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Blind date

Blind date

A Story by Helen Cage

A romance horror but with a <3 ending


The car came to a screeching halt. Her body pushed forward against the seatbelt and then pulled backwards against the chair rather violently. She sat still for a minute or two breathing heavily and contemplating the environment in silence. This was her first time of coming to this district, much less this particular seemingly deserted neighborhood. She looked again at the red and white sign upon the building at her left - the sign near the building’s vertical pipe that made her to suddenly realize that she was at the right place and bring the car to a stop. She did not know what the sign meant but it was just as was described to her: a white triangle within a red circle and red and white stripes in between it. The sign was metallic and appeared to be stuck on the wall by an adhesive.

She took out her cell phone and pressed on the number at the top of the screen �" the last number she had had contact with. She put the phone to her ear as it rang and she waited nervously.

“Yeah?” a male voice came.

“I’m here,” she said. “I’m right by the sign.”

“Alright, come up,” the voice answered. “The door is at the building at your left. The open steel door.”

Jen could see the open black steel door quite clearly at her left. It was the only door within sight �" though when she looked more closely, she observed another door near the far end of the building that was closed. They seemed like back-entrance doors since this looked like the backside of the building. She figured the front entrances of the building were around the other end further down the street and the doors were probably all locked since there seemed to be no one else around here except Jack who had just been talking to her on the phone.

She put the phone back into her pocket and got out of the car. She stood for some moments contemplating what to take along with her if anything. She vaguely had in mind the idea of taking something along as a weapon just as a safety precaution. It made her even more nervous that she was having such thoughts. She stared at the front compartment of the car and then she quickly bent forward, opened it and took out the large spanner that was in it before she could change her mind. She found herself wishing she had a gun but she had never been a believer in such things and had always thought they did more harm than good. She closed the door and locked it. Then she headed down to the open steel door of the building holding the large spanner as casually as she could in her right hand.

She passed the door and encountered a zigzagging flight of stairs which she began to ascend. Jack had told her that the door of the apartment he was in would be open and thus she would know where he was once she got there. So she continued to ascend, passing multiple floors with closed wooden doors, until she finally got to a floor with a wide open door at her right. The door of another apartment was just opposite it but it was closed.

She stood staring past the open door for some moments. The apartment appeared completely empty of furniture although there was some nice wall tiling at what seemed to be the living room at the end of the corridor which led from the front door. This corridor had four openings that seemingly had no doors �" two at either side of it.

Jen called out “Jack?” She waited. There was just silence. She called out again and was again greeted by silence. She started to become really nervous, wondering why he wasn’t answering. He had answered her call earlier and had spoken to her on the phone; so he could obviously hear. Or was he not actually in the apartment or even in the building? she wondered. But she remembered that he had told her “come up” which implied that he was up there.

She called his name one more time. When there was no answer, she stood still for some moments wondering whether to leave or to go into the apartment and have a look. Then she slowly and cautiously entered and began to walk down the corridor. She passed the open doorways at the sides. The ones at the left revealed another corridor leading to other rooms and the ones at the right each led to a room which appeared to be completely empty. She did not bother to look fully into the rooms as she walked by. She merely headed on towards the much larger room at the end that seemed to be the living room of the house.

When she got there, she discovered the living room to be completely empty. But there was a balcony at the left end which had an open glass door leading to it. She considered it and then glanced backwards at the other passageway outside the living room that led to the other bedrooms wondering which place to check first. She finally decided to go to the balcony and have a brief look outside. She wasn’t sure what kind of view or what aspect of the city it would show from there.

When she got to the balcony, she looked down. She could barely believe what she saw. The spanner she was holding dropped to the concrete floor of the balcony with a loud clang as her fingers loosened in shock. There was no ground outside that she could see clearly from where she was. It looked as if she and the building were thousands of feet above the earth and as if the building was floating in the sky. There were large wisps of cloud vapor beneath her all over the place and they served to make it harder for her to see the ground from where she was.

She was so stunned that she couldn’t scream or react in any other way. Eventually, she staggered backwards into the living room and stumbled onto the floor as she lost her balance in her state of dizzy bewilderment. She managed to pick herself up and tried to make a dash for the door. But when she got to the passageway, she saw that the door was closed. She could have sworn that she had left it open when she came in. She panicked as she ran to it and struggled to open it in vain. She screamed and cried as she tugged and tugged at the door.

Suddenly, the cell phone in her pocket rang. She stopped and took it out. She saw from the screen display that it was Jack calling her. She answered it, saying “Hello” in a barely audible whisper.

“Jen?” the voice said. “Come over to the room at the end of the second passageway. I’m right here. Sorry I can’t come over to you.” Then he hung up.

With a shaking hand, she put the phone back in her pocket and then headed for the nearest doorway at the left that led into the other corridor. She decided to take a brief look at the room a little further down at her right even though she felt he had meant the one at the other end. She glanced in and saw that it was the kitchen of the apartment. It was also empty. She then turned and headed up the corridor. She glanced at the other room in the middle of the corridor as she passed it. It was also empty, albeit with nicely tiled walls and was clearly another bedroom. Finally, she got to the room at the end. It turned out to be the bathroom of the house.

As she entered, she saw, both to her surprise and her relief, Jack laying in the bathtub �" though facing the other way. He appeared nude and she couldn’t see any sign of water in the tub. His arms were resting at the sides of the tub and his back was reclined against one end of it �" the end facing the wall at the other side so she could only see his backside.

“Jack?” she said as she approached the bathtub. She became very nervous again as he did not reply. When she finally got far enough so that she could see his face, she screamed in horror.

His eyes were completely gone and had been replaced with deep gashes. Blood had streamed out from them but had become dry.

Jen backed to the wall as she screamed. Then she stopped in shock as Jack’s voice came to her again, though she wasn’t really sure where it was coming from. But her eyes remained fixed on the body in the tub.

“I’m sorry, Jen. I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said. “But I had to first let you know who I am before I let you in on everything.”

“Who are you?” Jen stammered, shivering. Her eyes darted about the room as she tried to figure out where exactly his voice was coming from. “And where are you?”

“I am right here. You are looking at me,” Jack replied. “But you can only hear me in your head. Of course, I had to pretend I was communicating with you by phone before you came in here. But there is no need for that anymore.”

He spoke without any movement at all of his mouth or the rest of the body.

“Who are you? And what do you want from me?” Jen said with tears streaming down her face.

“I already told you who I am on that dating website we met at. Or, rather, who I used to be �" though it really makes no difference now. And as for what I want; I want the same thing you do. As I told you when we spoke online, I want and need companionship and love.”

His body had still not moved the whole time, and Jen was still staring at it with horror and bewilderment even as his voice spoke to her.

“What do you want of me?” she said again, still crying. She contemplated running out and making for the front door again but she knew that the odds were against her being able to open it. In any case, she wanted to satisfy her curiosity first as to what exactly was going on before making a final desperate attempt to escape.

“I want you to spend the rest of eternity with me. It doesn’t have to be here; it can be wherever you want �" as long as we are both happy.”

“But who are you exactly!” she screamed at him.

There was some pause. It made her slightly nervous �" perhaps he had gotten angry with her for screaming.

But he gently spoke to her again: “I used to live in this apartment many years ago, Jen. But unfortunately my brother got involved with some drug lords and they did this to me in order to punish him failing to pay his debt. The world is a cruel place, Jen, as we both agreed online �" and I was not merely joking when I said it to you though you may have thought I was.”

Jen could not help but feel pity for him despite the bizarreness of the situation. Then the heavy heart that she felt for him suddenly became buoyant and fiery again as she demanded from him: “But how do you expect me to do anything about it? I have to live my own life.”

For a brief and strange moment, Jen thought she saw a slight ghost of a smile on the body’s face. She began to wonder if the tiny facial expression she was now observing, especially at the mouth, had been like that previously and she was only just now noticing it or if the face had indeed changed slightly. But she decided it was the former.

Jack’s voice spoke to her again: “Of course, I do want you to live the rest of your life, Jen. I love you and I wish the best for you. But just remember that there is a reason why you, out of all the people that were at that site, were the only one who saw my profile. Only you saw it, Jen. There was a reason for that.”

“What was it?” she demanded to know.

“I can’t tell you now, Jen,” he answered. “But you will understand later. You may go now if you wish. But I want you to remember that I will always love you. Goodbye for now, Jen.”

Then he stopped talking. All Jen could hear now was complete and utter silence. She stared at Jack’s body for a few more moments, then she slid her back about a foot along the wall and then began to run. She dashed out of the bathroom and down the corridor until she got to the nearest doorway. As she passed the doorway, she saw that the front door was now open. She dashed towards it and sprinted down the stairs as fast as she could.

When she got to her car, she started the engine and then reversed it until she turned the car towards the direction she had come, then she sped up the deserted street and turned left towards the boulevard leading to the city.

About four minutes later, Jen was sitting feeling relieved near an intersection waiting for the traffic lights to change. She ran through in her mind as quickly as she could what had just happened to her. She was so glad to have escaped from it and she thought continuously about how she was going to tell her parents and her friends what she had experienced. She wondered if they would believe her. It was like something straight out of a horror story and they would probably think she had been taking drugs or something. She decided she would later persuade some people to go back to that place with her so that she could see for herself just how real or fake the whole bizarre experience had been. She would see how that building really was and what exactly the view was at the balcony that had been seemingly replaced by that bizarre view of the earth with the building and the apartment floating high above it. She decided that might very well go to see a psychiatrist because it was very likely that something was wrong with her.

The lights changed to yellow and then to green, then she pressed on the accelerator and began to drive onwards up the street. She suddenly remembered the spanner she had dropped at the balcony and wondered if she would see it again when she returned to the place later with other people.

She had only driven up for about a minute or so when a large trailer suddenly emerged at the nearest intersection, rolling forward rather arrogantly onto the adjacent street as though it could not stop. Jen jammed on her brakes instinctively. But there hadn’t been enough distance between her and the trailer. She felt herself and her car sliding along the ground towards it as if in slow motion. No thoughts or emotions passed through her as she drew towards it. She merely stared at it.

The next thing she knew was she that was out of her seat flying somewhere at the front of the car into what seemed to be brick-reddish brown color, which she remembered had been the color of the trailer, though she wasn’t quite sure what the reddish brownness really was. Then she found herself falling down into somewhere dark and hectic.

Then she blanked out.

When Jen opened her eyes again, she found herself standing upon a sloped grassy plane watching a scene taking place at a distance in front of her. There were vehicles gathered around at a specific location at the street she was watching. And there was a massive vehicle that sat still on the road and appeared to be wrecked. She could also see a crushed smaller vehicle nearby it with broken glass all over the ground around it. There were people swarming the place like flies.

She suddenly noticed that there was someone nearby her, a couple of feet to her left, who was also watching the scene. Unlike the people on the street, he wasn’t wearing any clothes and was completely nude. He had a very calm demeanor, as though he was watching something that he had gotten used to. He was calmly sitting upon the grass his hands crossed over his knees.

Jen immediately recognized him as Jack, the guy she had met earlier �" though she only had a very faint and vague memory of what had happened at the building where she had met him. She was rather surprised to see that there was nothing wrong with his eyes �" in fact they looked really pretty. His eyes were a marble blue color and his calm smiling demeanor made them look all the more enchanting.

By this time, she had noticed that, like him, she too was completely naked.

He seemed to be saying something to her. She paid attention. He said to her again, this time more clearly and visibly: “It’s an interesting sight, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” she replied. Then she turned her eyes back to the road. It was then that it fully registered to her that it was her own accident that was the source of the commotion on the road. Though she could not yet remember the exact details of what had happened and even though she could not see her body, she knew that it was somewhere there, perhaps being carried away.

Jack suddenly got up and walked towards her and stood next to her. She looked at him, smiled and then took his hand. He also turned his head sideways to her and smiled. Then they both turned and began to walk down the lush green field holding each other’s hand.

Jen suddenly remembered that there hadn’t been any such grassy plain when she had earlier driven up the street that they were just walking away from. But that strange realization did not really surprise or bother her. She had a feeling she was going to have great pleasure, much more than she had ever dreamt of, as she walked hand-in-hand with Jack down the beautiful field. She had never been in love like this before and she felt as if she had known him forever and had only been momentarily separated for a period of time �" her physical life.

“Where are we going, Jack?” she said, even though she had a feeling that she knew the answer to that already.

“There is a running stream down there with nice waterfall,” Jack said pointing ahead of them. “There’s a beautiful garden at the other side of it. But first we might want to sit down on the grass at the side of the stream and just enjoy the sight of the waterfall. It’s quite lovely.”

© 2019 Helen Cage

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Added on December 4, 2019
Last Updated on December 4, 2019
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