Grandfather's  versus my grandpa

Grandfather's versus my grandpa

A Story by TheCreativityItself

'My grandfather is the best grandfather of the entire world!' ...I don't think so. The point of view of a girl who tells about her grandfathers and grandpa.

As a child you always say that your grandfather is the best of all. I did say that as well, my grandfather was funny, really active, he had always something nice to do and he was still young looking. The stories he always told me were the best and I couldn't live without him. 
So I also said that my grandfather was the best, others were just... grandfathers, nothing special about them... But mý grandfather was outstanding, just amazing and nothing bad happened if you were with him.

There was just one thing, one tiny thing about my grandfather... But I didn't care. I actually didn't know or quite actually, I didn't understand. How could a child from eight years old understand that her grandfather wasn't her biological grandfather?

I always thought that it was normal that I had three grandfathers, one was dead, one was some man and last but surely not least... the best grandfather in the world!
And then he passed away, my best grandfather of the entire world. Cause? Cancer... It is a sad part of my story and it even got worse when he also got a brain tumor.  

I still miss him

Now I have two dead grandfathers and just some man, my grandpa. The one that survives is exactly the one who I just don't like!
The survivor is the one who didn't want to admit he had grandchildren, the one who did nót want to except that he had them.

When I was 8 I already understood that he didn't like me and my little sister. He did like my brother though. He was always a little late, but he gave my brothers presents.
I turned eleven... still no presents.

He traveled a lot. Overseas...

When I was like twelve years old he began to understand that he wasn't quite a good grandfather, my grandpa. 
So he started to buy us presents. I got a new bicycle, but it was to big so I got it after my neighbors children had ridden it... So three times second-handed is? OLD.
I also got a new laptop when I was fourteen. I hugged him, went upstairs and turned on my old useless computer. Grandpa did not appreciate that, I don't appreciate him but are we quite then? No.

I use the laptop now. But not because I am glad he gave it to me, I use it because I needed one.

He was eleven years to late with giving me (and my little sister) and even my mom, who is his own daughter, some attention. I still won't forgive him and I will never do.

People give presents because they think you deserve them, not because they don't want to feel not guilty anymore.
My grandfather was the best grandfather of the entire world, but now he is dead. 

© 2012 TheCreativityItself

Author's Note

Please tell me what you think. Have you got any got good memories of your grandfather?
I'm sorry for grammar mistakes

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Added on September 29, 2012
Last Updated on September 29, 2012
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