Sleeples Sleepy Songs

Sleeples Sleepy Songs

A Poem by hattrick1090

Seven am

This isn’t normal

Sleep used to be so easy

But I guess that’s when you were here


I’m staring, at the same sheets

Where we once slept

Lying in them

Seeing the imprint that you always left

Your bag on the floor, our bodies in bed

Heads touched to pillows

Eyes gazed straight ahead

Eyes locked on eyes

Nothing needed be said


Am I actually seeing this?

No, two sense was the toll


Well I’ve always been a sleeper

You know that

Since the day we first met

We were perfect for sleep

“We’re like mushrooms.”

Roots growing deep

Learning and growing off each other

Even when our eyes are closed

Even in the night


But what once put me to sleep

Now makes me an insomniac

 I’m a contortionist now

Bound between sheets


I need to sleep

I need to dream


Something that couldn’t fail

The sleepy songs that we both knew

I could only take it for so long

The songs have done to me

What they once did to you

I had to press pause halfway through

I’m going back and can see where we once were

Only making the present worse when I open my eyes


“You’d have to be crazy to stay awake through this”

I’ve been diagnosed. I’m officially crazy.

I can’t fall asleep to it.

All it makes me do is think of you.


“What they call love is a risk cause you will always get hit out of nowhere”




© 2009 hattrick1090

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I really enjoyed this write. Somehow it makes one think. So very nicely written

Posted 10 Years Ago

Really liked this - it was almost more like a short story, and definitely held my attention all the way through. Not too sure about the two sense line either, but apart from that i liked it. Favourite line.."your bag on the floor, our bodies in bed"

Posted 11 Years Ago

really liked reading this one

i think in the line, "No, two sense was the toll", you meant to say, "No, two cents was the toll"?
overall, its pretty well written, had an alluring quality that seem to trap a reader within its words...
good job

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on December 31, 2009
Last Updated on December 31, 2009



Ashburn, VA

I like to write more..