Sorry Dear Mom

Sorry Dear Mom

A Story by ForTheWorld

how much a daughter love her mom,


Dear Mom,

Hi there, as I promised I will write a letter for you about something concerning my heart . Mom, I know you’re working hard for me all this time that’s why, I don’t know where to start. Maybe from the beginning, where I fell in love with him at first sight:

He’s a college student, a 19 year old boy taking the course that I wanted to take someday "-journalism.  He’s cute with his long eyelashes, cute eyes, bubbly face (almost angelic), pointed nose and red lips; he is definitely perfect. I don’t know how, but something inside me ignited and produced sparks that day. I love him.

I thought he didn’t notice me, but one day he stood beside me. Lent his hand for a shake and told me his name - Alex,  and he even asked my name after. After that, we became close friends until the unexpected day came- he courted me, and he told me that he loves me. That was nine months ago and now, unluckily we broke up.

How? There is this specific date, January 24, when he forced me to do something I do not want. Mom, I don’t want to, believe me, but he forced me to lie with him or else he’ll break up with me. I couldn’t stand the fact that he’ll leave me and so I do the thing (which is now I realized a mistake).

After that, everything changed. He grew colder and colder each day until our relationship became brittle enough to be shattered. Now I know that all he really wants from me is my body. After that hour of my life, you can find no night where I am not crying and murmuring his name. I can’t get over even if I already told myself hundreds of times to move on.

Mom, I don’t know how to say this, but I visited the doctor last week. She confirmed to me that I am four weeks pregnant and five now. I know I’m only 16 but I can’t give up that innocent life easily, it’s not his problem- it is not his mistake. Sorry mom, for what I did, I wish you can forgive me. Sorry for not paying all of your sacrifice. I love you so much Mom! Sorry. Please forgive me.


Your daughter,


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Author's Note

For people awareness (shoutout!!!!) hahahahaha....nope I do not know what came into my mind when i wrote this...but maybe for people awareness :)....hope you like it.

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Added on November 16, 2011
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pangasinan, 1, Philippines

write, yeah, it is not the only thing my life is composed of, but when reality stroke really bad, it is the last I want to live without, well of course, families and air plus food and water are great .. more..

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A Story by ForTheWorld