The elemental ceremony page nine

The elemental ceremony page nine

A Chapter by Hailey Pippitt

Many theories have come about how we actually came to have them.” People say it’s the results of a government experiment others say the gods of the skies gave us gifted them to us.” some people point to evolution, “I feel it’s what you choose to believe.” The ceremony started as a way to celebrate and see where you’re destiny takes you.” Founded in 2003 by my grandfather we have continued this marvelous tradition ever since for the past sixty years.” Soon we arrived at the room where the ceremony going to be held, unlike the rest of the rooms which were richly painted this room and decorated this one was white with smoky colored tile. I was surprised and I'm sure I wasn't the only one.

I thought it looked plain compared to the rest of the rooms. The largest room in the house I expected more out it , maybe we were going to be surprised. “When I call your name step up to the podium.” President Walker said in a professional sort of way I blinked twice to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating I didn’t see any podium anywhere . “Umm I don’t see one.” I said hesitantly .

President Walker only laughed as if I joking, “you’ll see it soon Rachel you just have to be patient .” The President was talking to me as if we were old friends and I got an odd feeling. How did she know my name ? My next thought was did she know everyone’s name who walked through the door possibly in the city. I had a metallic taste in my mouth I felt like I would have puked right then and there.

© 2019 Hailey Pippitt

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Added on June 6, 2019
Last Updated on June 6, 2019


Hailey Pippitt
Hailey Pippitt

Cottage Grove , OR

I’m 18 almost 19 and have spastic Cerebral palsy. I love to write and share my writing with people. I also love to read and I volunteer at a nursing home and library where I do reviews on books .. more..