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The land of Pryth is being taken by a mysterious, faceless evil. The wizard, Tetroin, must do everything in his power to stop the chaos.



On the mysterious island of Pryth, a massive evil engulfs the lands and its inhabitants. It is a faceless evil that only leaves death and chaos in its wake. The evil only listens to one master and it calls it’s master many names, “puppet master”, “master of chaos” but mostly he goes by “the master of shadows”. The evil has caused the lands to divide and the people of the land don’t ever traverse out of their own territories. The Dwarves live in their mountains along the Western coast of Pryth, rarely seen by anyone else. The Wood Elves took up the forests, also never seen but still ever watchful and always caring for the nature around them. The great villages of Orks can be found across the plains, still fierce, proud fighters and fearless of living beside “The lost city” on the Eastern coast of Pryth. There are many other races, the dragons, the giants, the goblins, the centaurs, the griffins. Other races have been lost over time, hidden throughout the lands. The Humans, the oldest and most well known race, once a superpower but now has been reduced to having to live anywhere possible, normally targets of raiding parties. Their villages and forces are very sparse and are growing thin and weak. If this continues they will be no more. At one time Pryth was beautiful, races coexisted together in villages that dotted the land from one side of the island right to the other. The once most prosperous of all was a human city, known throughout all the land. It was the great city of Asarwelf, now lost to shadows. Their technology was much farther advanced, and they excelled in architecture, weaponry, agriculture and many other fields they worked in. That is, until the humans started going mad. The evil all started from there, it’s still not completely explained what happened, though there are still some sane people in the world that know what happened on that faithful day but none have come forward yet, and so all the secrets are left alone in “The lost city” where no one dared to tread. After the shadow humans started slaughter their own and destroying their village. The bodies almost look reanimated after the shadow has taken hold, red eyes, black smoke leaking from the “puppets” body, almost like they weren’t the same person. Travellers call them “puppets” or “shadows”. Almost no humans still live and most that do are still puppets manipulated but this master of evil who may as well be dead. It isn’t just humans that have fallen under the control and turned on their own, though, many other races also lost comrades to this… shadow. Most of the other races had a chance to escape, not everyone is so lucky but the evil spread so fast and only a small loss was lucky compared to the humans, some people even went to the shadows willingly. If these races wish to continue their own existence they must come together as one and defeat the evil head on. The great wizard Tetroin knows this and is in the process of attempting to end what may very well be impossible to stop, but someone must try. The fate of Pryth hangs in the balance and so Tetroin must travel across the lands in search for a team he believes will be able to take on the creature controlling this evil. Now begins the race against time, Tetroin’s group of elite warriors or “the master of shadows” and his army of puppets!

© 2012 hardscoper6

Author's Note

Let me know what you think of the story, point out any errors you find.

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This is really good! The imagery is good and it has a good plot. Can't wait to see what happens next. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

thanks for the support, working on more now!

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Added on September 18, 2012
Last Updated on October 2, 2012
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