Transformers: Generation

Transformers: Generation

A Chapter by Haeshin

Accidental contact between the Matrix of Leadership and a remnant of planet Cybertron gives birth to a next generation Cybertronian.


'We are the world.'


Remnants of the planet Cybertron have been gathered from around the globe. In memory of their former home the Autobots plan to make a gravesite from the parts, until an accidental touch between the Matrix of Leadership and a Cybertron fragment bring forth other ideas. Together they create a new Cybertronian, one who is human to all appearances but not at all beneath the skin. 'Clark' has the ability to transform between human, vehicle, and Cybertronian form, and he has the mindset of a newborn child. He gives hope to the Autobots that their race will continue as the humans do.


But for every light there is a shadow. The Deceptions have their own hope as well. If they cannot use Clark to revive their lost leader Megatron, they can at least use him as blueprints for a new resurrection.




Clark Aegis Prime- 'Holding hands means you're together, right?' Successor to Optimus Prime, protector of the next-generation Autobots.


Created from the contact between the Matrix of Leadership and a piece of planet Cybertron, he is the first Cybertronian to be born on Earth. Clark's human exterior is the result of a flash scan of anyone and everyone in the area, including humans, however he is all robot underneath; when he comes into contact with a small 2008 Ford Ranger pick-up truck, Clark displays his innate ability to transform between human, vehicle, and Autobot forms.


Clark's birth was accidental but seen as a source of hope for the Cybertronian race, as well as symbolizing their continued coexistence with humanity. He gets his name 'Clark' from the humans, who half-joke that he is similar to the superhero Superman/Clark Kent, a humanoid alien raised on another planet, in possession of abilities far beyond mankind, beloved by humans, which is the Autobots' hope for him. At first Clark is a blank slate until he 'downloads' information from a soldier's cell phone; he gains a lot of technical knowledge but lack of real experience and understanding makes Clark an innocent, playful giant-child. At one point Bumblebee distracts him with musical hits from the 80s when Clark comes in danger of playing dolls with a human soldier and a Tomahawk missile. He baffles the current Autobots since it has been a long, long, LONG time since a child has been born among them.


Wishing for a peaceful future, the Autobots plan to raise Clark to be a medic; whether or not he chooses to fight will be his choice in the future. They're surprised by the appearance of another humanoid Cybertronian, the successor to Megatron, and a rally of Decepticon forces to capture Washington D.C. and hold its human inhabitants as hostages. They demand all the Cybertron fragments, the Matrix of Leadership, and Clark in return for the humans' safety. It becomes a world issue as plenty of foreign tourists and some diplomats are among the hostages. Though the Cybertron fragments are now unborn Cybertronians, the Autobots have no choice but to give in to the humans' insistence when Deceptions start executing their hostages.


The Autobot/human forces concoct a plan in which they do hand over Clark, a false copy of the Matrix, and enough Cybertron fragments to convince the Deceptions that they've handed over what remains of their planet. A smaller Autobot hides inside of Clark to guide and protect him as he is studied by the Deceptions and sees their operations in the city. Clark's innocence of the world persuades the Deceptions to believe that he is harmless, a belief that gives him time and access throughout the city. The human hostages are safely delivered outside Washington D.C. by way of underground sewer systems too small or too far below layers of concrete for the Deceptions to reach with their sensors.


Chaos breaks loose when they discover the Matrix to be false and their hostages rapidly getting out of their hands. The Decepticons are still able to use the city as their base fortress and launches an attack on all nearby towns and cities. Their plan is to slowly expand their territory through the United Status, then to Canada, and eventually the entire North American continent. This time, they claim, they move with utter and careful deliberation, continuing to hold humans as hostages and shields in battle. Unfortunately this renders their growth very effective.


Human nations agree to rescuing the unborn Cybertronians/fragments since it coincides with the plan to 'blow up' the Decepticons from the inside. Originally Clark is left behind since he is not a soldier, and must be safe in order to treat Autobot injuries. Instead he decides to act as a shield for human soldiers until he is hunted down by Megatron's successor. The fight is Clark's inauguration into the war that ended Cybertron, and it shows his commitment to his birthplace, his family of robots and humans, when he makes the choice to fight. He takes his place among the Autobots as guardian to the unborn Cybertronians.


Clark's fighting style is based on agility, and his main weapon is a slender blade with a special 'laser edge' that cuts through metal and energy alike. From the weapon he can produce a shield which deflects smaller projectiles, and the sword is available to him in a smaller version when he's in human form. He can also take away parts of his own body to create computer monitors and pieces of heavy artillery.


As a human Clark appears as a dark blond, Caucasian teenager with the bright laser blue eyes of an Autobot Cybertronian. His body resembles a doll's with revolving ball joints. He makes it a habit of wearing combat boots, faded cargo pants, a stiff-necked shirt, fingerless gloves, and a khaki jacket that later bears the Autobot insignia on the back. The outfit was originally thrown together by the human soldiers who were present at his birth.


Michael/Negatron- 'You'll see. They'll turn you away for something you never decided.' Commander of the Decepticons, vessel of Megatron.


A next-generation Cybertronian created by another Cybertron fragment and the Allspark piece used to revive Megatron in the past, which was salvaged from his body. His origins make him the new leader of the Decepticons. Like Clark Michael can switch between human, Cybertronian, and vehicle form, the latter being an E-class Mercedes Benz. His birth, however, was not an accident, but a mission the Decepticons undertook when they learned about Clark.


Technically the younger sibling, Michael is 'older' in the sense of being more worldly. He was educated by Starscream and had a copy of Megatron's mind in the form of computer data downloaded into his own. While Decepticons see Michael as the third coming of Megatron (as he had died twice before), Michael's mind is gradually being invaded by their true leader. His arrogant, self-centered behavior sometimes gives way to Megatron's more disdainful, deliberate personality.


In human form Michael approaches Clark when the Autobots take him to the desert (so he can play around without damaging property or anything explosive). Michael's dim expectation of meeting an older sibling is dashed by Clark's innocence and lack of battle skills, generating a great deal of scorn, hate, and disappointment. He refrains from destroying Clark because the Decepticons hope to use his body as a blueprint for the next generation. The Autobot guard forces Michael to retreat.


Michael restrains himself to being patient and carefully plans every detail of the capture of Washington D.C. with its human citizens. He grows more and more irritable as Megatron's takeover of his mind increases, resenting the loss of his free will and existence. That with his underestimation of Clark is what leads to the freedom of the hostages, but the last phase of the plan, to slowly take over the United States, begins without a problem. One finally occurs when Michael attacks Clark in his last vestige of self.


Defeated by Clark, Michael expresses the loneliness of being a Cybertronian capable of human form. Starscream's 'education' included exposing Michael to the kindness of humans, then to their betrayal when they ran in fear and hatred of his true robotic heritage. Thus Michael's own hate of humans was born, fed, and refined. A human soldier tries to offer Michael a place among them, an offer then extended by the Autobots, but Michael refuses in light of his actions. The humans will never forgive him, and neither does he want forgiveness. If nothing else he will keep the one thing that belongs to him, his pride.


Besides, he says, he has Megatron inside him. Michael kills himself with a blast to the head. He is the first to be buried in the Cybertron memorial the Autobots had planned at the start.


Michael appears as a male Asian youth in his late teens, black-haired but crimson-eyed, with the body of a ball-jointed doll. He dresses in black and silver, wearing a plain shirt with folded sleeves, jacket, scarf, sneakers, and a watch that's actually the computer chip used to download Megatron's mind. The latter he cannot remove.


Reid Arlington/Stormwind- 'We can always choose where we will die.'


An unknown next generation Cybertronian who appears near the end of the Clark-Michael battle. He prevents Michael's kamikaze attack on the humans with an attack of his own, utilizing electricity to levitate and mold nearby items of metal, then launch them in a fierce, relentless attack. He only explains himself as one of the lucky ones, and does not try to stop the suicide blast knowing that Megatron cannot be extracted from Michael. To an enraged Clark Reid tells him that this is war. Unfortunately suicide is Michael's only proof that he would have chosen a different path if not for the Decepticons.


The Autobots and their human allies are informed of next generation Cybertronians who were born between the contact of Cybertron fragments and bits of the Allspark that were spread by Megatron's first death (in the first Transformers 2007 film). They live among humans, raised as humans, but sooner or later their robotic heritage emerged. Some like Michael have already been turned away and live with a growing sense of bitterness, setting their destiny to become Decepticons. Some, like Reid, were raised by humans who cared for them despite knowing the truth. He has come to help protect the planet, mankind, and the next generation of Cybertronians. Earth is as much a home and birthplace to him as it is to humans. The only family he has ever known are humans as well.


Contrary to popular knowledge, Reid is the actual firstborn of the next generation, making Clark the second. As a vehicle he becomes the large version of a Suzuki 750 GXSR motorcycle for its maneuverability. As a human he appears as a slim, brown-haired young man of mixed ancestry, with casual suits as his wardrobe, the doll-like joints, and the laser blue eyes of the Autobots. Their insignia is later seen on a badge worn on his upper left arm at Michael's burial, and a Star of David around his neck indicates his human family is Jewish. While quiet and calm on the outside, Reid ultimately has a hair-trigger temper.

© 2015 Haeshin

Author's Note

*Strictly the details for a fanfic idea.

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Based off of these three characters, this would make a very interesting story to read. I hope that there will be a day that you could share a couple of scenes if not chapters.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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