A Poem by Chris

"Come now young mistress

The time is on it's way"

"Come now your highness

For you have much to say"


Their fates are intertwined

They live without even knowing

Faint memories dance winthing the mind

They were together when they were growing


They hardly remember one another

Never do they even think

"What became of the other?"

Their friendship was a boat bound to sink


"Come now young mistress

For the time is finally here"

"Come now your highness

Speak so they no longer fear"


Their seperation caused much pain

Now memories may fade

But scars will always remain

Neither knows the trouble they made


"Mistress take aim

All will cry your name"

"Your highness make the claim

They all will sing of your fame"


The mistress killed the king this day

But fate placed the arrow in his heart

His highness was slain today

Fate had planned it from the start


This mistress runs to see

For fate had whispered in her ear

His highness and fate disagree

But fate tries to make it clear


The mistress begins to cry

She hadn't known he was her friend

His highness let's out a sigh

"At least I see you at the end"


Now she lives knowing her crime

Now he dies thinking otherwise

The guilt will last her lifetime

Sadly to him her face lies


He died with a final smile

Through her accidental guile


© 2011 Chris

Author's Note

It was a free thought thing, I just started and went with it, didn't stop to rethink it either. I expect there to be mistakes and wouldn't be surprised if it is hard to follow.

I'll clear up any questions if you have them. Review away.

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Are the quotes from something else? Just wondering. Interesting one though.

Posted 10 Years Ago

deep. sad write, but so well written. I really dark poetry. I like this alot, nicely written.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on August 31, 2011
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