Short Story 4.    THE EX'S LETTER

Short Story 4. THE EX'S LETTER

A Chapter by Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)

Just to make you smile.



Dear Ex,

Perhaps at this time that you're reading this letter, I'm gone away.

I wrote you this letter because I only want you to know how I realized I have been a fool for 8 months of waiting. Yes, I have waited for 8 months that you will give me back what I have given to you- the love I have for you which seems nonsense to you.

Last last night, you did not even praise me when I came wearing the polo shirt you had given on my birthday. Then yesterday, I prepared so much for our lunch date but you did not come.

I thought you don't love me anymore. I felt I was just like invisible in your eyes the past two weeks. You always come home late from your work so everytime you come, I am already sleeping on your sofa. I heard that you were making a project with your boss.

So much for all of these. I want you to know that this is my one last cry for you. I am now in my way to the airport...with your maid, Magda.

Your Ex,



Dear Ex,

You are really good in writing. Whoever reads your letter would really cry, but it's not me since I knew you well. Perhaps at this time, you're really crying because I'm holding you and Magda's passports in my hand.

I think, it's me who have been a fool for 8 months. Imagine, I believed that you really love me since the day we met at your restaurant. I believed that you're looking at me while in fact Magda was there behind me. I believed in "love-at-first-sight".

Last last night, I did not praise you wearing that polo shirt because it's not the one I had given to you on your birthday. It's the one I saw in Magda's room when she's preparing for a gift a night before your birthday. Then yesterday, I did not hear any invitation from you for a lunch date. I heard Magda was talking with someone over the phone and she's so happy while saying "I'm too excited with that lunch date!'

God knows how much I have loved you since the day we met. But I have opened my eyes and I've realized how crazy that relationship was. Yes, I always come home late because I was trying too hard to be promoted from my job. There were lots of additional work loads and I accepted them all. It's impossible to have a relationship with my boss because he's a gay. And everytime I see you sleeping on my sofa, I start counting the lipstick stains in your shirt but I always stop when I reach the count of ten because I really hate counting like a child.

I know you're on your home now with Magda. And you are really crying...not you're one last cry.

Your Ex,

And oh, Jude...just to remind you, that check you've got from my wallet last night, it won't help you this time. I think you forgot to check the date.

© 2013 Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)

Author's Note

Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)
I hope I won't fail here. Smile.

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Pretty good satire, Marguerite...I was was witty in some have a knack for it...I recommend that you read more like rants, to catch a style...just a recommendation. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)

8 Years Ago

Okay, thanks a lot for dropping by, Everett.
¥ay $wagger

8 Years Ago

You are very welcome, Marguerite. :)
I don't know if this is funny or just sad! These wasted efforts and delusions and who was loving who for these eight months! Almost like a mystery story, and very entertaining!

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)

8 Years Ago

It is sad and funny at the same time. Sad for that wasted time and effort. But the funny side is tha.. read more
Margueritte, this was cute and funny. I can picture it in my mind. Very nicely planned and penned.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)

8 Years Ago

Thanks a lot, Jack. I really like funny stuffs because that's the real me- cheerful.

8 Years Ago

Well you did a good one here. I could hear your smile.
Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)

8 Years Ago

Ahaha! You have a unique pair of ears for hearing my smile. I could hear your laughter now, Jack. LO.. read more

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Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)
Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)


Hello! I am Dhaye, a public secondary school teacher, a passionate artist "married" to her dream. I write in different perspectives. So please know NOT all my works are about me. .. more..


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