Call Me The Other Girl

Call Me The Other Girl

A Poem by Heather D

I know what some of you will think: wow, she hates Matt for cheating but look what she's doing with Stephen. I've tried to stop it, but this is how he wants it, so it's out of my hands.


Hey you, yes you, show me that smile.

It lights up your face, come sit for a while.

He's come into town to spend time with me.

Call me the other girl, I'm the one she never sees.


I know he is wrong, cheaters make me sick.

But I quit fighting him long ago, this choice is his.

He's my best friend but our love is much more.

Now there's no going back to "just friends" as before.


 At first I said no, it's not fair to her.

But he kissed me anyways, and well, here we are.

Sometimes I feel dirty, I know we are wrong.

But it is what it is, it's gone on too long.


Tonight we're in my room, he sits on my floor.

My head's in his lap, my feet against the door.

He has a lock of my hair, around his finger it's twirled.

He plays with the blonde strands, and I think about the girl.


His girlfriend is nice, but together they are wrong.

They are opposites, I don't know how they've made it so long.

He's been with her three years, and with me for two.

But only when I'm single, cheating's not something I do.


I look up at him, into his bright blue-green eyes,

I can smell his cologne, his hand's on my thigh.

His skin is so tan, his blonde hair bleached lighter by the sun.

I'm not sure if I love him, I doubt he's the one.


But when I'm alone he's a way to fill the space.

I'm happy to be with him, this is just our way.

Maybe someday I'll find the one, right now I'm a hypocrite.

And right now he's smiling down at me, and plants a kiss on my lips.

© 2011 Heather D

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Believe it or not this poem makes me think of integrity, people who give and expect nothing but inner satisfaction and peace of mind that they have tried to do the right thing. In the end, we all have to live with our self written scripts. I understand the message you conveyed so well and I think you did a great job.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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WOW! The excitement, love, FEAR, all comes through in this one. I know exactly how it feels. Sometimes it's the worst feeling in the world. Other times, you feel on top of the world. The in-between can be the worst though. It's heart-breaking having to be her--the other woman, but it's also heart-breaking having to think of her--the one who isn't kept secret. You've conveyed both wonderfully. Nice job!

Posted 11 Years Ago

When wed are young we use whatever we have to get to what we want .Looks youth friends connections but as we get older we seem to regret .I think hormones when we are younger dont allow us to use our moral judgments as much we simply are taken over by them and cant help it .I imagine we all know better but for us to survive hormones have to cause procreation .So if there is a reason to account for it it is hormones and nature

Posted 11 Years Ago

Being the grl being cheated on sucks. That was me at one point, but it is interesting to see the other woman's perspective... After it's dun to you you feel like you can never hurt another person to that degree, but sometimes things happen. It is something I have honestly never got over and is detrimental to all involved. If they have feelings for her they should not be selfish and continue leading some1 on.. Other than that though it is an excellent piece. I like the vivid images. The hand on the thigh, the eyes, and the hair twirling. I like the mention of the cologne. It really puts you in the piece. An excellent portrayal of a moment n time. Having the courage to share is also commendable! Especially w/ all judgement involved

Posted 11 Years Ago

oooooo youre bad lol. loved reading it though!!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

no... you're not a hypocrite! a lot of girls feel that way - even if they're not some third party whatsoever... i love your poem so much because it's everything - flirty, childish, honest, unique, and it sounds so damn good! 100!

Posted 11 Years Ago

I really liked this! Cheating is wrong, but if she likes him she doesn't know what to do. This was well written and flowed nicely. I couldn't peel my eyes from the screen :D Good Work :P


Posted 12 Years Ago

I really like this poem but may I suggest 1 technial thing... You might want to shorten the sentence, to "His skin is so soft, hair bleached blonde from the sun"
In doing that it will keep the rhythm and pace flowing well and will define your poem more... This is an excellent read and I like the content, Its cool to see the circumstance of one having an affair, from a diffrent perspective. A definate favorite

Posted 12 Years Ago

This was an interesting poem. I like the concept a lot, the point of view from the "other girl" that must remain quiet. Good work.

Posted 12 Years Ago

A very interesting poem. Ain't easy being the other person. Hard to control emotion and desire. The poem told a story with a twist making being the other person seem OK. A excellent poem.

Posted 12 Years Ago

This was an interesting write.......hummm
Ok I really liked it but what inspired you to
spill it on the page?

Posted 12 Years Ago

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