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A light in hell

A light in hell

A Story by The Shadow of the Dawn

this is a story that me and a friend throw back and forth trying to find which one would run out of things to say first


I will not sit in silence, her screams rip my soul apart, these moments in oblivion have set her heart to destroy and he says nothing, deaf with thoughts of suicide, he cries not, thinking of anything other, he cannot, the pain of her ache astounds him. With every breath of life betrayed and burnt he is left writhing but hurt and hate. Left wondering why to love at all, left withering away in his own lack of esteem, left watching as no one comes to save him, left dying as his world turns into dust. From the shadows he watched the world burn in hope that he would feel something but still only rage boiled in his veins. Now the world is gone, he waits in the shadows for something to take him away, the blade draws red and the contentment turns dead. Through the shadow come a single drop to light, to bring back the world and the love he thought lost, the shadows part, life returns. Only in dreams did he think that possible turning to look upon her face. Why are her eyes so cloudy ?

Her eye are clouded to the darkness that once took hold of the love she thought lost in the thoughts of her lost mind pain is absolute love is condemned to the bowls of hell. but all know that in the darkest shadows light is far easier to see, far easier to find. with the light so blinding she begins her journey with nothing but his love to guide her. with nothing but love, the light will bend to the will of those being guided as the light moves to the will of him she hears the screams of others in her heart she wants to help but she knows they are only tempting her. The screams would break even the bravest man and yet this angel glides past unphased guided by love and grace. the angel's grace begins to set the souls of the damned free in to the light, but as they fly free something awakens to bar the way in to the true centre of hell, love is will not be strong enough alone, more keys are needed. Hope, heaven and love will need to stand together. Divvied by hate she fights for all the love of him. The home of the king and the purest light of her smile. driven to her knees by the dark powers of the beast, she hears her name coming from behind the black gate and she knows that she most continue to fight, this is hope the last key, the wings of her back glow and erupt with the brightest light ever seen, the gate keeper has fallen, the gate unbarred, He is Free with visions of the world in flames she rises up `demons run when a good soul goes to war and with the light of the king as her armor the grace of angels fueling her and his love as her blade she will not fall. and fall she cannot as the last of her kind see is the keeper, the angel of mercy, the angel of war, the angel of death and for as long as the three keys stay together nothing will come to harm the world that see has built. Not even the burning hate of lost love, he looks at her eyes still clouded he know he cannot have her. But he can be the tip of her sword, the face of her shield, the wind at her back, her reason to fight. For what else is love for? But to bring hope to the heaven before the grace of the angels. And warmth to this once cold shell his heart beats only to make her smile. This ends the greatest tale of light, love, loss and heaven and we close this chapter as their lips touch now at peace the king may sleep

The end or is it the beginning

© 2011 The Shadow of the Dawn

Author's Note

The Shadow of the Dawn
sorry about the poor sentence structure

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Very beautiful and powerful word choice. Poetic. My favorite line was, "but all know that in the darkest shadows light is far easier to see, far easier to find." Such an inspiring sentiment.

Posted 9 Years Ago

You have very precise descriptions which made me understand the flow easily. It has great depth and conciseness. I am eager to read more of your pieces.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Other than a few mistakes (no big deal), I really liked this piece. Good job, keep it up:)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on October 24, 2011
Last Updated on October 24, 2011