The Spider Queen

The Spider Queen

A Chapter by greenie447

Be careful of what you say to people, they might just disagree.

A soft light lit up the cave that Shiori had been dragged into. She had been knocked out when her head had been hit by a rock. She was gaining conciousness and slowly tried to comprenend her surroundings. Dim lighting, not coming from the sun but another object, helped Shiori see. Rock walls were surrounding her and above her was a net of spider webs. The dim light had been coming from a stone with something that looked like a shining star in the middle. Everything gave her a very eerie feeling, especially the spiderwebs. Suddenly something creeped out of teh shadows of the darkest part of the cave.

Find the others. The ones who hear reason. The others, three heros. Defeat the evil, the king. Outside of the forest, the waterfall, another close to death.

The same voice had spoken in her head. Shiori thought about it. She understood most of it, but didn't understand 'another close to death.' She didn't have much time to thing about it before something happened.

Shiori jumped, she had heard a different voice speaking in her head.

"How dare you ignorant mortal walk into my territory?"

"I'm sorry, I lost my way... I was searching for a way out of the forest."

The creature laughed a witch like laugh.

"A way out? That's insane!"

The creature that had walked out of the shadows crept closer to Shiori and she could now see what looked like. It was an eztremly large spider with a dozen blood red eyes. A matching red hourglass shape was on her back which meant that it was a black widdow.

"There is no way out of the forest, at least no safe way out. The exit is gaurded by the Ruler of Darkness and everyone knows he is the most powerful person here."

"Well, regarding the fact that it's dangerous, could you tell me how to get out?"

In my mind I could hear the creature hiss.

"I will tell you, only if you tell me why you would like to know."

Shiori hesitated. She wasn't sure if she should say why she had to know.

"First... do you know where a waterfall is?"

The spider muttered something.

"Fine, but you must tell me why you want to leave if I do."

Shiori nodded and then waited for the creature's reply.

"On the outside of the forest there is a large mountain, the tip of it looks like a bat. If you climb it you will find the waterfall. But beware, the water flowing from there is poisonous. Now tell me, why do you want to know how to get out?"

"Well... I have to defeat the Nightmare King... to save the people he has been capturing each time they have a nightmare."

The giant black widdow walked up to Shiori until it was right in front of her. I could hear it hiss again and I backed up a little bit.

Ha! You think you can destroy him? Well think again. I'll be sure he is out of harm's way."

The spider gave a final hiss and then lunged at Shiori.

© 2010 greenie447

Author's Note

Please ignore any grammar problems there may be, again I'm not going to be using paragraphs. So... tell me what you think!

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Oh darn it! I'm sorry for any times the view suddenly switches from 'shiori did this and that' to 'I did this and that.' It just gets a little bit confusing for me sometimes to be writing from this view :3 because this is actually my first time writing from this view. Anyways, please tell me what you think of this and please do not try to point out any grammar errors... just about the overall part of the story.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Well...... I love to draw, read often, love to write, and I'm writing a book right now (at least I'm trying to). I like to watch animes and read mangas. more..

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