Cogsworth: Tidbit One

Cogsworth: Tidbit One

A Story by VandanaO'Connor

A teenage boy steps into a world of time travel after a key moment in earth's history.


It was the beginning of first period. Many children would hate this time of day, but Jeremy didn't.  He actually liked sitting there, in a semi-vegetable state at his plain, gray desk. The classroom was bleak, posters of dead men he would never care for. Yet, he still memorized the dates, the times that would repeat if he didn't study the past.

                The teacher today was like normal substitutes. She didn't care for the students. She didn't care that the things she said, the things she did, would affect the Children of America in the very room. She just named them off with each tick of the clock.

                "Hall, Jeremy," the sub said, not caring if a single student spoke.

                "Present," Jeremy said in his normally cheery voice.  Subconsciously, he pushed up his glasses, the lenses a bit fogged up and smudged.

                "Hemsworth, Olivia."

                "Here," said the dark haired girl in the corner, picking at a fingernail with a look of scorn on her face.

                Jeremy just looked down at his drawing. The gray cogs looked to be moving on the paper. He knew it was just a trick of the eye, yet it was fantastic to watch.

                He looked up, to see everyone around him was frozen. The sub's mouth was open, in a ghastly look, as was the students around the room. The goth girl, Olivia, was looking solemn as she picked at a hangnail. What was going on? What happened?

                At that moment, Islene was pressing her thumb to her Cog, freezing time with the press of a button. She watched as Jeremy started to freak out, his brown hair and blue eyes striking, as he wasn't still. He could move, even as Time was stopped around him.

© 2015 VandanaO'Connor

Author's Note

It's a little too short and I mean to expand it.

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My favorite part was "The classroom was bleak, posters of dead men he would never care for."
Even though it's short, it's an interesting idea

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

Thank you-- I'm still playing with the idea in my head.

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1 Review
Added on March 16, 2015
Last Updated on March 16, 2015
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Hardinsburg, KY

I'm just someone who liked creating worlds-- though I get a little overwhelmed when I do so. But I know one day my worlds will be as realized as I could ever be. more..