats the direction we need to ... See Morebe going in. i know where we are, and i know where the anti-social's most secret lair is located. i don't know it alll came to me in some dream last night."(tim sits down and is so annoyed by jim that he can't even think of what to say until something dawns on him.) (tim stands up and gets right in jim's face. it almos suprises jim) Tim"Jim! I just realized something about you!!! no wonder you're all chill and so unafraid of the antis! you're one of them! jim aren't you! you're an undercover anit! and you're just trying to get me to beleive you're going to lead me to safety when really you're leading me to my death! why else would you keep me around? if i'm so useless why would you want me here other than to sacrafice me!!!" (tim was so infurated that he was turning red and sweating) (jim looks up into tim's eyes, stares at him for a long time and then just laughs. starts cracking up.) Jim" right im. you caught me. now lets get going. i found which way north is." (tim is so mad by how chill he still is! after tim found out jim's big secret. he wasn't going anywhere with jim thats for sure) Tim"ha. like I'd go another step further with you anti! nope. I'm on my own now. we're no longer partners because you're sick! you're a muderer! you're a freaking anti!!!" (jim rolled a hand over his face and then just shook his head and started walking away) Jim" fine whatever. if thats what you really think, then just stay here until a REAL anti comes here and kills you. i really could care less." Tim: "you can't fool me jim! thats called reverse pshycology I'm not falling for it! you can't get me!!" (jim just continues to walk off probably to go find an anti herd tim thinks. tim then walks the opposite way and passes a video camera store. he walks in and its abondoned. trashed even. but there was a fresh video camera so he took it set it up and turned it on) Tim" ha hey there jim lovers oh look 550 viewers, well you mise well turn your tv off now because jim isn't with me anymore. you'll never see him again. (viewer count drops to 79) "the reason why jim is no longer around (drops to 30) is because he's an anit! (increases to 280) (tim thinks yes! make jim sound horrible!) "thats right jim is a freaking anti! he's dangerous! just now he tried to kill me off camera! he smashed my camera so he could feast on me!!! he was undercover! and now i defeated him and i'm here alone witht this camera i found and i'm going to lead myself and you viewers to safety!" (count stays at 298) (tim picks the camera up and starts walking around what looks like a destroyed and small town. he continues walking down the sidewalk and sets up camp in some place that jim called the fairgrounds.) JIMS POINT OF VIEW IN THE STORY. (jim thinking "i can't believe that idiot tim really thinks i'm an anti, i mean he saw me almost get killed back in that jungle, must be jealousy. ah well i don't really care.) (jim stuffs his hands in his pockets walks and sings fall for you a seconhand serenade song his wife loves) (he was headed to clay highschool. he had a vision last night in his sleep that clay was the biggest but most secretive lair to the antis. its where to the biggest antis today came from. vg, cookie monster, it, readhead.) (after much walking and singing he finally reaches the school and man was it covered in antis! he took cover behind some bushes and observed the antis.) (there were males herded around the main office building with guitars and he then saw the females dance thinking they looked cute but really looked horrible. he then saw 3 fat antis two males and one female dragging dead bodies on the ground blood just spilling in a trail behind them. then they all gathered round and began devouring the bodies and using the bones as some sort of instrament they banged on the ground then everyone cheered and danced. it was the weirdest thing jim has ever seen. then he looked a little bit further away from them by the tennis court and saw what looked to be tim in a cage and antis gathering round him in a circle he couldn't make out what they were saying though.) "oh sh**" jim whispered to himself then thought its only right to save tim even though he's an idiot. so he took out a spear and plotted his move.(jim thought tim would probably be saying "stay tuned for my next episode where i make myself look like a dumba** and try to act all macho but failing and having jim come to my rescue as if i were a damsel in distress") jim chuckled to himself then moved foward.

 (tim is sitting in the "fairgrounds" as jim called it, under a poorly built tent, he looks outside it's cloudy, it looks like it just might rain, and see's the rides that once helped this little town have some excitment, he spots one of the rides, it reads "zipper", rides are begging to rust after not being proberly taken care of, the swings look ... See Moreas they would fly off if the ride was started) Tim (looking outside, a gust of wind blows by, his short hair barley moves in the wind) "I guess jim was right when he called this place the fairgrounds, deffinetly looks like one" (tim gets up and exits the tent and begins to walk around, still unsure of what to do) Tim (holding camera) "Hey fans this is my first episode after venturing off from the ANTI JIM! Im in some old fairgrounds (points camera at a ferris wheel some of the seats are hanging) "Its not a pretty sight, im going to att--- (It begins to pour) "Well hopefully this camera is water proof (looks down and reads warning tag on camera outloud) "Warning do not set this out in the sun for too long, WARNING do not let water hit this camera as it is not water proof and WILL blow the buck up and just might blow you bucking brains out, Thank you for buying your camera from us, we hope to see you buy more stuff from us the Unwarranted company, our slogan is "you buy it cheap, you keep it :)" Oh and our number is "1-800-you-keep remember we have the most annoying help desk as they will only make your day worse so might as well not call! Enjoy your product (:" (tim then realizes he might die, starts freakign out) " HOLY BUCK!!!!!!! HOLY HOLY HOLY MOTHER BUCKING BUCK!" (tim sees a fun house and runs toward it to keep away from the rain) (tim looking in the camera, hand on knees bending over exhuasted) "H--...hey guys me again, i just ran for my freaking life as this camera would have blown UP if to much water have got in it, it woulda killed me but luckly (viewer count drops from 250 to 200) you favorite news caster tim is still alive (viewer count drops again to 73) wow you guys can go BUCK YOURSLEVES!" (tim shuts the camera down and begins to walk around the fun house to help his boredom, the mirrors show his reflection he places his hand on one of the mirrors) Tim (looks down) "I really wish this would end, im getting tired of this" (he begins to walk leaving his hand on the mirror till the last possibly moment, his fingers live a trail of water as they slowly slide off) -BACK TO JIM'S STORY- (Jim walking away from the school and see's a car that has yet to be destoryed by the terriozing antis, he hopes in and hot wires the car, the engine starts, he looks around for any CD's as he feels he really needs some music to lift his mood, he reaches into the glove appartment and pulls out sevral CD's, all happen to be from his favorite artist "Eminem" he reads the titles and choose the one "lose yourslef", he pops the cd in and floors it) Jim (thinking aloud, but talking very low, barely a whisper) "mabye i should be a little nicer to tim, he would be alot more useful if i was, he does make a good fire (jim chuckles and smiles, and begins to think of ways to be nicer to tim) (jim reaches the fairgrounds were he last rememberd tim, and notices the fairground are infested with antis! All the rides are on and the consetion stands are open, hes confused that the antis still keep some of there human traits) (jim parks just outside the grounds, as he does not want to be seen and looks in the trunk for anything he can use to keep himslef hidden, he moves aside moves some boxes to the side, trows a blanket to the side, spots a golf club and grabs it and grabs a long black trench coat. He shuts the trunk and reads the liscense plate. Jim "THE BUSH" (he begins to think) "Wasn't that one of the teachers from the book? He really dosen't care to much and begins to walk into the fairgrounds) (Jim walks up and sees the antis are acctually selling admission tickets, he dosen't want to take the chance of being caught even though he sorta looks like an anti with the trench coat and golf club) (he runs to the back and hops a fence and begins to walk around in the fair with herds of antis all around him) Jim "it seems just like it was in my dream, its weird" (he looks are and noticed all the signs are not normal, the "Human rodeo" not paying attention he walks into a big a** anti) Anti "Hey no skipping!" (jim looks up at the sign "Fried arms on a stick") Jim "My bad, i wasn't skip--- (the anti interupts him and pushes him) Anti "I SAID NO SKIPPING" Jim (not trying to make a scene dosen't defend himslef) Jim (on the ground looking up) "Im not skipping okay now can i go?" (the anti jumps on him and begins to pound on him) (jim decides he well attack back and swings the golf club so hard into the antis head that he gets knocked out and makes an outline of his head) Jim (running, begins to yell for tim, the antis are now on to him) Jim (with hand cup around his mouth so hes a little louder) "TIM, TIM! CAN YOU HEAR ME! I HAVE A RIDE WE CAN GET OUT OF HERE! TIIIIIIIMMMM! (sevral antis lounge at him but they miss as he is to fast for them) "TIM, COME ON WE NEED TO GET OUTTA OF HERE! COME ON YOUR THE BEST! (jim then hears a faint voice among the crowd comming from the fun house he runs toward it) Jim "Tim were you at, scream louder!" (tim then begins to scream louder) "TIM IS THAT YOU? IM ACTUALLY HAPPY TO HEAR YOUR VOICE FOR ONCE! IM IN THE FUN HOUSE, I GOT LOST INSIDE IT! Jim (running, about 10 yards from the fun house) "Hey this is not time for jokes where are you really at!" (tim sounding a little embrassed) "Im not joking! Im really lost in here, i've been running away from anti kids all day i've hit the wall a couple times! (rubs marks on his head)" Jim (chuckles) "Why didn't you just follow them out?" Tim (thinking duh, slapping foward felling dumb founded that going ouch from the pain) "Ha i never thought of it, NOW SAVE ME!" Jim (feels a little proud as he is getting through to tim more) "Im comming!" (jim runs inside and finds tim worse then he was when he was left out, in a corner, he wants to laugh but holds it in, reaches hand out to tim, tim grabs it then picks up his camera) Jim "There ya go, now lets get the heck outta here!" (jim and tim run through the fun house, slide down the little slide and run toward the car plowing through herds upon herds of antis in the process) (they reach the car and tim tries to jump through the window but fails and breaks the glass and leaves a dent, jim tries not to laugh but couldn't help himslef) Jim (laughing) "ohh dude that made my day, now hurry up and get in!" (tim slowly opens the door and tim floors it, running over tons of antis) (bump bump bump, rumble, the car shakes, wobble) Tim (confused) "Why did you come back for me" Jim (looks over and smiles) "i can't do this without you, you just make me laugh so much, its just something i could use right now from all of my worrying" (tim pulls his seat back crosses his legs on the dashboard, and put his arms behind his head) "well thanks" (the radio comes on) radio "FOR ANY survi--- uneffe-- pe---- head to califor---a we have a quarentined are-!" (the radio transmission ends and the radio begins to make the fuzzing sound) (tim looks at jim, jim moves his hand in an outward motion) Jim (smiling, has white teeth and it shines just a bit) "take it away" Tim (smiles but his teeth are no where as perfect as jim) Tim: "TUNE IN NEXT TIME AS ME A MY PARTNER JIM HERE TRY TO MAKE IT TO THE CALIFORNIA SAFE HAVEN!"


© 2010 greatestever

Author's Note

This story is still in the works, lots of errors, just tell us if you like the plot

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Added on March 3, 2010
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