A Story by pianoforte

Galeforce is a pegasus. Cadenza is a unicorn. They are related...but their paths cross in a very unexpected way.



I was never a socialite

My relations killed me

Interaction betrayed me

And now it is the end.

The white pegasus spread his wings.  He lifted off the ground in a single, fluid motion, catching a lift on a warm draft.  Ivory mane spread behind him, tail held high.  Most days, Galeforce was an honest, diligent being.  Today though, his true colours were flying.

Ahead of the flying horse a clifftop revealed itself through the clouds.  When he was younger, he and the local hooligans would race to the top.  The peak held a stellar view, but today Galeforce was not here for the view.  He was not here for glory.  Landing, his mouth uttered a single word to the draft he knew would be there.  “Begin.”

Cadenza smiled and greeted her guests with a friendly nod.  She was the star of this party, no doubt.  Recently, she had had the maid dust the floor and sweep the patio.  When she was away, her brother never cleaned up or asked anyone to clean up.  It was simple to tell the maid to clean, but obviously he didn’t care.  The chestnut unicorn began.  “Guests, guests, gather here please!  It is my pleasure to invite you out to the patio,” she swept them out to the marble deck, “and serve you tea.  Please, make yourself at home!”  She took a deep breath as her visitors oohed and aahed at the marvelous view of the clouds below.  

She was not one to host parties, that was what her mother the Empress did.  But when she disappeared of the edge of a cliff, it was Cadenza’s turn the host the parties.

Galeforce smiled, nodding to his counterpart.  The heavy draft nodded and took aim, searching for the glass fence that was characteristic to the palace.  There, the glint.  The bay’s dark eyes blinked once and fired.  Galeforce, knowing that the draft could not miss, looking into the other horse’s eyes contentedly.  Unadmitted gratefulness flowed between them until the pegasus reared and leapt off the cliff, wings spread, with a scream.

Shattered glass rained upon the partiers, slicing flesh and muscle alike.  Very soon the shining floor was splattered with the mixed blood of all eight horses.  The others were wounded with the glass, but Galeforce’s mercenary had done well.  The arrow that was meant for Cadenza struck her side, tearing into organ and cracking inside her.  She fell to the ground, splintering the arrow’s shaft.  Crying out in excruciating pain, she could not for the life of her figure out who would kill Princess Cadenza?  She was loved by all the people, cheered on while she was paraded onward as the next Empress.  

Galeforce flew faster than he had ever flown before, landing into the once-enclosed balcony of his sister, Princess Cadenza.  Prince Galeforce’s golden hooves made contact with the marble, producing a soft tap.  He walked forward, eyes widening at the macabre scene in front of him.  “Sister,” he said, voice a cold stone.  “How, may I ask, did you end up in this situation.  Rather a bl-o-o-dy one, isn't it?” he observed, gazing nonchalantly among the groaning guests, and noting the arrow’s bloodied feathers in Cadenza’s heaving side.  His wings were tucked gently at his sides, and he swaggered forward, hooves crunching pieces of glass and sending the fragments careening to the sides.  

It wasn’t the arrow that killed her.  It was the emotions, the despair at her brother’s voice as he implied her worst fear.  You turned on me, she tried to say.  But no words came out.  Already her head was head was pounding from the blood loss, and she knew this was her last minute.  Inner strength pushed the last, dying thought from her bloody mouth as the world swam and faded.  “Brother...”

© 2013 pianoforte

Author's Note

Please critique and comment! My first short story!

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Added on February 28, 2013
Last Updated on February 28, 2013
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