The Asylum of the Incendiary Word

The Asylum of the Incendiary Word

A Chapter by Samuel Ferris

The incendiary word hovers
above the tongues of all self proclaimed 
all who have thought 
that they had seen a ghost
or spoken with the dead,
all who have sought to
transcribed the voice of god
or to incite riots with a whisper 
violently through the circuits
and minds of those who will stop and listen.

They are bent over crooked
and salivating- pen in hand- between their daily
electroshock cocktails:
they are the modern day prophets,
the last of the hysteric dreamers of fire.

© 2010 Samuel Ferris

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Hmmmm. The power of evocation is quite surprising, in the positive sense that is. Very evocative and also possessing a defined rhythm which augurs future fine pieces?

Posted 11 Years Ago

Dear Sam,

Brilliant title.

"They are bent over crooked
and salivating=-pen in hand--between their daily
electroshock cocktails"

I bet they are! My question is do you thnik that all profits are like this? Actually, even though I don't believe in prophets, I think there are prophets, and there are Prophets with a capital "P". Most are purely "incendiary" and merely take asylum in the incendiary, but they have nothing really to say other than having "hysteric" dreams. The "true" prophets are prophets whether or not they find asylum in their prophecies. Their prophecies are not made for their benefit, feeling of comfort, or addiction to the incendiary.

Powerful imagery. Wonderful word choices and turn of phrase.

There is a verb tense problem in the first stanza. I know you'll find it easily.

Again, I am impressed, Sam. Wonderful writing.

Very best regards,


Posted 11 Years Ago

ooh i like how...asylum-y this is. It feels like madness and power and intensity! but subtle.
your words are always so beautifully put together! great poem

Posted 11 Years Ago

I would like to suggest that....
You write the author's note...
So I can have a better insight into your mind....
This piece of writing is really fantastic...

Posted 11 Years Ago

wow, absolutely stellar, even sent a sutble chill trough me, this is a
poet's fire,defining the spirit f the air in many ways, and those who
know how to execute such a model example as yourself pay honorable tribute to such, as well as the dynamics behind the wording, some
poems teach the reader, this is one of them, creates a sense of
wonder in the heart, keep it up

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Samuel Ferris
Samuel Ferris

Rochester, NY

I enjoy reading and writing, playing guitar, piano, and composing music. I enjoy reading the poetry of Seamus Heaney, TS elliot, William Carlos Williams, EE Cummings, Lorca, pablo neruda, emily dicke.. more..


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