It Doesn't Feel Right

It Doesn't Feel Right

A Poem by hayhay

It Doesn't Feel Right....
By Haley Farrin
I still love you..
As I sit here with you thinking of him... thinking of all the times we spent together hand in hand, laughing, kissing, talking, walking all the memories I have with him the times that I miss and I would do anything to relive those times again. I also start to think it's unfair to you I'm still so hurt, he completely destroyed me, you want to help me get back up you want to help me feel right again. But I still love him and I dont think I'm ready to move on I think of all the memories we shared well I sit here next to you in your hugs it doesn't feel like how it did when I was with him. I always wanted to be with him with no one else but here I am with you and I dont know what to think, I still like you, your ready to go further I'm not you dont know how much longer you can wait and honestly i've been hurt so many times it doesn't bother me anymore I don't know what to do so confused I'm getting worse by the day. I can't help but live each day with regret I want to move on but I dont I dont want to forget those wonderful times of my life but I also want to move on just pick up and keeping going I'm sick of thinking about suicide and how much better it would be, I'm sick of crying every night I'm sick of hiding the cuts on my wrists I'm sick of pretending everything is okay with a fake smile all the time. At this moment I'm the real me I'm hiding behind this person and I don't know who it is. It isn't me it isn't the person I was before me and you the happy bubbly person everyone loved and could make anyone feel better but now I cant even make my self feel better I'm lost without you babe withering away day by day and I dont know what to do I still love him.....

© 2009 hayhay

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The end is so sad.. :(
I like the theme of this poem, its powerful.
I feel really bad for the other guy though.. O.o
I wanna give him a hug.. Hah.
But, "..I'm not you dont know how much longer you can wait.."
Was that supposed to be..
"I'm not and I don't know how much longer you can wait.."
Overall, it wa a good write.. it felt like a written goodbye letter. xD
Loved it.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on October 15, 2009
Last Updated on October 16, 2009



madison, ME

I'm currently in 8th grade at mjhs! i have so great friends i don't know were i would be without them they mean everything to me! i was dating Kyle but that is now over and I'm still upset about it he.. more..

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