Echoes pt. II

Echoes pt. II

A Poem by M'Fun Keap

Addictions are such sweet poison. But His Grace and Mercy abides to those who truly believe.


Hi everybody,  My name is Fun and I'M AN ADDICT!

I've been living in and on this addiction.

I guess you can say I was born with it!


How I've grown in my foolishness.

Thinking now, back then, those actions seemed so trivial.

I guess it’s true what they say...

Little droplets will someday form an Ocean.


My Ocean? a Tsunami!!!

Overwhelmed by guilt, drowning in regret.

Actions and repercussions.

Fingers that yet scar the unborn.

Generations lost in disobedience.

I wish I knew then, what I know now.


See we believe we know better than the Lord.

His ways, His commands seem dismissible.

Time whispers to us that He is debatable.

But only if we knew, just half of what He knows,

We would live...breathe....strictly and only by His commands.

But we don't.


So we choose that ONE TIME.

to see what it feels like to ignore Him...that THE FIRST TIME.

To satisfy our desires...for that LAST TIME.

But our first time? surprisingly a NICE TIME.

Cause stolen water, sweet...and food eaten in secret, delicious!

And though we, ridden with guilt, wail


We are drawn to the bar for that sip of poison ONE MORE TIME.


Over and over we rise to fall.

Until our voices gets lost

in the echo of apologies to the creator.

We grow numb to the knowledge of right and wrong.

As what we knew to be wrong,

now turns questionable.


So when we come to Him to pray,

"Lead me not into temptation."

Truth is... we standing at the door of temptation,

with every intention to enter.

So to fulfill and satisfy our pious selves,

Perform the religious, self-righteous ritual,

Saying the words, that to us, have lost all meaning.


And so knowing we come to Him

with our minds already made up.

Asking His opinions on issues

We already know the answer.

He who searches the reins and hearts

Maintains His silence.

Mistaking His silence for absence.

Slowly debating his presence and existence.

We sink deeper and deeper

in the ecstasy of disobedience.


The line between flesh and Spirit grows dimmer.

As we begin to use the Spirit to justify the Flesh.

"Why is it a sin when He made us this way and put this in us?!!"

Lies that lie before our very eyes.


Drawn to the poison...we become zombies

Within our reach, the poison, right there...stares us in the face

Heart palpitating, hands and feet start to itch



Clasping our necks with chains made with our own hands.

Addiction turns us to asses, slotting bits in our mouths,

and handing over the reins willingly to desire.

Trading royalty for that sip of satisfaction.


"I just want to be happy..."

we tell and fool ourselves

Bound in chains once more

those who were once made free.


Over and over again,

we hear His warning.

See the writing on the wall.

Hear the crying call of ELION!!


Paying heed for only a while

But to say...

"NO! This ends NOW!"

Would be to deny ourselves

the sip of "HAPPYness".


So slowly Day after Day,

we go deeper and deeper.

As what was once our source of only happiness and ecstasy,

Begins to deliver pain between intermissions of sobriety.


Slowly we unravel the monster behind the mask.

But we in too deep to resist...drawn to the high.

The slow serenade, the silent lullaby of our cravings.

The luring tune of gluttonous greed.


And even in the knowledge,

that this pied-piper plays us on to our deaths,

We dance on as we tell reason to hush...

Till the pain becomes unbearable.




Slowly the scales begin to fall off

Returning to the Joy we once knew

Raising our hands in piety to scream



But in the silent hours

we remember the ecstasy, the high, that...feeling

And instead of paying close attention to His WORD on our laps

we flip the pages with glazed eyes

All the while, lost in the memory of selfish desires.


And so the battle begins

"Its wrong!!!"........"but I want it"

"STOP IT!!!!"..........."but I LIKE IT"

Spirit and Flesh, debating latitudes and longitudes.

Memory flips the pages bearing snapshots of selfish possibilities,

While our fingers are flipping pages of the bread and wine

laid on the supper table before us



as we stand in the center of the revolving gallery that now ensnares us

Each frame a scene, bearing lustful memories

spinning in our minds like a carousel


HEAVY BREATHING...Sweat-soaked believers!!!

With eyes wide open revealing dilated pupils fixed on the prey

Crouching into attack position

Its time for the BEAST within to FEED!!!




In the frenzy brush HIM aside

His pages collapse in surrender

Reason sounds a retreat, sending us rushing to our secret vault

to have a taste of what we had once told the Lord we thrown out


Hi everybody,  I am you!

Ive been sober for days now

But then I went back for a sip...

Now its as though I never left


The longer I remained sober

The easier it was to abstain

All I did was take a little sip

How then am I in...this soon?


How I've grown in my foolishness...

Thinking now, back then those actions seemed so trifling

I guess its true what they say...

Little droplets of water will someday form an Ocean

I wish I knew then, what I know now...

Lord Jesus, Save Me!

© 2015 M'Fun Keap

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M'Fun Keap
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Added on January 22, 2015
Last Updated on January 22, 2015
Tags: Christian, Redemption, Addiction


M'Fun Keap
M'Fun Keap

Abuja, Nigeria

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