A Poem by Khaaki

This night I see

The clueless moon

Shining with scrutiny

Upon the lagoon

The lagoon of my grief

The puddle of my tears

The exile of my heart...


This night I see

The stars huddle

Into shapes that I hear

Jumble in their heart

The flow of our destinies

Is that why they wink,

And twinkle with scorn?

As they look down

Upon our plans and plots...


This night I see

Dreams come and go

They tease, they taunt

Sleep comes along too

But like impish children

Who ring your door bell

And then whisk away

Leaving you eager and awry

And roaming frivolously

Humming lullabies to my heart...


© 2013 Khaaki

Author's Note

Just a sleepy mind on a sleepless night

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Not poetry. This is a song that taps into our universal consciousness. Wonderful my friend.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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~ and what a mind it is... this poem is a heartsong... a heartsong that i could never write so beautifully but i am thrilled to hum along with you... there is so much mayhem in my mind right now... about how the future will unravel... that i cannot begin to tell you... i wonder about those stars too... i love the image of those children... i don't know what lies ahead... i don't know if we will write our destiny... or some other stupid people will... i don't know if we will get in touch with love and arundhati roy or not... and yet... these thoughts "sing lullabies" to my aching heart... oh, i relate to this poem so much...

jo kal aayega
uski mai parchhain hoon
jo kal beet gayaa
vo meraa saaya hai

yakeen nahin aataa
kitna kuchh badal gayaa
par phir bhi maazi se naata hai

jin sapnon par naaz tha
un par ab bharosa-sa honein lag gayaa hai
par phir bhi
kambakht dar lagta hai
maayoosi ke mausam se

saale kaale baadal mandraate rehte hain
jaise unke paas mandranein ke ilaavaa koi kaam nahin
anjaan hain
par phir bhi mann mein dushmani lekar
mujhse dosti karna chaahte hain

inhe dafaa karnaa hoga
inke fareb se bachna hoga
ye ummeed par vaar karte hain
aur haar ka intazaam karte hain

inko sare aam suli par
hameshaa ke liye latka dena chahiye
saale khud bhi behakte hain
aur doosron ko bhi behkaate hain

inka kaam tamaam karna hoga
varna ye har achhe kaam ka katla kar ke
rangraliyaan manaayeinge

shaitaan hain
aur humaari kismat ke khudaa bante phirte hain

in kaale baadalon
ki aisi ki taisi


Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

tashakur !

Naghma ban jata hai wahan,
gar naala mera jaaye hai...

M.. read more

8 Years Ago

~ tashakur matlab ? ... haha... mai urdu fail hoon... :P

~ and thank you for your preci.. read more

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New Delhi, , India

These cruel ticks of time, i cannot even curse... As the grayer grew my hair, younger grew my verse... picture courtesy Michal Marcol... more..

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