A Chapter by J. Viands

Dust stirs as he sprints down the midnight autumn road

He cries out why me not again

As the raggedy mongrel nips at his heels

Screaming what was done the night before has escaped me

Why have you forsaken me would you save me just one more time for the road?            


In mid stride the mutt lied down to sink away in to the ground

Terror became over powering

As a heavenly female specter came in to his few

Reluctantly he followed her guiding hand in to a field just beyond where he stood


What did his mind’s eye lead him to?

A best much like the one before, but now he had to look to the sky to meet its illuminated eyes

How docile the massive canine was

Even as a dreadful feeling ran down the boys’ spine


With all his heart how he hoped the dog was some lost grim willing to take him home

Unfortunately tension began to grow

It seemed the animal uttered something about its time to move

So the boy was off again in to the woods ahead


A howl filled the air like it came from his head

Behind him the best in the field stayed still

Another assailant must have been in pursuit of him

Something more menacing than before


He realized his doom impending

With every twig snapping sounding like his bones breaking

Sweat and tears where falling

As the devils finger print strode alongside him   

There was not a noise in the air but the boys whimpering


In his last seconds amongst the diminishing of his screaming

He lay at the feet of Matilda of the night

As she was mockingly spoke the word what was done the night before escapes 

© 2012 J. Viands

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Added on October 2, 2012
Last Updated on October 2, 2012
Tags: Hell hound, mythology, fiction


J. Viands
J. Viands

Leesburg, VA

My writing is refined in to portfolios I write to much to be able to post all my poetry separately don’t feel obligated to read the whole thing just what you would like… or the whole thi.. more..

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