the end of Love

the end of Love

A Story by the_stoic

for some the road ends, forever ~


"Emotional abuse is the worst form of suffering."


People always talk of the trauma that follows a mishap, a tragedy, a disaster but rarely does anyone talk about the dark impressions of an emotional abuse. We are attuned not to speak about it because the world around us doesn't tend to take us seriously on this matter. A sizeable percentage of us tend to grapple with it all alone, not knowing whom to speak to or what to do.


It often happens with us that an emotional void when not tended to for a long time starts getting bothersome. It takes on a whole new proportion if you belong to the clan of the emotionally charged entities. You know the fallacies and the pit falls of trudging along the path of forlorn love, and still the ubiquitous hope catches hold of your better judgment and turns it topsy-turvy. You enter a trance where your emotions and feelings start getting fuelled by an assumption that you take for granted. You think that maybe you won't be unlucky this time around, maybe you have finally met the right person; maybe you won't have to take the help of 'maybe' again to calm your frayed nerves. You start building a world around the dreams that you see, visualizing it as clearly as a painter visualizes the frescoes. You put in all your effort, with the last ounce of energy left within you, thinking and hoping that it will be different, that you'll make the other person stay, that things will work out. You start praying, tending to your looks, caring about those little things that you never ever bothered about. All this to bring a positive change around you because the seeds of love have started to germinate. But then like a fire bolt from your surrogate fate, reality strikes. The apprehension which you were shrugging off for so long, comes true and stares right in your face. The other person, your in dream, assumed to be soulmate never nurtured even an iota of feeling for you.  You are dumb struck, seeing your new built world crashing around you. The flickering candle of hope diminished in the flick of a second.


You are left wondering why me, why again, whereas all the while the truth remains, it's your mind along with your heart that played the trick  to fool you into submission, to think that love had finally come to your doorstep. You whine, you cry, you loose your sleep and even think of a good bye. It's not a happy feeling and it gets compounded if you are subjected to neglect at the hands of the other person. But then as it's rightly said, you can't hold anyone responsible for your feelings. So what if you had loved with all your heart! Probably there are others, better than you and it's a world of picking and choosing the best, ain't it!


Thus, having been battered and bruised once again, you relegate to your normal life. It takes time to settle in the groove, but slowly you do. The pieces of the broken castle still pinch you and will continue to, but you get habituated to it, for there is nothing else that you can do. In the common parlance, life moves on. Time doesn't really change much inside you; it's a fake axiom. Comfortably or uncomfortably, you become numb. Some still resuscitate and garner a tinge of the diminished hope to experience the bliss of love again.

While for the others the road to amour, finally ends...

© 2012 the_stoic

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Its expressive, its beautiful, its coherent.. all that one looks for in a good prose... n it also seems to be in coherence with your profile name :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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8 Years Ago

thanks buddy !

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Added on October 4, 2012
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