My Best Friend

My Best Friend

A Chapter by Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)

A parent is the true best friend...


My Best Friend

                “I hate her!” My voice is like the roar of a beast.  I am angry. I really meant what I said. I really hate her.

                She’s not getting any younger and I know that her age should define who she is. I don’t care what she does and what she want to do. She has her own life and I have mine.

                “Anna,” her soft voice sounds like a boring lullaby for me.

I did not look at her place. I know she is sitting there on her favorite seat near the window. Perhaps she saw  me there outside when I came with Gino, my new boyfriend.

“Anna, who is he?” she’s referring to Gino. He left after taking me back here in our house. “He’s not Rico,” she added.

“I don’t need Rico anymore!” I straightly said and then begun to walk.

Rico was my first boyfriend. He is intelligent. Actually he is the president of our Student Council. But we just had our break-up last month. The reason?  It’s all because of his selfishness. He required me not to  mingle with other boys. He desired for me to go with him everyday at the library. He wanted me ‘to do this and to do that’. How pity I am! I am not a robot. And so our relationship ended.

“It’s not good to enter to a new relationship immediately after your break-up.”

“Well, if it’s not good to have a new boyfriend after a break-up, then it is worse to have a boyfriend if your husband is still alive!” I sarcastically replied to her. I am referring to her, dating with different guys while my father is working as an OFW at Dubai. He’s been there for three years and I have to wait for another two years for the end of his contract.

“Rosanna!” she shouted. That’s my real name and I only hear it from her when she is angry. She stood from her chair and now she is in front of me, crying but her eyes were full of anger.

Why do we have to be in this situation? We we’re too close before. She was my best friend. I told her everything. She knew when was my first period, my first crush and then my first boyfriend. She knew everything about me, because she was my best friend. And now it seems that we are enemies  living together.

“Yes, I go with different guys.  Lawyer.  Architect.  Seaman.  Businessman. They are your father’s friends. Your father was missing for a year. I don’t want to hurt you so I am just asking the help of his friends. I am not dating these guys for other reason but to find your father. I love him and I really miss him.”

Tears fall down from my eyes. My heart is  wounded by the three facts: that my father was missing for a year; I have been judgmental, and that I hurt the feelings of my mother.

“I am sorry, Mom,” I hugged her tight and I know I am  forgiven  because I am her child and she is my mother.

“We will find Daddy. We will find him,” my best friend’s voice sounds like a calming music.

© 2016 Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)

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There is so much pain in this piece. I am glad that they came back together as friends.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)

8 Years Ago

Thanks for dropping by, Constance Payne. :)
A mother's love is the greatest love of all. It knows no boundaries and conditions. Kahit minsan we feel na para tayong sinasakal ng pagmamahal na ito, we should always bear in mind that she knows what's best for us..this story is inspiring.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)

8 Years Ago

I am happy you have been inspired by this one. Thanks for sharing your time reading my works. :)

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