Short Story 5.   TREASURE

Short Story 5. TREASURE

A Chapter by Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)

For Anton


       Fifteen minutes before the time, Anton came. He is again wearing the faded pants and a polo shirt and the blue thin pair of slippers. He nodded at her, seems that he was ashamed of being late again. Like what he always does, he walked quietly to the last chair of the third row. It is his chair.

       The same reaction of hers, she shakes off her head while facing the blackboard. It is time to give them their assignment.

       "Class, copy your assignment so that you can participate in tomorrow's discussion," she said. It is also a sign that she has to leave the room. "Anton, just see me in the faculty room after your last class this morning," she said while preparing to leave the room.

       Just what she told him, Anton came in the faculty room after his morning classes.
       "G-Good morning, Ma'am", he said while slightly bowing his head.

       She looked at him carefully, like a doctor examining a patient in front of her. "Don't you like me, Anton?" she asked him in a low voice. "You always arrive when I have to leave your room," she added.

       "I-It's not true, Ma'am!" he bows more his head as if he doesn't want to look at her. "I-It's just that..."

       "Look at me, Anton. I thought you wouldn't be late again after I had given you enough amount for your one month's transportation expenses. I do expect that you will come earlier. Nothing is different then. What did you do with the money?" she still speaks to him in a low voice maybe because she doesn't want to disturb her colleagues or she doesn't want him to be embarrassed.
       He  looked at her then tried to smile. "Ma'am, there is something different now. I have my hope now because you had given me that inspiration. In that amount of money, I have built up my dreams. My dreams to finish my studies, get a good job and help my family to achieve a new life. Ma'am, that amount you had given was really a treasure. I don't want to lose it so I still tried to go to school by walking. I think I should use it at the right time. It's enough that someone like you had given me the chance to start my life. Thank you so much, Ma'am. I promise, tomorrow I will come early," his voice is really soft and she is touched.



© 2013 Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)

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Added on August 28, 2013
Last Updated on September 23, 2013
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Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)
Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)


Hello! I am Dhaye, a public secondary school teacher, a passionate artist "married" to her dream. I write in different perspectives. So please know NOT all my works are about me. .. more..