Chapter 1 Part 1: The Passage

Chapter 1 Part 1: The Passage

A Chapter by Marrissa cardello

Because of the boatloads of support I got, here we go again.

She darted towards the man, about to hug him. Thrusting herself towards him, she jumped through the air for a second before hitting him. If you could say that.  The poor thing. Her small body dissipated on impact, like water going through a sponge, before emerging on the other side of the man.  Oh no. I felt my heart shatter as her joyous expression melted into one of horror. I placed a hand onto her shoulder and squeezed. I wanted to say something heartfelt, something with a bit of value, but I couldn't. Instead, I bent down to look her in the eyes and squeezed her shoulders. Her large, chocolate brown eyes pierced through my mind and soul. The passage is a difficult thing. How can I explain it to this little girl?
"Ollie? Why are you ignoring me?" I could hear her voice tremble. She phased a small hand through the wall before pulling it out again. Officers continued through the apartment   but they were drowned out by the grey. It consumed the room, an intrusive humming that muffles color. the only things I could see, other than the girl and me, were silhouettes of shapes. In a troubled panic, she ran for the man, Ollie as she called him, and clung to his blurring pant leg. He didn't even acknowledge she was there. He didn't flinch or anything, just didn't know.
 "Sweetheart...." She turned back around to look at me. What do I say? Would it be best to not say anything to her at all? She wouldn't understand? Would she? I extended a hand to her, hoping she would take it, hoping that she would know. My hand, like the rest of me, was a dark salmon pink, bedazzled with jewelry and gems. It cut through the grey like a sword.  She stood opposite to me, shaking while barely clinging to the remnants of reality. I clenched my teeth and squeezed my eyes shut. Please, just please. Take my hand.
"I wanna be with Ollie," She sobbed, tears welling in her eyes . 
"I know you do sweetheart, and one day, you'll be able to see him again," I tried to understand her situation. Young children were my specialty, and yet I felt as if the usual handbook response wasn't enough. "But, if you come with me, I'll take you to a magical place where you can do anything your heart desires! and one day, you'll get to see him again." I smiled a sympathetic smile, and extended my hand to her. She hesitated, for a moment, before reaching for my outreached hand. Her hand was less than half the size of mine, but it fit. She looked up at me, as if she was trying to figure out if I was really there to help. Kids tried to do that. They trusted more carelessly than adults but they still weren't stupid. 
"You can trust me, darling," Holding her hand in a gentle grip, I ran my other hand down the side of her face. Wiping the tears from her face, I held her close to my chest as the bondage began. Her face nuzzled deep into my shirt, I felt her tiny hands clinging to the sides of my clothes.The grey consumed the world, an overwhelming static. Wind flew in from somewhere, a faraway place that couldn't be seen. It whipped around my dark orange hair, a sandstorm of color surrounding my face, going into my eyes and mouth, blinding me. I squeezed her shoulders, hoping she was okay, but her skin was frigid to the touch as the grey drained away all her colors. The browns and yellow and reds chipping away like an old toy.The air froze, thawed, boiled, moved, moved, moved and stopped. 

© 2022 Marrissa cardello

Author's Note

Marrissa cardello
The ending needs work, and I know I forgot to answer a lot of questions but other than that, what do you think?

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You did a fantastic job Marrissa! It is a beautifully written piece and you should definitely continue to write this book! I really want to know what happens next!!!!!🐹🐨🐻🐼🐶🐱

Posted 3 Months Ago

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Marrissa cardello
Marrissa cardello

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