A Poem by Crystal Ellyson

A girl has many types of feeling.

One day she is happy and smiling
She thinks that day will be a good day
Until she hears the news
She almost lost one of the most important person in her life
The person was hurt bad, so she decides to become the healer and caregiver to that person
She gets the person well, and then something else comes up
The man that she thought she loved, turns his back on her
He just wanted to use her
He never did love her
She goes through pain and sadness for a couple of months
Until she finds herself living day to day thinking about how the world is dark and sad
When she realizes that it isn't, it is just some of the people in the world that make her feel like this
One day the person that is important in her life comes to her and tells her that no matter what anyone else thinks that she is the most beautiful, talented, and most loved person in the world and no one can change that
This makes the girl think and realize that they are right, and she can make the world and herself better
She also learns to not always react on  the negativity that other people try to pass her way.
She is the one that makes the choices on what she does not nobody else.
She realizes that she is smiling again and it feels great!!! 

© 2015 Crystal Ellyson

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Added on January 28, 2015
Last Updated on January 28, 2015


Crystal Ellyson
Crystal Ellyson

Vincent, AL

I am 31 years old. I am an aunt to a nephew and two nieces. I enjoy writing anything that comes to my mind. I live in Alabama, USA. I hope to make some friends here. more..

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