Grow the hell up!

Grow the hell up!

A Poem by M'Fun Keap

Gentlemen gone extinct,


Shut up and Listen!!

Cause chaos has risen!!

From the depths of its slumber…

to scream in the ears of the deaf who listen


Seems like I’m the only one who’s been bitten

Now i got maturity's venom pumping through my veins

to the point my ears are now reacting

Twitching lips, racing thoughts, scribbling hands

Force my mouth into a spasm to speak the antidote


Virility whips maturity

Forcing me to grab sanity by the hands…

and bolt for the exit door

Lest humanity's songs be deafened by maturity's cries


Who dares speak to these lost ones?

Cause the mic has been dropped for too long

Leaving time staring at the ground weeping

Cursing the hands that flipped the switch...


...matter of fact...WHO FLIPPED THE SWITCH?

that turned MEN to boys and ADULTS to babies

Sending a right upper-cut to the jaws of Manhood

Cause look...he now struts around with a pacifier cause he has no teeth?


ARR OW TEE EFF... Shut up! it ain't funny!


Seriously!! These overgrown brthas still got a lot to learn

turn the spotlight on me and sit... let me teach ya

Dim the lights and turn on the mic... let me use these lyrics to beat ya

Smack some sense into you cause y'all need to GROW UP!


The "daughters of eve" have been complaining for far too long

But they really ain't helping matters cause truth is...

they've been milking "feminism" like a cow to the point it grown thin

Only to offer her milk to these babies in a "secret rite of passage"


Its about time someone flips switch back cause they ain't gettin the message

Redefine the rules on the rites of passage and silence the message of this modern day idiots

Cause in my days the word "Gentle - Man" meant a whole lot more

Than what these boys spit out as the object of their "day-care" rhymes!


Sick and tired of watching these "Mundane attitudes" strut around

Dragging intelligence by the collar like a lap dog in search of worthless treats

Taking maturity by the feet to yank him off his throne

Only to crown foolishness as king of priority


Courage has gone insane...

Cause it now stands in front of the mirror flexing his muscles all day.

Integrity left the building eons ago...

I hear today, that broth turned weirdo.


Patience gets angry at the sight of frustration...

So he moved out and settled with "the better half", quit'ter.

Who?... Love?... that brtha's no more...

His twin brtha, owns thA block!


Intelligence now dating desperation

turns a blind eye to rationality's flirtations

Ignoring the town criers call to come get a sip of wisdom

until it gets locked up in the dungeons of foolishness


Press the reset button! let order be restored.

Turn the tables around...these brthas need to be informed...

on the qualities of MEN... cause they all lost it

so can the real fake brthas PLEASE GROW UP?



© 2015 M'Fun Keap

Author's Note

M'Fun Keap
Ignore spelling errors.

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Added on January 21, 2015
Last Updated on January 21, 2015


M'Fun Keap
M'Fun Keap

Abuja, Nigeria

Quiet thinker. I speak only with my pen and pencil. Your inner voice is my paper I speak into your thoughts The world is my inspiration. Christ Jesus is my boss. I am nothing without him. more..