Angry Bird

Angry Bird

A Story by Garrett

Hello world,

I've just been born! Still deciding whether or not it is a good thing. Sometimes there are blessings in disguise, yet there is also disguise in some blessings. Most of you should have remained inside the egg, the nest would be filled with wonderful unconcious happy people. That would be a good oportunity for the main character in Fight Club to "destroy something... beautiful".

Have you ever embodied this feeling of destroying something beautiful? It's sick! It's like creating the most ravishing paint just to hide it from the world and be the all-mighty smart-a*s who's powerful enough to take from the World something he really wants. While you're doing this you feel this overwhelming satisfaction, but it is followed by the loneliness and emptiness of those who alienate themselves from the world. Who does such a horrible thing doesn't belong to the world. And that's the only reason why we are not cruel, that's not because we're afraid of others being cruel to us.

I guess there's nothing I can do to avoid it, I am alive! And everyone who is alive is alone. The only time we are not alone is that moment when we break the eggshell and take a shy and avid glimpse outside. We're all nothing and have the same infinite expectations. As soon as we breathe, as soon as we have some kind of experience, we become different from one another. As paths diverge we become loner, because there is no one else living our life. We are the only ones who live our lives, we live no other life and we do not have any company living ours. Family, friends and loved ones exist nowhere but inside you. They are little criations of yours, maybe they are similar to some real people, maybe they're not. You'll never know. You can only know what you've created.

I've just created myself, wish me luck to get to know Grass.

© 2012 Garrett

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Added on July 8, 2012
Last Updated on July 8, 2012
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V.N.Gaia, Porto, Portugal

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