Just a Lizard

Just a Lizard

A Story by christie garbe

Spoken through the eyes and heart of a reptile. They have love to give, and feelings too!


Just a Lizard


"It's just a lizard!" I heard your friend say, as you wrapped me lovingly in my new blanket, and kissed my nose goodnight. You told me you loved me, and you'd see me in the morning. Before I fell asleep, I let those words roll around in my head for quite awhile. If I could, I would like to tell your friend about being "just a lizard". I don't just sit in a tank all day and stare like I don't have a clue. I feel loneliness, as I had deeply felt before you found me and took me home with you. I feel depression and sadness too, as I did when I would spend day after day, no one talking to me, no one holding me, barely acknowledging me as they dropped half dead and wilted greens into my tank and walk away. That is, if I was fed at all. I feel pain, as I did before you rescued me. They used to let their kids poke at me, pull my tail, drop things on me, and call me names. I also feel fear. When they were mean to me, or hurting me, I was very afraid as to what was happening! Do people really think that "just a lizard" feels none of that? I assure you we do. But I now feel love, as I do when you greet me first thing in the morning, your sweet voice telling me what we're going to do today, what I am going to eat, and the delight in your voice when you bring me a little present. And when I say I feel it, what I am saying is I love you as much as you love me! I feel warmth, whether it be from your loving arms, or my cuddly new bed, I am warm and so comfortable! I feel security. I admit at first, you had to build my trust, of course you understood and were so patient with me! It didn't take long for me to realize that you loved me very much, would never hurt me, and I would never be scared, lonely, or hungry again! I feel happiness. When I am with you, it doesn't matter what we're doing together as long as I am with you. But what do I feel most of all? Gratitude. If it wasn't for you, my life would have continued to be empty and sad. Nowadays, I look forward to and appreciate each and everyday we have together. And if THAT is being "just a lizard" then I am OK with that.

© 2014 christie garbe

Author's Note

christie garbe
I hope this changes the way some people feel about reptiles

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I love this beautiful piece from the heart

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on May 8, 2014
Last Updated on May 8, 2014
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