What I Would Give You (1)

What I Would Give You (1)

A Poem by I Cast a Shadow

Part 1


She only came out when the sun was shining

She stayed in when it was gone

She only went to appropriate places

Where she could enjoy the sun and rain

She left her cottage in the sun to pick tulips by the water

She came back home and drew a bath and put them in some water

The faucet ran into the vase

The colors were easy to see

The whites, the reds, the turquoise washes

And the indigenous tapestry

A breeze fell through her bedroom and swirled

It picked up leaves trailed in for the garden

And put them down again

But she was resting naked with tulips

And the leaves went unnoticed

The hot water flushed her skin

That no one saw but her

Not long before she ate from her harvest

Of the sweetest berries and greens

The ground grew everything she wanted

Her land was so sweet to her

She washed herself with essences of things that grew around

Steam rose off of her as she stood dripping

Clean like new flower after the rain

She made some tea and she read a book in a bed alone

With a dark unfinished frame

With soft thick white sheets

And a fluffy white blanket

She sunk deep in her nest 

and the breeze respected her comfort 

and stayed outside

But instead it went up and whispered to the clouds of the girl

And the clouds knew how she loved the rain

And the clouds drew from its reservoir of condensation 

And the clouds carefully wrote a masterpiece of rain

Carefully dropping every drop cool and even like 

A tranquil harmony

Pure and easy

A drip here and a drop there

With minimal splash

The frogs sang in a baritone chorus

And she drank deep from her red colored tea

All into the night


Alone and 


© 2013 I Cast a Shadow

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Added on June 6, 2013
Last Updated on June 6, 2013
Tags: love, want, fantasy, nature, alone, lovely, country, imagery


I Cast a Shadow
I Cast a Shadow

Portland, OR

I read classics, science fiction, philosophy, and very little fantasy. I am inspired by Taoism and other Eastern philosophy, anarchy, new concepts, my ancestry, my muse, her family, my own family, .. more..