Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Hannah-Claire Fuller

        I lifted my eyes open.

        It was my birthday, but I knew I wouldn't receive any sort of celebration for my seventeen years of living. I doubted any of my friends took the time to find a gift. I wouldn't be surprised if I was given money; no one ever buys me gifts because I hate to accept them. I hate accepting anything all together, and I've always been the kind of person who never really understood the excitement of a birthday.

       I pulled my aching legs out of the bed and stood up. I glanced over to my roommate, Zoey, who was soundlessly sleeping away. I considered waking her up but decided she needed to sleep in after going to bed at four in the morning.

       Today was the big day; it was the first day of school.

       I walked to our mini-kitchen to make myself a cup of hot tea. As I was pouring thick honey into my cup, I heard an annoyed grunt from the other side of the room.

       “Are you serious?!” Zoey groaned as she grabbed her alarm clock, “It's the first day of Level One Kalecti and my alarm clock won't even go off?”

       I chuckled as I brought my warm drink to my dry lips.

       “Oh, yeah,” Zoey said as she frantically slapped makeup on her face, “Happy birthday, Emma.”

       “Thanks.” I smiled.

       I wasn't very hungry, so I opened the wrapper of a small granola bar. I wasn't big on makeup, but since it was the first day of school I decided to wear some.

       “I swear, if we're late...” Zoey muttered.

       “We won't be late,” I assured her, “It's just orientation. Plus, it starts at 9:30, and it's only 8:00.”

As Zoey started to ramble on about how excited she was about the new school year, I drifted off into my thoughts.

I was extremely anxious about what my power would be. Zoey was an earth grouper, so she hoped I would be one, too. I had all the characteristics of a water grouper, and I hoped that would be my power. I felt a sort of connection; all the teachers say what element you feel most “connected” to will most likely be your power.

I sighed. Most Kalectians already had received their power; I was just a late-bloomer. They were very rare; most Kalectians get their power as soon as they turned seventeen. Sure, I was disappointed when my birthday arrived last year, and I still am. I don't let it get to me, though. I know I will eventually be gifted with my power.

“What do you think they're gonna do with you?” Zoey said, snapping me back into reality.

“I don't know. They better not put me back with Rookies.” I said, referring to the lower class.

“Alright, well, I'm done; let's leave.” said Zoey.

I grabbed my bags and followed behind Zoey out the door.

Level One Kalecti orientation was held at our large auditorium. We walked through the large wooden doors and entered a giant dome. We found our seats and waited for the headmaster to inform us of the new year.

“Good morning!” the old woman spoke into the microphone, “How does it feel to be a Level One Kalecti?”

The perky headmaster, Mrs. Barmen, was wearing her usual outfit: a smooth dark purple suit with a matching pencil skirt. She looked tall because of her incredibly high heels, and her hair was pulled back into a perfect bun.

“You all should have been given your class schedules; if you haven't see Mrs. Taylor, the secretary.” Mrs. Barmen informed.

I tuned out her instructions-it wasn't like I needed them; I had to go to complete different classes than the rest of my classmates-and began thinking about my mom. I thought about her young face and her pretty smile.

Help me through this, mom, I thought in my head, I need you now more than ever. I just really want my power, and I'm starting to think it will never come.

“...and you should have already bought your supplies.” I returned to Mrs. Barmen's instructions, “Now, your class schedules will have the classroom numbers to report to. In an orderly fashion, you may go to your new classes! Good luck to all of you!”

“Do you want me to walk to the office?” Zoey offered. I was supposed to report to the office as soon as orientation ended to receive my information about classes.

“No, that's okay. I don't want you to be late for your first classes.” I said.

“Well, alright. Good luck!”

“You too.”

We departed as I walked in the direction of the office.

Johnson Bell Kalecti School wasn't an ordinary school; it was a home to Kalectians, like myself, and a school to teach us about how defend ourselves in the harsh world of Verlim. I've always considered myself to be pretty tough, but that was nothing compared to the dangers outside the walls of the school.

Verlim's forests weren't full of just goblins and trolls; there was a certain species that every race feared: the Deathlings. Also known as the Dark Ones, these terrifying creatures aren't alive, but they aren't dead. They feed off of other species' by sucking their powers out. I never saw one in person, but I imagined they'd look deadly

I arrived at the office, along with two others who seemed to be without their schedules.

“Your name?” a portly woman sitting at the desk asked. She peered at me through her think glasses.

“Erm, Emma Parker.” I said.

She rumbled through some files and pulled out a note.

“Here,” she said, flatly, “The headmaster has left this to you.”

I opened the small letter and read its words:


You will be learning from one of Johnson Bell Kalecti School's greatest teachers! Ms. Kalishkov! She will prepare you for your future. Don't worry-we always have a late-bloomer every once in a while! She stays at room 323. Good luck!

Mrs. Barmen

“Kalishkov”? What kind of name was that? Sounded German or some other foreign language I wasn't aware of.

I walked back outside into the fresh air. I admired my surroundings: beautiful trees swaying in the breeze, bright green grass neatly chopped, and vibrant flowers around the stone pathway. The school's classes were all small houses, some shared a house. The school looked like a giant village, surrounded by nature.

I walked towards the 300 houses until I found I strangely unique stone house with a sign that printed “323: House for Late Kalectians”.

I debated whether or not I should knock or just walk in, and I softly knocked. To my surprise, a young-looking woman with dark hair that fell down to below her waist opened the wooden door.

“Ah, hello, Emma,” she spoke softly, “I've waited to finally meet you.” She had a faint unfamiliar accent I could not detect.

“Um, hi.” I shyly said. Her eyes were a crystal blue, similar to mine.

“Welcome to my class,” she said, “Call me Mimi.”

She looked at me, eying everything. “You look just like your mother.” she murmured, more to herself than to me. That was something I didn't hear often; I've always been told how I resembled my father more. My dad had the same dark brown hair as I did and same light skin, whereas my mom had pale blond hair and tan skin. She had blue eyes, so I guess that's what Mimi was talking about.

I didn't know what to say, so I just stated, “Thank you.”

I looked around the house. This looked nothing like a classroom; it looked just like an ordinary home. It had a kitchen, a living/dining room, and a hallway that led to several doors. I noticed several spice racks that filled the air with a warm scent. I noticed incense burning and small candles around the house. All the windows were open, so it was a light and welcoming home.

I also notice how I was the only one there.

“Where is everyone?” I wondered.

“It's just you.” Mimi said as she left to the kitchen.

Hundreds of thoughts came flying into my mind. Was this even a class?

“Why don't you take a seat?” she asked, nodding towards two chairs that surrounded a fireplace. I sat in one of them, and it was surprisingly very comfortable.

“Tea?” she offered, two mugs in her hands.

“Uh, sure, thanks.”

I knew it was bad, but I couldn't help wondering if she'd poisoned my drink. I had no idea who this lady was; I knew most teachers at the school. I didn't even recognize this house. I studied her features. Her skin was so tan. She wore no makeup, and she had a natural beauty to her face.

“So, late-bloomer, eh?” she asked.

“Yeah, I guess...”

“No worries; you'll get your powers soon enough.”

Her words didn't calm my worries at all. I sighed, brushing my long silky hair to behind my shoulders. I was waiting for her to give me books or tell me to start writing notes. Instead, she offered me a plate of crackers. Again, I declined her offer. Being impatient, I decided to get straight to the point.

“So, are we going to start this class, or what?” I demanded.

Mimi laughed. “As you noticed, this isn't your ordinary class.”

“Yeah, well, whatever it is, can we start it?” I never thought I'd ever be asking for school, but this woman was getting on my last nerves.

She ignored me, which made me even more aggravated. She looked outside the window and drifted off into daydream. I remained silent, afraid that what I said I would regret terribly. I had a small temper and was very hot-headed.

Mimi stood up and walked outside. I remained sitting, confused at what to do.

“Are you coming?” she called through the window.

I followed behind her and out the door. I looked around; she was out of sight.

“Hello?” I called out to an empty field, “Mimi?”

“Just seeing what you know...” I heard her voice. I turned in all directions, trying to detect where I heard her speak. No luck.

“What I know?” I repeated, confused.

I suddenly heard a loud crashing noise from behind me. I turned around to find a giant ball of flames heading towards me,

“WHAT THE-” I said before running into the forest. The ball of flames crashed into a tree, igniting a forest fire.

I started running aimlessly, dodging branches that seemed to be sticking out to hurt me. More giant fire balls were thrown at me. I found a nearby ditch and hid in it. I stayed silent and covered my head.

The crashing noise stopped, so I peaked my head out. No sign of Mimi.

I crawled out of the ditch and checked my bearings. I had no idea where I was. I was very familiar with the school's forest, but I was clueless to where I had run to.

I noticed a bag near my feet. I picked it up, examining its contents: a knife, a canteen, and a note that read Good luck!. I threw the note down and groaned in frustration.

“Mimi, this isn't funny!” I yelled.

I stroked the blade, noticing its sharpness. I had never been handy with knives; I was never taught how to use it. The canteen was full of water, so I guessed that would come in handy.

“You've got to be kidding me.” I muttered to myself. Was this some sort of training? I started walking, unaware of what I might find.

I heard rustling from behind me. Out from behind a bush, a mucus covered troll trudged towards me, ready to attack.

Shaking with fear, I grabbed my knife from my bag. This was the first time I've ever encountered something like this. I stuck my knife out, feeling like a complete idiot. I had no idea what I was doing!

The troll lunged at me; I tried to kick it away. One of its hands grabbed my wrist, and the other attempted to punch me. Regaining my knowledge from school, I ducked my head from under its arm and tried to break free from its clutch. I kneed it in the stomach, causing it to crouch in pain. I took this opportunity to escape; I began running as fast as I could away from it.

Feeling that I was far away from it enough, I sat down by a tall tree. I hastily pulled my canteen out for water and gulp its contents in my mouth.

I suddenly felt like a huge wimp, which I was. I regretted not fighting back. Regaining my self confidence, I headed back to where I left the troll.

I held my knife ready in my hand, keeping an eye out for it in every direction. I heard a loud grunt from behind me; I quickly swished around to face my opponent. I obviously didn't do much damage to him, only slowed him from harming me more.

I ran towards it, my knife first. As I learned, trolls are very stupid. Maybe I could trick it or something.

It knocked my hand out of the way, so I swung my hand to its face, which obviously didn't affect him at all.

I backed up, causing him to run after me. I ducked between his legs and quickly stabbed him in the back. He groaned in pain and stumbled. I got back on my feet, ran around to face him, and stabbed him straight in the heart, holding my knife there to know he was dead. His body fell backwards, causing a loud thump.

I looked at him, examining the first creature I've ever killed. He was green and covered in warts. His clothes were dark brown and covered in his own purple blood. I pulled my knife out of him and wiped the goo from its blade.

I exhaled, relieved and proud at my first killing.

My surroundings started to fade away, and I was back at Mimi's house. I stormed inside.

Mimi was sitting in a chair, drinking a hot liquid.

“What the hell was that about?” I yelled.

“Hmm?” she asked innocently.

“Don't play dumb! What was that?! I was just out in the middle of a random forest!”

“Oh, that,” she smiled, “That was your very first training.”

I stared at her in disbelief.

“Very well done, if I do say so myself,” she continued, “But, of course, it does need work. Your moves lack technique.”

“Do you realize I could have died out there?”

“No, you couldn't,” she said as-a-matter-of-factly, “None of that was real.”

“Are you mad, woman?!”

“I have a certain...ability.” she started, ignoring my question, “I can make one see things that aren't real. Would be horrible if this power was in someone else's hand, right?”

I really believed this woman was insane.

“You're Kalecti! Kalectians don't have 'abilities'!”

“Well, this one does.” she stated proudly.

I doubted my words. Was she even Kalecti?

“Your training is over. I'll see you tomorrow 8:00 in the morning sharp.” she said. And with that, she left inside the house without a word.

I stood there, dazed and confused about what really just happened. An ability? What kind of ability makes someone lost in a forest?

I left the field, unaware of what just actually happened

© 2012 Hannah-Claire Fuller

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I think this is a good start! I really enjoy first person perspectives in stories, and I think you did pretty well. I'd like to understand a little more of the mythology of the Kalecti, but perhaps you will fill back in later. The dialog is your strongest aspect in this piece, so perhaps you can embellish the descriptions and the main character's POV just a bit. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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