Lord of the Demon King

Lord of the Demon King

A Chapter by Haeshin

To grant his grandfather's request, a young mage must 'reform' the well-meaning but most destructive members of a disbanded guild.


Skyler Amerland doesn't really care about the chaotic guild of wild, carefree mages that his grandfather acts for as guildmaster. Due to excessive damages and violations the Sierra Castle Guild of Sorcery has been disbanded and its members forced to scatter. That's why Skyler's grandfather begs him to gather the most destructive (?!) members of Sierra Castle and 'reform' them so that the Magic Government Council will allow Sierra Castle to be an official guild again.


Skyler will never refuse his beloved grandfather, but can these mages do anything without breaking into battle?!






Skyler Amerland- Rune master. A young mage studying for an Archmage license. He agrees to fulfill a request of his grandfather, gathering and reforming the worst members of the Sierra Castle to restore its guild license. Towards this end Skyler forms a team of mages from the list his grandfather gives him, and has them perform missions together to train the mages and improve Sierra Castle's reputation. A considerate, practical character who seems apathetic at times, Skyler doesn't hesitate to use force if need be. His merciless side and hidden temper leads others to call him a demon. Skyler currently possesses a First Class Mage license of magic.


Skyler is primarily a rune master, which basically allows him to access most types of magic provided he has a clear picture/control of what he wants in his head. He also uses a bit of summoning and the basics of magic to give himself enhanced strength and speed. Lastly, Skyler employs his two rune-carved swords; one cuts through and adsorbs magic, while the other 'writes' runes in an instant, saving time on spell casting.



Nagi Freeman- Fire/thunder mage. Reckless, strong, and loyal, Nagi is the epitome the guild's destructive tendecies along with their emphasis on bonds. He's an orphan raised by the older members of the guild, so Nagi is more protective of the guild and its members than anyone. His constant failed attempts to follow the rules leaves him with only a Third Class Apprentice (lowest) class license.


Though called a hand-to-hand fighter, Nagi is simply a brawler who uses his magic to emphasize strength, and lashes out with uncontrollable fire in accordance to his unrestrained emotions. For Nagi Skyler uses rune tattoos that allows Skyler to restrain him and his magic at will until Nagi can do it himself. He also teaches Nagi how to fight properly and use his strength/magic with efficiency, bringing out its maximum potential.



Rolley Amerland- Guildmaster of Sierra Castle, Archmage. An old but powerful, sprightly man that values freedom, bonds, and a good old prank. He'd often play these pranks on his grandchildren, including Skyler, lead to a relationship full of irritation but still one of love. Thankfully the latter part is stronger, pushing Skyler to take on Rolley's request to reform the guild. Rolley once possessed an Archmage license until it was revoked like the rest of the guild.


The old man forms hand signs to cast light and physical-type magic, and Rolley has a good knowledge of arcane spells that he plans to pass on to Skyler. According to law, however, he must wait until Skyler obtains an Archmage license.



Regulus- Skyler's contracted Summon Spirit who can appear without a summoning spell or ritual (but requires one to use his full strength), using light and earth as his weapon, and at times able to change into the form of a large lion. Though carefree on the surface, Regulus values his pride as a Summon Spirit and the bond he has with his summoner. What bothers him most is that he can't fly, something he believes would be convenient to have.



Lily Mishanda- Scripter. A happy-go-lucky girl who left right after graduating from school to become a mage, and is in the process of choosing the right one. After witnessing Nagi's attachment to the guild, Lily volunteers to help rebuild Sierra Castle in order to join it. She's close to her weak-bodied mother and often writes.


As a scripter Lily can materialize the object of whatever she writes or cast holographic images, allowing for secret messages and long-distance communication. Her low power level has left Lily with an Apprentice license, but Lily does her best to do whatever she can. Her dream is to contract with Summon Spirits, which she has loved since childhood. Since Skyler has multiple Spirits, Lily looks up to him as a mentor.



Eleanor (Elle) Ulter- Celestial. Eleanor is a loyal, powerful mage who stood at Rolley's right hand. She once maintained order and discipline in Sierra Castle, or tried to, but was often forced to cause as much damage in order to subdue members like Nagi Freeman. Eleanor insists that her friends call her 'Elle', and her protective side tends to bring out the destructive part of her. Like the rest of former Sierra Castle members, she was reduced to an Apprentice license.


By drawing out star constellations Eleanor can summon the 'traits', or weapons/armor/attributes of said stars. At first Skyler deems her will strong enough to maintain her own discipline, but to be fair Eleanor thinks that she too should bear rune tattoos to restrain her power until she learns better.



Lana Emeridge- 11. The adopted daughter of Candace, former bartender of the Sierra Castle guild. She's not destructive, just inexperienced and still in the process of controlling her powers, but she's on the list of mages Skyler needs to find. This is explained by her ability to turn any liquid into a healing elixir, making Lana a target for unscrupulous organizations. Lana tends to be easily trusting and bit lacking in self confidence under pressure. She has no formal magic training under a licensed mage, but once Skyler takes her under his wing she qualifies for an Apprentice license.



Jones Attery- Guildmaster of the Shadow Tail Guild. A proud man equal to Rolley Amerland, master of Sierra Castle, whom he has always regarded as a rival. Feelings finally erupt into unbearable jealousy when the fame of a certain magical team starts to grow, and he finds out that it's headed by Rolley's grandson, an Archmage-level (though not officially licensed) rune master.

© 2015 Haeshin

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this is a good one,

definately, worth expanding upon.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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